List of Future PS4 Reveals Leaked: The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 7 Prologue and More

Industry Insider Ahsan Rasheed, also known as Thuway, is on a roll today, and had a second serving of leaks to share on Sony’s future reveals that we can look forward to:

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Mikelarry1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


OT: e3 this year is gonna be huge if this rumor is to be believed

ThunderSpark1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

This is way too much good news for PS4 owners worldwide. Give me more Sony! More!

@abzdine: the thought alone is driving me nuts.
@ Unreal: two coffins coming right up.

abzdine1493d ago

Sony are having so much fun dropping bombs like this.
Please be true. GT7: Prologue will be lethal!!!

Unreal011493d ago

Last Guardian on PS4, I think I died.

ZodTheRipper1493d ago

This news had to come someday considering how many exclusives are in development at Sony. I won't believe it yet but my excitement just went up even more.

UltimateMaster1493d ago

No prologue for GT7, please.
Bring us the full game once, maybe an XL later on.
OR have a season pass...

Xsilver1493d ago

O.O the last guardian,i wanna believe but we all know the last guardian next to half life 3 will be the last games ever created true story.

thorstein1493d ago

The Last Guardian moving to PS4 would certainly be reason enough for the lengthy delay in development. It makes perfect sense since this IP hasn't been abandoned. The same can be said for Agent (with a recently renewed patent.)

As for the rest, was there some indication that these things would not happen?

Sony will release a new IP on their new console. - Feel free to quote me on that. Doesn't make me an "insider" any more than predicting a new Call of Duty game does.

Guess what else? Battlefield 5 will be made. Wow. I just can't stop with the predictions.

UnHoly_One1493d ago

I'll believe Last Guardian when I see it.

Don't get me wrong, I WANT to see it, but I'm just all out of hope and faith until it becomes a real tangible thing.

TomShoe1493d ago

"The Last Guardian"


MetaReapre1492d ago

Is it finally time for the Last Guardian? Would be great!

dboyman1492d ago

Save some surprises for E3 please!!!

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pedrof931493d ago

I have to question the reliability of these insiders. Did he say anything new from what we know ?

DOMination-1492d ago

Exactly. Saying a GT game is in development is something everyone on n4g could have predicted. TLG is also a fairly obvious one.

These "insiders" never tell us about new ips. Funny that.

bennissimo1493d ago

I just want The Order to not suck. That's the game that'll sell me on getting a PS4 later this year.

SlapHappyJesus1492d ago

Same here, honestly.
I really don't much care for the Infamous series, so this is the one I am really banking on. Same as Quantum Break for Xbox One.

Angeljuice1492d ago

Have you not seen the gameplay videos? They look amazing, I'm not worried about the game sucking at all.

bennissimo1492d ago


Saw them. Cautiously optimistic. Some Sony devs have a tendency to overpromise and underdeliver, and I hope that [email protected] meets its project goals in a timely fashion so we can see a Q3/Q4 2014 release.

Dem cloth physics. :)

Gamer19821492d ago

Last Guardian was supposed to be an early title for PS3 and now an early title for PS4? call me skeptical..

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1492d ago

I may be naive, but this is actually the first time I truly think this game will make it through soon.

diehardmetallicafan1492d ago

have faith, and greatness will reign down upon thee... or some shit hahaha its still exciting!

ITPython1492d ago

So they listed UC4 twice on purpose, wonder what it could mean?

Maybe they are going to release a dedicated and focused SP campaign game, then a little while later belt out a complete fully featured MP only game?

I kind of hope so, as the Uncharted series SP campaigns have been going downhill ever since they introduced the MP. Would be nice if they were able to focus 100% on a SP campaign to make it nice and long with excellent gameplay.

Angeljuice1492d ago

It probably means he's a big fan of the series, or just knows how good it's looking (and huge/important it'll likely be).

Personally, I think you're reading too much into it.

I know nothing more than you do about the real meaning behind mentioning it twice, that's just how I read his comment.

bennissimo1492d ago

UC 4 (Uncharted)

UC4 = Unreal Championship 4?

UltraNova1492d ago

UC4= Uncharted 4

UC 4= Uncharted series ported to PS4 with improved visuals.

Fullmetalevolust1492d ago

Those are all system sellers and they have defined Greatness in the sony game line-up. So Greatness does await...although, they really made us wait for TLG.
I just can't take not having tangible news about a game I've been wanting to play for eons.

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Mr-Dude1493d ago

Dam that E3 will cost me nails....

DarkLord10031493d ago

Why is Uncharted 4 listet twice?

bjmartynhak1493d ago

What else could be UC4?
One he mentions as Uncharted... Am I missing something?

esemce1493d ago

Unreal Championship ? but the 4 ? or maybe Uncharted 4 MP and Sp will be seperate.

Deadpoolio1493d ago

That was covered...It does say Yes Uncharted 4 is listed twice on purpose

Monolith1493d ago

And he says "oh so good"
What do they have in store for us all. This playstation gen is going to be crazy!
Is it something completely new to gaming. He also mentions the vr headset with Ssm . I wonder what that's going to be like.

Gorilla_Killa_X1492d ago

No they said UC4 listed twice on purpose.

diehardmetallicafan1492d ago

uncharted 4 prologue?... i hope not hahaha

XboxFun1493d ago

Because they're trying to make the list bigger.

sony loves putting games that will never be released on these so called lists. And another GT: Prologue, I hope u guys dont fall for that half of game stunt again. C'mon sony, lets see some actual games instead of lists and lists.

r2oB1493d ago

I have two questions for you...

1) Did you consider Killer Instinct a prologue type game since many say its half a game?

2) Did you fall for that stunt?

1493d ago
MysticStrummer1492d ago

"I hope u guys dont fall for that half of game stunt again."


jetlian1492d ago

forza 5 you mean 200 plus cars isnt enough?! How many in DClub hmmm? better be over 400 then lol

If KI is half a game at 1/3 the cost seems like a win to me.

only reason gt7p is bad because kojima jumping on this BS. Dont need this to be the standard.

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morganfell1492d ago

Why? Because it's that good.

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monkey481493d ago

Virtual Reality? Could it be the that head thing Sony wanted to show off? How does this guy know these insiders?

chrissx1493d ago

Wow holy smokes this is huge! Ps4 rocks \m/