Guerrilla Games’ Next Title to be an “FPS/Action Game”

With Guerrilla Games having confirmed that they’re working on a new IP, the big question is whether the developer will stick to the FPS genre. Now, we have proof that they are working on a FPS game, and the only question is – are they talking about their new IP or Killzone 4? - PSLS

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iChii2355d ago

I would really like a 3rd Person Shooter for the PS4 from Guerrilla Games since their graphics are amazing.

BattleAxe2355d ago

I own a PS3, so I think if they were to make a PS3 game, that would be better for most gamers.

dcbronco2355d ago

They probably should make two versions. I agree they need to address the huge install base on the PS3. But they need content for the new system and launch titles. I'd release it a year early on PS4.

pixelsword2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Yeah, yeah; but everyone's acting like

A. The PS4 is coming out in a week

B. That if they make a PS3 game, they'll never make a PS4 game.

If they're making a PS3 game, that means either

1. The PS4 is cell-based, which means they already have their stuff down packed to the degree that they don't have to start a year away to make a decent PS4 game

2. The PS4 isn't coming out early 2013.

trancefreak2354d ago

@iChii "I would really like a 3rd Person Shooter for the PS4 from Guerrilla Games since their graphics are amazing." AGREED!!

Game informer said there are a 100 more FPS shooters this Gen compared to last. Third person shooters like gears and uncharted are very well done.

But until the FPS $$ well dries up the trend will continue.

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showtimefolks2355d ago

I think killzone 4 will launch in fall 2013 on ps4/ps3. ps4 could really have some strong exclusives ready for launch.

killzone 4
infamous 3
uncharted 4

these 4 alone would make it a killer lineup. and most of these game had a sequel 2 years ago and Gt even longer so we all know all 4 are in development and since we heard nothing about any of these games we kind of can get a clue

krisq2355d ago

Yes, Killzone 4 is being made for PS4.

DeadlyFire2355d ago

idk. Killzone has typically launched in February. So Feb 2014 for Killzone 4?

I believe both KILLZONE 2 and KILLZONE 3 launched in February.

Different devs have different cycles and they have kept this one going for awhile with this February thing.

trancefreak2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I love Killzone and Guerilla games taking advantage of earth like graphics on a PS4 will make it all the better. Especially when the Helghast invade earth.

tacosRcool2355d ago

At least they make fun entertaining games and not completely selling themselves out to make it more mainstream

XTgamer2355d ago

Wow have they ever done an FPS before???

venomcarnage892355d ago

You guys are brilliant sarcasm detectors

kikizoo2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Troll detector : off.

pixelsword2355d ago

@ venomcarnage89:

I liked how you easily detected Maria's sarcasm.

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Patriots_Pride2355d ago

Just let the franchise die with some dignity.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2355d ago


SilentNegotiator2355d ago

Oh please, it isn't THAT bad. The Resistance games are good, really.

Duke Nukem needs to die with some dignity. Resistance needs some fresh blood.

smashcrashbash2355d ago

Oh please. Stop acting like Resistance was some horrible game like Bulletstorm was. What was wrong with Resistance? It didn't have any glitches, it had interesting MP, a much better story then many FPSs had, a variety of scary monster, good aiming, cool weapons, well acted cut scenes, a health system that was much better then the 'hide behind something until you fully heal' rubbish, the weapons wheel, it got above average scores. So stop the let the franchise die garbage as if it was some horrible shooter. It deserved better then people ignoring it like they did. Just like Okami and Rayman.

tee_bag2422355d ago

I only had the first resistance. Nothing wrong with it Perce' - just nothing that stood out - just like Halo. Both arnt bad games but both are far to overhyped - especially Halo..understandably its all microsoft have but..seriously..Take ur pick, there are hundreds of other FPS better than either of these games.

BlackSharinganX2355d ago

always said and thought that the resistance series guerrilla game should grab it, i always imagined the resistance series in a modern time, kinda like a battle los angeles or battleship kinda of thing. would be nice, for me all of the resistance were really good last one was great.

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aviator1892355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

A new IP =/= Resistance 4.

Kyosuke_Sanada2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I really hope that FPS takes an interesting concept that doesn't partake in a space or modern warfare. Maybe something that's hardly been touched like how Coded Arms took on a Matrix-esque backdrop......