Killzone: Shadow Fall and the power of PlayStation 4

Guerrilla Games has revealed a new Killzone game alongside new PlayStation hardware before, and it didn’t go quite so well.

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Abash1577d ago

"Guerrilla Games has revealed a new Killzone game alongside new PlayStation hardware before, and it didn’t go quite so well"

Yeah, Killzone 2 only was one of the highest rated FPS games this gen and it was a multi-million seller. It also turned a dud of a series into a successful one, so if thats not going "quite so well" then I dont know what the article writer thinks is

MariaHelFutura1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Killzone 2 was a great game. I recently played through the campaign again and I enjoyed it even more than the year it was released. It still looks stunning and the campaign is better than most people give it credit for. The MP is truly something to behold on some maps, some battle are just epic with so much going on it's a miracle the system doesn't just freeze and explode.

RBlue_Desire1577d ago

I seriously lol'd at "Miracle, the system doesn't just freeze and explodes" but I really do agree.

Its impressive for ps3,and sometimes more fun than other multiplayer games.

SpringHeeledJack1577d ago

Killzone always felt like nazi germany from the uniforms and industrial look and now the wall (berlin wall)in shadowfall, i love it but unlike the nazi's if you dig deeper into the story the helghan are actually the good guys.

Can't wait to see the new multiplayer, hope it's more like kz2 which is one of the best fps and 32 players felt great.

Muerte24941577d ago

I was so disappointed with Killzone3's COD controls direction. I mean, of course, I still bought it. But Killzone 2 was so freaking dynamic with it's on-the-fly spawning and objective changes. I think they need to bring back the dynamic spawning of the Tactician. Also the one-shot headshots. Guerrilla please bring back Killzone 2 style multiplayer with Killzone the melee/mech/turrets.

Irishguy951577d ago

Killzone 2 was a gem in a barrel of diamonds.

More unique than most shooters this gen. Killzone 3 not so much. But still a decent shooter if you didn't have cod.

BitbyDeath1577d ago

"unlike the nazi's if you dig deeper into the story the helghan are actually the good guys."

Maybe the Nazi's were too.

Psn8001577d ago Show
ZombieNinjaPanda1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


The Helghast aren't good guys. There are no good guys in Killzone series. Stop looking at it black and white and stop looking at it the way Guerrilla Games have been trying to paint it. They've been trying their damndest to make out the Helghast as evil space Nazis, but their efforts continue to cause feelings of empathy towards the Helghast. But they're still not good guys by any means. They're just the side that's more correct in this conflict.

Also as much as I enjoyed playing Killzone 2 (I was number one on leader boards for a couple months for a reason) it's nowhere near a high rated FPS as you describe it, however it was infinitely better than the CODified mess that was Killzone 3.

SpringHeeledJack1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


"The Helghast aren't good guys"

Really? They are humans that lived on earth and worked for the helghan corporation that colonized planets for natural resources. Planet helghan was making them rich and powerful which the ucn took as a threat so they imposed taxes and restrictions on trading.

The colonist's then hit back wanting independence and calling themselves the helghast, earth (ucn) then built up their forces an called themselves the isa.

So as you can see the good guy's are the helghast, humans that was forced into exile n stay on a planet that caused mutations all because earth got jealous of it's own people making money.

So i really don't know why you say there are no good guys and also i was number 1 on the multiplayer leader boards for 4months and i can defo say it's one of the best fps and ratings/opinions mostly agree.

pixelsword1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

When I was in the GAP (gamer advisory panel) I did a review about the game concerning the "good" and "bad" guys. Basically, the Helgans were the good guys until Viscari's take over of their government. Before that, they were totally in the right because not only were they the first Vektans that bought their freedom and were banished from their planet because they didn't follow orders they did not have to follow (since they bought their independence from earth) but there was also a "false-flag" event that destroyed the space station that was above Helgan (the station that was the "gateway" to all of the planets, probably because of some side-deal between the IBG and UCN) making Helgan incapable of generating an income (other than the petrusite), making them an export-only planet (a banana republic, essentially). Any action against Earth and Vekta were justifiable, but Viscari wanted to take over all planetary colonies, even non-hostile planets and planets who wanted to incorporate Helgan into their organization(s).

When they did that, The Helghast were no longer victims, they were going to exert a sector-wide campaign in order to take over all known habitable planets.

The ISA, to everyone in Helgan's line of sight, became heroes; even though they are just the face of the more heavily-armed, and exceedingly more deadly UCA. The ISA on Vekta is just one of the many stations throughout the colonies; if the UCN saw fit, they would depose the Vektans just as easily as they did the first inhabitants.

The rub is that they are already under a "galatic empire" known as the UCN; the difference is that they don't know it or see it as such because of the way the colonies came about.

But no: neither one currently are heroes to any of the organizations who are independent and wish to remain so (like the ICSA).

Gaming1011576d ago

It only didn't go so well if you were a PS3 hating troll who went on a mission to try and denigrate the PS3 and all its games, as edge-online and several other website have demonstrably done on the past.

Killzone 2 and 3 have their haters, and they really are incredibly petty and troll-like. No one takes you seriously anymore if you're a hater, because as time passed and people looked back on the Killzone franchise, they saw a damn good set of games with unbelievably good graphics and awesome multiplayer, haters be damned.

IcyEyes1576d ago

It very funny when people say :
"Kz3 have CoD controls"

Seriously, have you ever play both games ?

and maybe both of them in the same day ?

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Parasyte1577d ago

Agreed. I've often wondered if I am the only person that thinks the final KZ2 product was better than the demo that was shown at E3. Looking back now and comparing the two, the E3 demo looked like crap.

insertnamehurr1577d ago

The tech demo had more polygons on the screen, better draw distance, etc... which this last one hardly existed on the final product. Thats like calling the tech demo of motorstorm crap compared to the final product.

ZombieNinjaPanda1577d ago

You're not the only one, many others share the same somewhat deluded view point. While the final product looked amazing at the time, it was nowhere near that tech demo. Facial animations were far off, draw distance, smoke and cloud effects, flame effects. Don't even get me started on the textures.

MaxXAttaxX1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Even on that tiny picture, the final game seems to have better ground textures than the demo pic above it. Not a very convincing comparison.

Never really liked the 'look' of the demo. Despite technical differences, overall, the final game simply looks better in my opinion.

lastdual1576d ago

KZ2 looked great, but on a technical level there's absolutely no comparison. The animations and particle effects in the E3 demo were essentially film quality.

I like KZ2 as much as the next guy, but the whole "final game looks better than the E3 demo" sentiment is only held by the most jaded of fans - the same type of people that would tell you with a straight face that KZ2 looks better than Avatar (and yes, some fanboys have claimed just that...).

MaxXAttaxX1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Like I already said earlier, I'm aware of the technical differences between the two. BUT despite the technical aspect of it, overall, Killzone 2 paints a better looking picture than the first trailer.
Not sure if you guys can understand that.

Never heard anyone say anything about Avatar, unless they were comparing it to the Avatar game. That would be nonsense and you shouldn't generalize from what one or two people may have said.

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jcnba281577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Killzone 4 will not move systems.

Lazarus691577d ago

How do you know it won't

MasterCornholio1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Yes it will and i can guarantee you that at launch some people will buy a PS4 with Killzone 4.

Utalkin2me1577d ago

And me being on of them

JoGam1577d ago

Yeah ok, I'm buying a PS4 just for Killzone Shadow Fall. Now what?

darren_poolies1577d ago

The PS4 will do for Killzone 4 what the PS3 did for Resistance: Fall Of Man.

Freedomland1576d ago


I don't know about Killzone 4 but Killzone Shadow fall will be a system seller.
Count me in.

Bathyj1576d ago

He doesnt know.
He doesnt even know its not called Killzone 4.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231576d ago


Yes it will sell systems but only to the "already Sony" fans. for someone who never owned a PS2 or a PS3, Killzone 4 will not make them buy one.

Games like MGS4 sold the PS3 system NOT bog standard FPS games.

Hicken1576d ago

He's a troll, one of the many that troll with virtually every comment and yet somehow lose NO bubbles. Since when do trolls know ANYTHING?

As Bathyj noted, he doesn't even know it's not Killzone 4 that's being talked about.

That said, I can count about a dozen or so sales from people I know- myself included- primarily because of this game. The same would be true if it WERE Killzone 4, so that debunks his... whatever the hell it was he was trying to say.

ps3_pwns1576d ago

killzone wont just move systems but it will move sony to the lead as number one console of the new gen. but infamous second son and drive club and others will help big time to. omg infamous second son is gonna be so good. next gen open world super hero game with 8gb gdrr5 ram gonna big better then gta 5 lol.

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mayberry1577d ago

ohhhh! Edge- online wrote this! I get it now. Killzone looks fantastic. ....back to Killzone 3 online ...

JoGam1577d ago

Honestly I love Killzone 3. Don't get me wrong, Killzone 2 was harder to Platinum but I enjoyed Killzone 3 and 2 the same.

Sevir1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Just read the excerpt highlighted on N4G for sensationalist purposes?

That quote was in reference to KZ2 CGI unveiling in 2005 at E3 and the latter comparison it incurred when the actual game was unveiled in 2007. None the less the point was that This time, this year with the unveiling if KZ:SF being announced with the PS4 much like KZ2 was announced with the PS3, the idea was to dispel the notion that what was shown was NOT CGI and was a working demonstration of the hardware and the jump in power when all we had in 2005 was CGI trailers and a plastic empty box with nothing inside.

Not to take a jab at GG but they admitted that this time they wanted to "Get it right" from the onset. Pretty informative actually. They say the game is simply much larger, though not quite open world, and that the back drop you saw when flying over the City will be explored Though not as seem less as say an Open world game.

The shadow Marshall is part Soldier and part spy, so game play choices will be far more intimate this time. Climbing walls and such is a new mechanic. I'm super excited for this more I read it, it seems GG is taking the franchise in a great direction. Only time will tell though.