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David Cage Became A Fan Of David Bowie Because Of Omikron The Nomad Soul

24d ago - Tributes have been pouring out over the last 48 hours to mark the passing of musician David Bowi... | PC

David Cage Believes the Indie Gaming Scene is ‘Fascinating’

69d ago - The ever-expanding influence and new ideas that have been brought about by the indie gaming scene... | Industry

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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David Cage ‘Never’ Considered a TV or Movie Adaptation While Writing his Stories

70d ago - Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage has said that the idea of doing a TV or movi... | Industry

Changing Beyond: Two Souls Compromises ‘Sincerity of the Work,’ Says David Cage

71d ago - Beyond: Two Souls writer and director David Cage claimed that he would alter nothing in Quantic D... | PS3

David Cage Claims Beyond: Two Souls is Probably his ‘Least Influenced Story’

71d ago - Quantic Dream founder and studio head David Cage claims that Beyond: Two Souls is “probably the l... | PS3

David Cage: 'No Plan at the Moment for a Sequel to Beyond: Two Souls'

71d ago - Quantic Dream founder David Cage has stated that “there is no plan at the moment for a sequel to... | PS3

Introducing Detroit, the new PS4 game from Quantic Dream

102d ago - Posted by David Cage on Oct 27, 2015 // Director, Quantic Dream Hi everyone. Some of you might... | PS4

David Cage Discusses Detroit Become Human in New Developer Diary

102d ago - EB: A new featurette for Detroit Become Human, the recently announced title from Quantic Dreams,... | PS4

Quantic Dream's Detroit Development Started In October 2013, Uses A Brand New 3D Engine

102d ago - Detroit's development apparently started in October 2013. We also learn that David Cage is not th... | PS4

PS4 exclusive Detroit discussed by Quantic Dream: 'We didn't want to do sci-fi'

102d ago - The last game we saw from the studio was Beyond: Two Souls and it released in 2013. As we are nea... | PS4

Kara May Come To PS4 with PlayStation VR & Why It Should

134d ago - In the time span of only 7 minutes, the people over at Quantic Dreams created an emotional bond b... | PS4

More Games Should Focus On Being Fun

329d ago - Harjit found that games tend to be much more serious and dramatic nowadays. It can give us more s... | Culture

What Defines A Video Game?

395d ago - Sounds like a silly question but it's time to make it clear what defines a video game and why cri... | Culture

Quantic Dream's David Cage Talks About His Games, Career and the PS4: It Allows to "Go Even Further"

399d ago - Here’s a piece of history: Back in 2013, just a couple scant dasy after the reveal of the PS4, Qu... | PS2

David Cage: The Future of Video Games Is in Indie Hands

436d ago - David Cage interviewed by Obsession on the future of video games and more. | Industry

Quantic Dream’s David Cage on New PS4 Game: “We’re Working on Something Very Exciting”

437d ago - It's known that Quantic Dream is working on a PS4 game, but basically nothing is known for sure a... | PS4

Beyond: Two Storywriters

587d ago - Without meaning to sound too harsh to David, famous for titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two... | Industry

'Games Nowhere Near Film' Says David Cage

627d ago - Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage says that videogames still have some way to go to catch up w... | PS3

Beyond: Two Souls' David Cage first game developer to receive France's highest honor

721d ago - French developer David Cage will receive the Legion of Honour for his work in the video game indu... | PS2

David Cage Shares His Views On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

800d ago - David Cage thinks that it is a bit too early to predict a winner this generation. He also talks a... | PS4

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

PlayStation 4's Quality Surprised Even David Cage

803d ago - It looks like even an expert developer such as David Cage was taken by surprise after trying the... | PS4

Critical Counter – David Cage is not a game maker but a Visual Novel artist.

827d ago - "This week we talk about a man I think is more confused them myself. David Cage is not a game mak... | Culture

David Cage Says Indies "invent the future"

833d ago - Quantic Dream boss and Beyond: Two Souls dev, David Cage, recently discussed the future of the ga... | Industry

The first games of legendary developers

842d ago - You have to get your foot in the door somehow. The biggest names in the gaming industry didn't ju... | Culture

David Cage Interview | Gamevo

845d ago - There was a call conference organized by Sony Latinamerica, and we had the chance to talk with Da... | Culture
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