David Cage: Sony Does A Remarkable Job Showing Single Player Isn't Dead; They Never Imposed Anything

Quantic Dream Founder David Cage praised Sony for doing a remarkable job showing that single player gaming isn't dead. He also said that Sony never imposed any decision on the studio.

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Jackhass127d ago

Yeah, David Cage definitely has no reason to complain about Sony -- they've always been extraordinarily good to the guy.

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SuperSonic91127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Sony PlayStation and Quantic Dream share the same grand vision for the interactive entertainment industry.
They are both going for the bigger picture of making video games the biggest entertainment industry in yhe world.
Bigger than Hollywood and music industry, bigger than the porn or gambling industry.

Edito126d ago

They can't beat porn lol... none can.

RedDevils126d ago

There too many horny bastards out there! You can't beat them.

RainbowBrite127d ago

They've been supportive with you, even though the 2nd game was baaad... But the 1st one was great, so... And yeah, that's the thing with taking your chances with devs, you never know

Alexious127d ago

You mean Beyond? I liked it more than Heavy Rain to be honest.

RainbowBrite127d ago

Yeah beyond... Hell, if you like it you like it... nobody can argue that.

Skankinruby127d ago

You liked beyond more than heavy rain? Everyone's entitled to their opinion I suppose but I don't see whatever it is you saw in the game

Dark_Knightmare2127d ago

I loved both but I think I’m going to have to agree woh you I liked beyond more especially the remaster where you could play in chronological order

mkis007127d ago

Heavy rains twist was kinda dirty... so i didnt appreciate that. I liked the star power of beyond...still havent finished it as the genre isnt a priority.

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DVAcme127d ago

I can't call his games bad, they're POLARIZING. It may sound like a copout, but the fact is that his games, similar to Telltale games, are more about the cinematic and emotional experience rather than any actual gameplay, and I do not fault anyone for not liking them. That being said, when his games deliver, they deliver HARD. To this day, few moments in gaming have left me as shellshocked as the reveal that Scott Shelby was the Origami Killer in heavy Rain. I felt manipulated and dirty. The closest feeling to that was the reveal that James Sunderland killed his wife in Silent Hill 2, and that game didn't make you participate in the deception to the level Heavy Rain does.

RainbowBrite127d ago

Polarizing, cinematic, shellshocked, but specially copout

UCForce127d ago

Well, Quantic Dream games are fully fledge game than telltale episodic. Like them or not, Quantic Dream games are still game. Definition of Gaming is everything.

UCForce127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

But the thing is that Sony let the devs to do whatever they think, not forcing them to follow.

PhoenixUp127d ago

Single player doesn’t need to be shown any proof that it’s still viable. It was never threatened to begin with

KaiPow127d ago

Right? People just like writing/reading fluff pieces about how games as a service and multiplayer games are taking over the industry lol

OB1Biker127d ago

The statement is nonetheless true. The more love sp games get, the better.

SuperSaiyanGod41127d ago

I'm glad Sony loves diversity in their library of games but at the same time I'm glad they didn't aquire David Cage's studio, just my opinion but I rather they aquire someone like insomniac because I love how diverse that studio is even though they love being an independent studio.


You need your head checked. Its too diverse.

ShadowWolf712126d ago

Insomniac would never sell though.

mandingo127d ago

Creative freedom. Sony has always been good with that

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