David Cage: 'I remember how scared we were'

The Quantic Dream boss reflects on his gambles with Heavy Rain, the inspiration for Beyond, and the future of his studio.

David Cage is a developer who needs no introduction. He's the founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, the developer behind Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and now Beyond: Two Souls.

Amid the chaos of gamescom last week, we sat down at the Radisson Blu in Cologne to discuss the gambles behind Heavy Rain, the ways in which TV writing is influencing Quantic Dream, and the personal inspiration for Beyond.

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crimsonfox2102d ago

Does every sentence that this guy says have to be an article?

MySwordIsHeavenly2102d ago

Agreed. When God speaks, we want to hear what he says.

Tr10wn2102d ago

^ haha, i love Heavy Rain and i will play Beyond Two Souls somehow ill go to friends house and play get another ps3 or something else but i had to play that game.

b163o12101d ago Show
Hanuman2101d ago

I just told God that I love him for videogaming. Will that be on the internet in heaven twitter somethingy?

Sony3602101d ago


Level 85 brown nosing.

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Catoplepas2102d ago

Well it's either this, or another doom article.

Take your pick.

crimsonfox2102d ago

I think I'd take a doom article...They might be more entertaining to read sometimes. In a sarcastic way of course.
@MySwordIsHeavenly for someone who's name is MySwordIsHeavenly I'm scared.

MySwordIsHeavenly2102d ago

Not a big Heavenly Sword fan?

Baka-akaB2102d ago

it's part of the reason some dislike him , but hardly his fault . He is interviewed by an outlet , then suddenly everyone is copy pasting sentences and making whole articles for months

Red_Orange_Juice2102d ago

Top 5 David Cage quotes in 3.. 2..

ItsMeAgain2102d ago

Did you even care about clicking on, "Read full interview"? It was an interview if the title put you off. If they chose that quote to make it the title then that is totally fine. You don't need to go there.

There's actually some useful information about their next game, Beyond. How he explains that he plans to surprise the audience with something that nobody would be expecting.

RememberThe3572102d ago

This is not an article about a sentence, it's an interview, and a good one at that. I'm even more interested in Beyond than I was before. I want to see how the game helps him rationalize death, or at least explore it.

OhMyGandhi2101d ago

When someone changes their name to David Cage, they must be heard, and the public demands an answer as to why anyone would want to be the brother (by association) to Nicolas Cage.

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Dualshockers_Carlos2102d ago

Another Cage he the only dude available out there? Wheres Ken Levine at!!

Acquiescence2102d ago

He is unreachable right now.

Dualshockers_Carlos2102d ago

What are you his agent?

Infinite is worrying me though..

Jazz41082101d ago

He must be working on the ps3 version then

taquito2102d ago

let me know when he makes a game, i heard heavy rain was a neat little mini-movie for an indie company on a high school budget

BitbyDeath2102d ago

Don't people want realism in games?
There are Facebook games out there if you just want casual stuff

HammadTheBeast2102d ago

Nah, Facebook games are pretty real too.

I always poke people to get money in real life.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

He made a 2 games actually. Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain.

"i heard heavy rain was a neat little mini-movie for an indie company on a high school budget"

Your source sucks. Heavy Rain was an amazing experience unlike many others. Most trolls like to talk sh#t because it was original and took a huge risk rather than your generic meaty military grunts shooting EVERYTHING OR just saving princesses from turtles and playing tennis with em FOR 25 F**KING YEARS!!!!!! (Yup i went there lol >_<). It featured an original story that can show hollywood a thing or two about an entertaining well-paced thrill ride. It set the beautifuly written story in front of my eyes and placed the character's lives in my hands. I CHOSE every outcome. I CHOSE the ending. 18 different endings and i saw em all ^_^ It's a GAME worth replaying. Now if your "source" can stop being jealous fu$king trolls for one second. Tell them to go lie face down in a rain puddle until the bubbles stop. :b

Signed: Blondie

coolbeans2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

A game called 'Omikron: The Nomad Soul' for Windows and Dreamcast.

I would like to get my hands on it eventually.

Theangrybogan2102d ago

Well said! Heavy rain was an excellent game well deserving of its praise.

Hicken2102d ago

So you haven't played it. Opinion dismissed.

solar2102d ago

he and his company makes ok games. other than that, dont understand why he is held up in such great regard. guess it must be a ps3 extremist thing :/

Welshy2102d ago

Oh i don't know... maybe it's something to do with the fact that he is a guy who doesn't care what current trends are, what genre is selling etc.

He sets his mind to an amazing roller coaster of a journey for gamers to be part of and Sony sit the hell back and throw money at him because they know how fine a talent he is.

For all the numb skulls out there who, to this day, STILL brand Heavy Rain a movie instead of giving it credit of one of the best experiences this gen, those people need to hop back on that COD train and gtfo of these articles.

If you don't understand how to enjoy and experience that doesn't involve mindlessly shooting hundreds of mens faces off, you input is neither valid or wanted here. No doubt somewhere in your collective comment histories are comments on other titles like Journey filled with "Where are teh gunz? i cant shoots stuff so it not a game!!!1!!111"

MacDonagh2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

I think it goes further than that because each person who plays it gets a different experience from it. I played it, completed it and thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. However, that doesn't mean that it cannot be open to criticism either.

It's core strength lies in the fact that it feels much like a point and click game and it's fairly decent at that. However, it seemed quite clear from the outset that it wouldn't play to that strength while you meander about doing actions that don't affect the game in any way.

Ultimately, it's a good quasi-movie-game thing with a decent plot that features QTE sequences with branching narrative paths that lead to a singular ending. It also had problems when it came to the walking animation looking and being difficult to maneuver. Not to mention that some of the voice acting (especially with the children) and the delivery sounded off to me. Neither did they have accents which really puzzled me. I put it in French with English subtitles and it sounds so much better because there was some some real emoting and line delivery in there.

David Cage was right when he said that Heavy Rain was a risk because there were problems in that game. Cage himself admitted that he wasn't happy with the way the game turned out but it was a success regardless. It is an achievement regardless of the flaws.

linkratos2101d ago

It has nothing to do with guns. Some people just don't enjoy QTE gameplay or want an interactive movie from a videogame (which it is and does a great job of).

You realize that 95% of PS3 exclusives are reskinned shooters right?

Welshy2101d ago


That is exactly the point i'm making. if he isn't a fan of the person, game or genre in the article then he shouldnt bring his anti-HR stuff in.

That's a bit like going into a BF3 article and shouting about FIFA being better, in your mind it may well be, but it's completely irrelevant and there is no need for the input in the first place.

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