David Cage: DualShock is the end of an era

Quantic Dream's David Cage expects the DualShock to mark "the end of an era" for conventional video game controllers, saying that he hopes new devices "will open new ground" for game development, but that he doesn't know whether "Kinect or Move are the ultimate answer."

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LOGICWINS2574d ago

A dualshock/360 controller hybrid would be SICK!

GrieverSoul2574d ago

Personally, a Dualshock with the X360 triggers would be the perfect controller. The sticks layout are great and the buttons perfect too. Jus the L2 and R2. Nothing else.

Freddy_Millz12574d ago

They still sell little plastic pieces that you can snap onto the L2 and R2 buttons that make them into triggers, just gotta look around for them. Pretty good add for $3 i always thought.

-Alpha2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I have it, it's good but a little too large.

The ones on the Move controller are perfect, Sony needs that on the Dualshock (or at least rubberized so that they don't feel slippery)

Miths2574d ago

I've been using those DS3 trigger attachments for so long that I had completely forgotten they weren't part of the controller :).

The triggers on the 360 controller - or the Move controller as Alpha-Male22 pointed out - are still better though.
Even without the trigger attachments I don't think I would consider the DS3 triggers all that problematic - I use L1/R1 in shooters, and in racing games (those where I don't use my G25 wheel) I've always preferred accelerating and braking with the right stick instead of the triggers, even when I still had an XBox 360.

NiKK_4192574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yes, the move trigger is absolutely perfect, I love it and I am absolutely sure it will be incorporated in the DS4

And I do have the snap on triggers for the DS3, and while they help, I still think I would rather use R1 L1 for shooters (I go back and forth on which I like), but they are great for racing

I talked about this before, but they should just make the DS4 2 move controllers that snap together with something in the middle (while the move controllers are at an angle

Now granted, they would have to be an upgraded move and it would have to resemble a dualshock while together, I'm not exactly sure how they would pull this off, but to me it would be the perfect solution, because you wouldn't have to buy a move separate and all games could incorporate move as an option because it would be a standard, and it would be cheaper for the consumer, its win win for everyone and should definitely be considered by sony

MaxXAttaxX2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yes and YES.

But I don't agree with David Cage. I think traditional controllers should still be the standard.
I love the Wii and all, but I can't play a motion game for too long before getting bored.

DualShocks are still good well-rounded controllers :)

RankFTW2573d ago

I use these two attachments on my DS3 and imo it makes it the best controller I've ever used.

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-Alpha2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Dualshock 4 needs to be more like Dualshock 2 but with better triggers and more resistance for the analog sticks with stronger rumble feedback.

I think it should have rubberized borders for extra grip, and media buttons below the analog sticks like the OnLive controller, which IMO looks like a great 360/PS3 hybrid. With this, they need to have glow-in-the-dark buttons for when you are playing in the dark.

news4geeks2574d ago

No the resistance is perfect. Nice and slick for quick precise aiming. If they are going to put triggers on it make sure they are not designed as a cheap gimmick just to pretend that it's like pulling a trigger on a gun; actually make it so that there is a minimal button press.

But you've heard enough of my controller ramblings, I like you other ideas btw.

BeOneWithTheGun2574d ago

Alpha, i dont think glow in the dark buttons are needed. I mean, really, who doesnt have the button layout memorized?

Swiftfox2574d ago

I'm not sure I would like triggers for the L2/R2 buttons, or further resistance on the sticks.

The resistance on the sticks is there on the Xbox 360 simply because it was designed with the Western hand in mind. Western gamers tend to put power behind movements of the thumb rather than finesse of Eastern hands, where it is all about subtle movements. It would only serve to alienate the Eastern gamers by uping the resistance to an uncomfortable level.

Triggers honestly don't seem to fit the dualshock, certainly not from an Eastern perspective. On the Dualshock you have access to all four shoulder buttons simultaneously. You can press L1/L2 down with index and middle finger very comfortably. Triggers are concave and would lead to that being very uncomfortable and awkward feeling as it is on the Xbox 360 controller. The Dualshock was designed to fit as many game types as possible, triggers do not lend themselves well to that overarching philosophy.

The Dualshock is an eastern design and honestly shouldn't be contradicted by western preferences. The west has never really had much of an issue with the design before so why change it now?

About the rumble. I'm sure it would rumble stronger if they didn't have to put Sixaxis tech into the controller as well. We should honestly feel lucky we even have rumble on the PS3 controller.

-Alpha2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )


The DS2 has resistance similar to the Xbox controller, so I don't think your comparison of Eastern/Western gamers has ever been a factor. Additionally, by having light analogs for Western audiences, under your theory, Sony is alienating Western gamers.


Not for the original buttons but for the media controls that I think is necessary for the media-driven consoles these days. And if that makes sense they may as well do it for the rest of the buttons

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tigertron2574d ago

I'd rather have a Gamecube/Dualshock hybrid to be honest. The GC's buttons replaced with the X,O,Triangle and Square.

Although, I'm hoping normal controllers like the Dualshock stay around for as long as possible, until they invent proper VR stuff.

DFresh2574d ago

I believe the analog controller and the keyboard/mouse will never go away.
But new interfaces and controls could result in different types of gaming.
Variety is the key people.

Swoon2574d ago

Exactly! I want a dualshock that can also be used as a stress toy.

Lirky2574d ago

Well their next game may be ps move exclusive or kinect exclusive too bad ill miss out on it.

CGI-Quality2574d ago

Move-exclusive or Dualshock/Move compatible. Quantic's games will all be PlayStation exclusive this go around.

Kantor2574d ago

The analog controller is a brilliant multi-genre device, and I have yet to see anything (except maybe KB+M) which works better overall.

MostJadedGamer2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

All Next Gen consoles will launch with something other then a traditonal controller. That is just a simple fact. The Wii has forced everybodies hand. Every console from here on out is guaranteed to launch with something other then a traditional controller.

Dno2574d ago

the wii also has the least industry support and sales are falling quickly while xbox and ps3 are up on past years. not ready to throw in the towel yet on traditional controllers.

I think next gen will come with move 2 and Dual shock 4 in every box

MostJadedGamer2574d ago

I am not even saying its going to be a motion controller. The control devices could be something entirely new that no one expects.

What I am saying is that none of the consoles will launch with a traditional controller. The days of the traditional controller are dead, and yes the Wii is totally to blame for that.

As far as Nintendo I think they will go back to 3rd place in the console market as neither Sony or MS will be caught with their pants down sitting on their laurels again.

They will launch their systems with innovative new controllers Next Gen. They will also have more powerful hardware(as Nintendo refuses to sell their systems at a loss while both Sony, and MS are willing to sell their systems at a major loss, and they will both have, far, far, far better 3rd party support then Nintendo that is given.

Nintendo has had crap 3rd party suppose for 3 straight generations now(N64, Gamecube, and Wii). That is never going to change for several reasons.

If you don't know those reasons ask me to explain them, and I will break them down for you in my next post.

Dno2570d ago

i can bet you there will be traditional controls on xbox and ps3 next gen and the gen after that.

That means a d-pad , buttons, 2 anolag sticks.

MostJadedGamer2570d ago

Well Dno you are going to be in for a huge dissapointment if you actually believe that. Traditional controllers will be as dead as 2D games Next Gen.

Dno2569d ago

ok cool its a bet. with the first 2 next gen portables have basic controls 3DS and NGP so im looking good so far.

now we have to wait for news on future consoles

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