Why David Cage's Visually-amazing Kara Demo Sadly Also Sums up the Worst of Video Game Story-telling

GR - So Quantic Dream’s David Cage has done it again. Two years after Heavy Rain, he’s sent the gaming world into a tizzy with another visually stunning demo of another beautifully rendered female character being all dramatic and sad. He’s espousing more leaps forward for mature video game narrative. He’s talking about setting new standards for dramatic story-telling. But once again, while the new tech being used is undeniably impressive, personally I also see a very prominent naked emperor putting nice graphics before much more important things.

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NukaCola2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

This article clearly sums up that the writer is not on the same wavelength as David Cage and that is sad. What QD does is fresh and original. Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain may not have the tightest stories with their player driven experiences, but they offer something no other games do and to ridicule someone who is trying to think outside the box in an industry that was created by people who saw games as a form of artistic expression, is disgusting. Not one developer 30 years ago thought the highlight of future video games was going to be generic garbage shooters with no originality. And those today who get sh*t on by immature journalists deserve better.

GribbleGrunger2444d ago

absolutely agree! well put.

darthv722444d ago

i really wasnt overly impressed with that demo. I mean it was nice but I can recall seeing ATI tech demos back when the Radeon 9800 Pro was first introduced and it was visually stunning for the time.

Now i am just spoiled and everything from then has been simply evolutionary instead of revolutionary.

Hellsvacancy2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

DOH! looks like Darthv72 missed the point of the video, im an everyday dope smoker and i got what the Kara tech demo was tryin to show

Wanna hint? it wasnt about the graphics

iceman062444d ago

@Hells...I think that you are right. I didn't view the "tech demo" as such. But, more as a high concept video. It was a means of showing off some new tips and tricks that can be performed with the new and updated engine, as well as displaying the overall FEEL for what the game has in store. It's very much like the taxidermist level. While this wasn't the overall story, it gave a pretty good idea of what some of Heavy Rain would be about. In this respect, I think the new trailer was a complete success.

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Godmars2902444d ago

What? An internet games journalist writing speculative concerning game and role playing elements based on a tech demo meant to show off the graphical abilities of an engine?

And you're surprised?

Parapraxis2444d ago

I'd like to see he author put together and convey an emotional story within the span of a 7 minute tech demo.
I doubt it would even be worth discussing.
There is plenty of great video game story telling, and KARA by far does not "sum up the worst" of them.
Seems like he has an axe to grind and thinks his own personal preferences can be stated as fact.
You didn't like the story...too bad, go cry to your mother about how QuanticDream is un-original and "the worst".

It was nice of them to try to deliver on more than one level in the first place.

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DigitalAnalog2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

"I also see a very prominent naked emperor putting nice graphics before much more important things."

I only have to read this to realize where the article is going. Last I checked, the demo was to showcase the "motion" technology. Upon reading this tripe, it's quite obvious the writer clearly took the video at face-value and then proceeds with his pretentious offering by dissecting the video and comparing it to other works if only to undermine the video in it's entirety.

If the writer would even bother paying attention he would notice at the beginning of the video where it clearly says:

"It is a concept only and is not taken from any software title currently in development"

Then the writer would know that his whole article is completely and utterly pointless. As far as I'm concerned KARA would most likely not be a part of his upcoming project if anything it is a tech demo - end of story.

It's amazing to see how journalists get their panties in a bunch for the need to explain to the whole world there is a secret message in games that only they themselves have deciphered to warn for the sake of gamers everywhere.


Knushwood Butt2444d ago

I haven't even read the article, but I'm pretty sure this sums it up nicely.

Why do these people even bother? Go play some games instead.

ZoyosJD2444d ago

I agree with a lot of this.

What people seem to be thinking is that this tech demo will follow the same path as the casting, and be the basis for QD next game.

While that may or may not be the case, it was not the point of the tech demo.

No, not even graphics (directly) were the point of the demo.

The demo was to showcase how well emotion can be convayed in-game with the avalible hardware and motion cap tech.

I'm suprised at the number of people who continue to miss the point, but really I shouldn't be.

Malice-Flare2444d ago

thanks for saving me the click. i quite enjoyed the tech demo, and was hoping it was part of a new game. but, since it isn't, i'm optimistic on what Sony's World Wide Studios can do with this tech, not just QD's new game...

Summons752444d ago

Really? to pass off a short story that can convey an emotion response/ attachment to Kara in such a short time is really amazing. Also the fact that they did that in a tech demo shows that they are really skilled with passing off a story.

smashcrashbash2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Kara has nothing to do with what they are doing next. how can you make any sort of judgement from it? It was basically a 7 minute demo to show off their new game engine. How in hell can you judge anything from it? QD attempted to make it emotional and in my opinion he did.In such a short time they made a character and a situation that had people choking back tears as they listened to her panicking and begging to live.

But when you think about it he didn't have to do anything like that at all. Foe the people who want to judge it he could have made the same impression if he had made a tech demo with Kara reciting the alphabet while being built.

In my opinion however if Kara and the concept had nothing to do with the next game they were making they shouldn't have made a character that we felt emotion towards at all. Now I am kind of annoyed that after feeling sorry for her and wondering what will become of her they say 'It has nothing to do with our next game'.

rezzah2444d ago

That's life, you can't expect to know everything about everyone whom you may hold some sort of emotional attachment too. Be it people in reality or characters of fantasy.

Just as the character and demo was created, leave the possibility of endings to your imagination.

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