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Nordic Games: "Not Sure if Cloud Processing Is The Future", Most Services Shut Down In A Few Years

13d ago - Nordic Games' Reinhard Pollice on cloud gaming - "Even very cheap services have been shut down al... | PS4

Countdown to Crackdown's Extra Life 2015 event

18d ago - Good afternoon, Agents! As you may know, the Crackdown team is participating in Extra Life this y... | Xbox One

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Crackdown 3 Director: The Cloud Has a "Ton of Processing Power;" Explains How the Idea Was Born

19d ago - The Crackdown team is holding an Extra Life livestream and Crackdown 3 Director David Jones talke... | Xbox One

Xbox’s Phil Spencer: the Mission of First Party Devs Is “Testing the Bounds of What’s Possible”

19d ago - During Crackdown‘s Extra Life livestream, Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer talked abou... | Xbox One

Xbox One marketing head on Crackdown 3's destruction: It blows my mind

27d ago - One of the most intriguing games upcoming in 2016 for Microsoft has got to be Crackdown 3, and it... | Xbox One

Cloudgine Interview: Crackdown 3 and Clouds of Destruction

28d ago - By now, everyone’s heard about Cloudgine thanks to the Gamescom 2015 reveal of Crackdown 3’s game... | Xbox One

Crackdown 3’s Cloud Based Destruction Enhancement Detailed, Was Extremely Challenging To Achieve

35d ago - No prizes for guessing: It was damn hard to achieve cloud assisted destruction in Crackdown 3. | Xbox One

Crackdown 3 Cloud Tech Could Come To Non-Microsoft Platforms,Tech Allows Ground Breaking Experiences

36d ago - CEO Maurizio Sciglio also talks about the differences between PS Now and Cloudgine. | Xbox One

Cloudgine Allows Virtually Unlimited Compute Power, Games That Aren't Using Cloud Will Be Rare

41d ago - Crackdown 3 is the first game so far this generation where we might see Microsoft’s original prom... | Xbox One

Everything we know about Crackdown 3

41d ago - GR: "The Crackdown series has always been about one thing: unleashing chaos in the name of the... | Xbox One

How Does The Xbox One Use Cloudgine To Deliver Enhanced Graphical Effects?

48d ago - Cloudgine CEO Maurizio Sciglio details how the Xbox One uses cloud processing to render enhanced... | Xbox One

Oddworld Developer On Microsoft's Xbox One Cloud: Industry Needs Risk Takers, Tech Has A Big Future

56d ago - "Anyone taking chances I hope they have success. The industry always needs those risk takers," sa... | Xbox One

Sneak Peek: Crackdown 3 Collectible Controller

66d ago - Kiefer Bryant: "Greetings, Agents! To celebrate our first look at Crackdown 3 at gamescom, we... | Xbox One

Top 15 Xbox One Exclusive Games To Look Forward To In 2016

81d ago - Xbox has built up a strong number of franchises and 2016 is going to be a big year on Xbox One, b... | Xbox One

'Crackdown 3' aims to be the most destructive game ever

83d ago - In Crackdown 3 on the Xbox One, Microsoft is planning to let players level an entire city thanks... | Xbox One

GTA V Might Meet Its Match In The Face Of Crackdown 3

84d ago - GTA 5 Cheats considers whether Crackdown 3 might be able to match the success of Grand Theft Auto V. | PC

Top Five Most Anticipated Games

88d ago - After the reveals and announcements of this year's E3 and Gamescom, one of the writers at Throwin... | PC

Are Scalebound, Quantum Break And Crackdown 3 Setting New Graphical Benchmarks For The Xbox One?

91d ago - If you haven’t heard, Microsoft had a rather excellent presentation at Gamescom. This was the pre... | PC

Are We About To Experience The Biggest Revolution In The History Of Gaming?

93d ago - Grab It: "If I were to ask what Crackdown 3, No Man’s Sky and the Oculus Rift have in common,... | PS4

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

(A)head in the clouds

93d ago - Steve C. discusses Microsoft's use of cloud computing. He writes: 'During the Microsoft press c... | Xbox One

15 Reasons Why Crackdown 3 Is Going To Be A Game Changer For Xbox One

98d ago - What does Microsoft's Cloud on Xbox One hold for future gaming? | Xbox One

Single Player: Does Xbox lag behind?

98d ago - Single Player versus Player One. There is a subtle difference, but does Xbox One lag behind in th... | PS4

Xbox One Cloud “Game Changer” According Crackdown 3's Senior Producer

98d ago - Crackdown 3 makes heavy use of Microsoft's Cloud service. Paradiger asked the game's senior produ... | Xbox One

Game Over: Xbox One conquers the future with the Cloud. What is actually possible?

102d ago - When Microsoft revealed their next generation system called the Xbox One, everyone and their moth... | Xbox One
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