Crackdown 3 Looks Like a Proper Current Generation Game In New 4K Screenshots

Crackdown 3 received a new set of press coverage that includes previews and more. It has also received some screenshots and footage that gives a much better idea of how the game stands now visually compared to its earlier version.

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ArchangelMike11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The game does look good in 4K. It's true that these Single player screens look sharp and are much closer visually to the pre-alpha footage. But you are claiming that the game hasn't been downgraded - that is simply not true; and even the big media gamesites like IGN, Gamespot, Polygon, GameInformer etc have acknowledged the downgrade. So please, the sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner everyone can move on. To deny that Crackdown 3 is a shadow of it's initial reveal, is to lose all credibility.

4K screenshots will make any game look like a current gen game - Remember how good Red Dead Redemption looks in 4K? But that is not the point - this is the least that should be expected when a game is being run by the Cloud. It should at the very least look like a "proper current gen game", and the fact that you've had to make this statement in your headline speaks volumes about the game.

RpgSama11d ago

You know you have troubles when they have to release articles and news just to say that the game does look like a current generation game

Mr Pumblechook11d ago

"Crackdown 3 Looks Like a Proper Current Generation Game In New 4K Screenshots"!

What a joker!

Thatguy-31011d ago

look at the 4k textures on those buildings LMAO

gamingunited11d ago

It's almost as 4k as Minecraft! lol

Potnoodle99910d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

I know! Total joker!😂

AnthonyDavis10d ago

Told ya so and I was the first person to say every crackdown game has inferior graphics.

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PumPum11d ago

4k any game? Even minecraft?

ArchangelMike11d ago

Sure. In 4K it would look like next-gen minecraft, at the very least it would look signifinantly much improved. Doesn't mean it's not still a last gen game though aye?!

rainslacker11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Graphics wise, I wouldn't say it was downgraded, because outside the tech demo with the two large buildings crashing into one another, older showings have been pretty lackluster graphically. What they show now isn't all that impressive, but passable, but I'd say its better in some places, but still lacking in others...namely the building design. The downtown areas look better than the outer areas, which appear pretty flat.

Overall, I'd say the artstyle works, but it seems like they left some things undone, or maybe just felt it wouldn't matter.

Obscure_Observer11d ago


Talk is cheap! Bring us actuall screen shots to back up your "downgrade" claims for comparisons sake.

ArchangelMike11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


Here you go:
Quote from the article "A little over a week ago, I wrote that Crackdown 3’s multiplayer Wrecking Zone is “a shadow of its former self“. The cloud-powered destruction that lets you topple entire city blocks is in the game as teased, but it’s in a very limited manner. Now that Wrecking Zone is in a closed beta of sorts, you’re likely to see a lot of tweets showing impressive-looking destruction: and that stuff is real. It’s also real limited, however, constrained to a single five-minute mode and small maps that look nothing like the mindblowing full-city destruction I saw back in 2015."

Here's Polygon - Quote "When this game was first shown in 2014, it was touted as a marvel of cloud gaming, a fully destructible world in which all things would be possible. Five years on, those promises are barely to be found in Crackdown 3. In the single-player campaign, environmental destructibility hardly exists. In the multiplayer component, it’s reduced to little more than blowing holes in barriers and walls."

From PCWorld
Quote "Only Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode will have this cloud-based destruction tech. We played a bit of the multiplayer. It feels functional, albeit not much different to what I played of Red Faction: Guerrilla a decade ago. And it’s much smaller-scale than the city-spanning destruction Microsoft teased in 2015. Maps feel like decently sized arenas. They are absolutely not entire chunks of city for you to run wild in."

Here's another one for you from Game Informer -

And last but surely not least Ryan Mcaffrey himself of IGN, quote - "I played the first half an hour or so, and there’s nothing here that the Xbox faithful are likely to be boastfully thrusting into the faces of their Sony-fan friends. But that’s not to say it can’t or won’t be a fun experience. It just didn’t wow me. It felt and, in the non-literal, yes-I-know-it’s-running-in-4K sense, looked like an Xbox 360 game."

There are many more hands-on previews and impression out there - before I even get to screenshots and comparison vids. But surely you don't need me to go on? In anycase let me know if you still want those screenshots and comparison vids, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

mkis00711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

How the hell can you continue to deny what people are showing you!?

Red Faction Guerilla had more impressive destruction than CD3.

MasterCornholio11d ago

I believe you need to apologize for being so rude.

Obscure_Observer11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


"In anycase let me know if you still want those screenshots and comparison vids, I'll be more than happy to oblige."

Destruction was clearly downgraded. But graphics? On single player? Yes, i want to see those comparisons screenshots

Yes please. And as suggested by MasterCornholio, I apologize if I seemed rude.

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Nintentional11d ago

Game looks freakin solid. Getting xb game pass when this comes out, so excited

Kribwalker11d ago

The single player has been upgraded based off of the first time they showed single player footage and to say otherwise is straight lying

Suave_Langosta11d ago

The thing about games though, they are not movies. I’m not saying this game is good bc I have not played it, but if it’s fun and runs smooth, then that really is the only thing that matters. Graphics never have and never will equal a good game, if you believe this then I’m sorry. But I can see you’re really worked up with a game that has done nothing to you, so I’ll leave you to it.

skiggy3410d ago

Hmmm. Your not a crack head, just crackish.... Lol. I dont know what the hell people are crying about. THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE THAT CELL SHADED LOOK. Its Crackdown! Why the F is everyone crying about its graphics? Crackdown 1 was stupid fun and the smart people in here that have Xbox game pass will be playing this technically for free. I cant wait for this!

TheHan10d ago

Just like any other game that gets downgraded yet you get all emotional over this one?

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Vasto11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The game looks awesome. The art style is so colorful and vibrant in this game which looks better than that realistic look that most games go for.

My Xbox One X is ready!

Kribwalker11d ago

I can’t wait. The Orbs are taunting me

RacerX10d ago

I'm astonished that you expressed excitement for this game, and received so many down votes.... Fanboys....

neutralgamer199210d ago


no you shouldn't be astonished if you know anything about his comments history people see through comments like these for what they actually are(pro xbox and anything related to ps4 the same type comments would be total negativity)

starchild10d ago


Yes, maybe so. But by the same token we know what people like you are about too. So why do you guys even bother to post in non-Sony articles? We all know the comments always come down to the same thing: "hype everything Sony does and downplay anything about other platforms".

And looking at Kribwalker's posting history it seems he rarely even goes into PS4 articles. He mostly seems to comment in Xbox One articles. That's certainly better than what we see from many Sony fanboys on this site who flood into Xbox, Nintendo and PC articles for the sole purpose of downplaying those platforms.

FanboysKiller10d ago

starchild, it's the internet, don't fall into the narrative, it wasn't long time ago when sales some how do matter to secure the future of ps platform for future unreleased games and I get it ,"the narrative was to focus on future games" but now when ms steps into this situation somehow out of nowhere future games don't matter and what matters is whats released, it's childish way of thinking, don't bother about it.

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Kubark10d ago

Mate, your XB1 has been ready for years. It's just too bad despite being ready for all that time, the only thing you got worth playing is Forza, some indies, and...maybe...Sunset Overdrive. Everything else, including Crackdown, is a joke.

EmperorDalek10d ago

Aww. Ran out of exclusives to play?

neutralgamer199210d ago


i always find that my xbox x comments funny it's like people trying to prove they made sound investment into a machine that hasn't had much when it comes to exclusives

starchild10d ago

Claiming it doesn't make it true. Sony definitely has done much better with exclusives this gen, but you're needlessly exaggerating. There are handful of good games you left out. I know because I played several of them on my PC. Gears of War 4, among a number of others I could name, is a good game. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to Gears of War 5.

Mister_Wolf11d ago

I can't wait for them to bring this out, mostly because once it's out then they can draw a line under this fucking mess of God knows howmany years. It's embarrassing.

Concertoine11d ago

When this game was announced i was a junior in high school. This fall i graduate from university lol.

Tedakin11d ago

It was announced in 2014. In 5 years you finished Junior High, went through 4 years of High School, then 4 years of College? You must be very smart.

r2oB11d ago

@ tedakin

What kind of school did you go to? After your junior year, you become a senior in high school. Then onto 4 years of college. Five years of schooling in five years, makes sense.

mkis00711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@all the comments

Not junior high school....a junior IN high school...reading comprehension...

NeoGamer23211d ago

With Duke Nukem Forever.... From the time it was announced to the time it game out I got married and my wife had our first kid.

With Last Guardian, my wife had another baby, got cancer, died two years later, and we got a new console generation.

Segata10d ago


I can see you never graduated.

Mister_Wolf10d ago

5 years man, that's just crazy.

Critic4l_Strik310d ago


You are bad at math...

Concertoine10d ago


Wow. My condolences for the loss of your wife!

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ArchangelMike11d ago

Review embargo lifts tomorrow I think, we'll see if it's worth all the fuss.

Movefasta199311d ago

It looks like sunset overdrive on low settings.

rainslacker11d ago

SSoD had more character in it's graphics style IMO. Cell shading here looks decent, but everything is almost too sharp. Cell shading often looks better when its a bit softer if you're going to have anything that isn't sharp a lot of the buildings for instance.

Character models do look pretty good, but the animation is kind of clunky.