I'm Starting To Seriously Worry About Crackdown 3, Xbox One X's Launch Title

Forbes: "There’s some “new” footage of Crackdown 3 making its rounds on the internet, but a little digging reveals that it isn’t new at all, but rather higher quality film of gameplay that was showcased off-stage at E3 a few weeks back with developer commentary.

I found it via “Rad Brad,” a big-time YouTuber, who uploaded the footage and commented on it with an endless number of positive affirmations mostly involving the word “sick,” but I’m less enthused about what I’m seeing and I’m starting to be genuinely concerned about what is effectively the launch game for Xbox One X, coming out on November 7th, the same day as the console itself."

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crazychris4124319d ago

Its bargain bin if the destruction is lackluster, day 1 if the destruction is better than Red Faction Guerrilla.

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YAO-BLING318d ago

it's gonna get canned, you heard it here first

annoyedgamer318d ago

No, it will just release to lackluster reviews and go to the bargain bin.

Godmars290318d ago

Can't see MS canceling at the 11:59th moment, they're just too committed to it at this point.

Thing is, if the game doesn't deliver, what does that say about the cancellation of things like Dragon Scale (Bound, whatever. Likely getting the name wrong, but its cancelled, so why even care) and the Fable game? How bad are they at delivering something that's Halo or Gears, which are IPs they bought into.

darthv72318d ago

This game does look great though (to me). I really dig the cel shaded comic book vibe and it just looks way to fun. I hope it is as much fun as the original.

RacerX318d ago

Bought my Xbox one for this title, the crackdown series is on of my top 3 favorite games.

So I have to buy a one X for this game now? That would be very irritating.

Godmars290318d ago

Isn't this an XB1 title - still?

They're doing all-access. Putting it on PC. So it should be on the older system. MS have committed to such.

gums007318d ago

You've never been laid, you heard it here...not first

Skull521318d ago

I'm not a crackdown guy so I don't have plans to buy it at this point but if I had to guess, I'd expect some fairly problematic multiplayer issues on release and possibly on the days and weeks after. They really need to make sure that is taken care of or it's going to get a lot of bad publicity. If everything works great it's going to be a great preview of things to come for the future of games on Xbox that just can't be done on other consoles for probably half a decade or more.

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rainslacker318d ago


Chances are, if MS proves what they've been trying to sell with cloud compute, we wouldn't see significant inclusions in other games for half a decade anyways. No one else is using the tech now for their game designs, so everything would have to cycle through before we see it again....potentially even from MS.

I said at the start of this gen that cloud compute, even if it works as promised, is not going to be used much, if at all, this gen in any significant way to warrant using it as a selling point for the X1. MS taking so long to release what looks like a relatively simply designed game, only makes me know I was right. It's been almost 4 years, and almost no significant use for cloud compute, and what has been done could have been managed with the consoles themselves.

I hope MS delivers on it's cloud promises. The premise is good in theory, although limiting in some ways depending on how one wants to game in the future. But if they can't deliver, then it just sets back the whole potential as others aren't as likely to use it until it's a proven technology, and someone manages to make money using the concept.

Godmars290318d ago

Cloud distribution was something announced with the XB1 as a near day one application. Now its years after the fact and the title meant to show it off is on a whole other system, that you expect it be *YEARS* later to be anything near commonly used. This after you and other have been defending it along with any other announcements MS have made and failed to live up to.

That says so many sad things about you. About me as well really.

rainslacker317d ago


What are you on about? I said at the start of this gen, that it would take a while for MS to get this going based on where CD3 was apparently at in design. I actually thought CD3 was much closer to release, so maybe 2-3 years into the gen. Not 4, and even 4 I'm dubious about given they haven't shown the MP segments yet. I said it'd be years before we saw any practical application of what MS was talking about, and then I said that it'd be years after that before other devs picked it up, and even then it'd only be limited devs as games cycled through to implement such things.

Maybe "commonly used" was the wrong terminology, and something more along the lines of a few more may start to do some stuff.

But since the first announcement of this tech, I said it wasn't going to be that relevant to this generation at all. I was disagreed with by all the Xbox fan boys, and here we are, and it's playing out exactly like I said it would, although taking longer than I initially thought.

I never defended MS on the implementation. I said the chances they made it work well to be a monumental task, and I'd be very impressed if they managed to deliver on their promises. I was also skeptical about the actual user experience being good due to internet infrastructure.
The only thing I defended MS on was against the Sony fan boys who vehemently acted like this tech was completely unfeasible, because I know that in theory, what they were trying to do was possible. My only contention was the practical application of it all.

I'm not really sure where you think I was overly defending MS on this. I will when I see someone being unfair to them at times, but for the most part, I'd wager most people here might think that I'm overly critical of MS as a whole.

Even if MS manages to deliver on CD3, saying it's going to be years before we see it in any significant way from another dev, or MS itself, is not a defense of them, it's a response to skull, who gave a timeframe, and I was just expanding on that.

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3-4-5318d ago

I've never even played a crackdown game and been an Xbox owner since the beginning. So for me.....if this game is good it's just a nice bonus of a game I get to try out.

I don't have super high expectations....It just looks like a decently fun pretty solid game and probably will be a 84/100 type of game, but that is still a pretty good game.

Just don't get your expectations with any game too high.

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THC CELL318d ago

Let me make this clear, BORIIIIING Ms give up. Only good looking game u have now is s o f and I wish u kept fable going

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Miss_Weeboo319d ago

I mean the game seems a little boring: generic, yes, but it looks fine. I don't understand why people criticize the graphics "cel-shading gone wrong" you can never go wrong with cel-shading imo.

FreddyFazbear318d ago

Cel shading is not a very good showcase of a game for a very powerful console. Even the last gens ps3 and xbox 360 wont have problem running this game. please dont mention "its not all about the graphics" goalpost. Its a game that is suppose to showcase what the xbox one x can do regardless of gameplay. if not whats the point of releasing a more powerful hardware??

Gh05t318d ago

"Its a game that is suppose to showcase what the xbox one x can do regardless of gameplay"

Source please?

The game was in development before Xbox One X was even started. This game was meant to showcase the "cloud" and that took a turn when people rejected the idea of an always online console.

Angeljuice318d ago

"Its a game that is suppose to showcase what the xbox one x can do regardless of gameplay. if not whats the point of releasing a more powerful hardware??"
It was supposed to show the power of the XboxOne when combined with the power of the cloud. It was one of the first announcements made by Microsoft at the begining of the generation. It has been moved over to XOneX because XOne was too feeble.

343_Guilty_Spark318d ago

Forza 7 is the showcase, this was never billed as such.

Christopher318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

It is only supposed to showcase the game itself, not hardware. It's still coming to Xbox One and will see some improvements on X, but not because it isn't good on Xbox One.

Rude-ro318d ago

See improvements? If I am not mistaken, only the xox version has been shown....

dcbronco318d ago

Freddy until we play it we don't know what the single player is meant to showcase. It might be about huge explosions and objects on screen. Enemies on screen, AI and carnage are more important than realistic graphics for a game like Crackdown. Anything else would be like CoD zombie mode with only a handful of really pretty zombies.

DJStotty318d ago

No its not a game that is showcasing what the xbox one x can do powerwise.. Who has even stated that? not even microsoft themselves.

Forza 7 is showcasing the power of the xbox one x

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KickSpinFilter318d ago

I think the art style/graphics are just great it's the direction they went in artistically. The game play however looks pretty bad in the SP video. But who knows perhaps it feels different once your playing it. Videos of Second Son play through looked awkward, but than you play that and it feels just so right. Something in CD3 just seems really off.
I went from really excited to a little concerned, sorta a bummer.

Kryptix318d ago

"you can never go wrong with cel-shading imo"

This 2 out of 5 abomomination comes to mind:

I've watched RadBrad's video on Crackdown 3 & it looks fundamentally flawed in different ways. Is the game truly going to stop you on your tracks for 2-3 seconds every single time you level up one of your skills? I can see how adrenaline inducing the combat and transportation is, but wait till you're trying to chain something for that to stop you.

The fact that destruction isn't present in single player makes it lose mass appeal that would make it unique or stand out. Gameplay shown looks repetitve/mediocre and something of like I've experienced it before with Saint's Row 4.

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Bigpappy319d ago

It is not my type of game. But people who like sunset overdrive should love this. Judging from the video released this week, it looks to be non stop action, leveling and power-ups with unlimited ways to destroy. Fun for the younger crowd for sure.

Profchaos318d ago

No sunset had a charm about its characters it was wacky like Tony hawk meets saints row with an excellent travel grind system. This however looks a fairly generic reskinned version of crackdown 1

dmetripaulpavlin318d ago

Good, don't change a formula that works, I am not picking this up for some story driven BS, it is a simple blow shit up super powers police team with crazy guns. It is that simple and when I want some story or some cool gameplay mechanics I can play something else but AIO games are never good so if all CD3 does good is be stupidly 1990s action movie, than thats great.

Zeref318d ago

But people loved Crackdown 1.
Why mess with the formula?
They made a good decision to add destruction. It doesn't mess with the formula but it adds something unique to the series.

BeOpenMinded318d ago

Ssod was not my cup of tea. It was way too easy.. I made it to halfway through the game without dying. I find no fun in a game that doesn't challenge you. Tony hawk required skill, and hopefully crackdown will have challenging strategic elements and multiplayer.

nitus10318d ago


Crackdown (XBox360 - 2007) sold 1.7 million
Crackdown 2 (XBox360 - 2010) sold 1.12 million

Acceptable but I would not be waving the "But people loved Crackdown 1" flag.

Yes, Crackdown 3 will sell but how many in a year? Only time will tell.

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objdadon319d ago

This is the 1st time ive seen a cell shaded game get downgraded. It looks nothing like when crackdown 3 was 1st revealed.

DarXyde319d ago

Seems like it'll be process intensive. If you're right though, I'm not really sure what this means.

Does that mean cloud compromises are being made? Wouldn't make much sense since I imagine the cloud is meant to supplement the CPU and graphics are a GPU problem.

frostypants318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

The (doubtfully real) server-side physics processing shouldn't have any meaningful impact on client-side graphics processing.

FernDiggidy318d ago

I'm trying to look at this reveal you're referring to. The only one I see is a CG trailer from 2014. That doesn't have gameplay, just cg. The gameplay showcase from 2016 looks exactly like the gameplay from e3 this year. Stop being full of shit.

Raiden318d ago

It depends on mods of play and how many, the game may have a the main game mode with side missions single to 4player co-op tones of DLC, we just have to wait and see what kind of a game we GET.
The destruction may well be part of a multitude of options, restricted to the co-op side of the game, also it's best not to compare other game that have destructions environments as those are QTE's faction just cause