Crackdown 3 is all that remains from Microsoft’s E3 2014 ‘mic drop’ showing

So what's new from Microsoft, and why should we care?

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Moonman523d ago

Pick the mic back up Phil. Lol

Overload523d ago

Don't be surprised if that tweet gets deleted, since it didn't quite work out as planned.

Abash523d ago

The mic was a ball the whole time, plot twist!

Seriously though, Phil Spencer dropped the ball with killing the Fable studio (Lionhead) and then killing Scalebound.

DARKKENT523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

Phil for whom many declared as Xbox's Saviour certainly talked a 'game'.

Ill give him that through the smoke and mirrors

Deadpooled522d ago (Edited 522d ago )


'The mic was a ball the whole time, plot twist!'

Provided by EA to show FIFA exclusive content on the xbone.

butchertroll522d ago

We all believe in Phil Spencer, right?

G20WLY522d ago

^I believe in Phil Spencer. He's the Easter Bunny's brother.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

actually it did.
The fact that they have one more game to cancel that is.

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SaveFerris523d ago

Slim pickings in regards to Xbox console exclusive titles, but as we all know multiplatform titles such as CoD and Fifa dominate the sales on home consoles. So then the reasons to buy an Xbox begins to narrow down to BC, Gamerscore, and what console your friends play on. Otherwise, you're buying the console for less than a handful of 'console exclusive titles' unlike gamers who choose a Nintendo or Sony games console.
Perhaps the rumours of MS moving away from game console hardware to concentrate on Xbox Live might have some truth to it, and if Scorpio fails, then maybe this will hasten the process.
MS only got into the game console business to stop Sony 'controlling the living room' and to get its Windows OS in there as well. The original vision for Xbox One was TV, TV, TV, and the always online plan, and I think MS are still moving towards this.

ps360s522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

They have always have had that vision...and to put the Windows OS into livingrooms

They were never in it to develop games but to put MS everywhere!

Their mindset is not about gamers and the games as much as they have you to believe
The few months at the end of the Xbox 360, it became more and more noticeable for me. I had the 360 and enjoyed it while it was producing games but then it really slowed down and I had moved away from it and even never got the Xbox one from release knowing that from start they will follow what they had planned for the Xbox one

I know they will slowly move into what they had planned from the beginning...

I was considering Xbox one even at some point but not so sure now...will be sticking to the Playstation 4 as of now

Nothing against MS but the Xbox division is pretty much a division for MS to pour more of their OS/one for all into it

PlayableGamez-522d ago

You mean just Sony right? Ninetendo is in the same boat to... They just get away with it more.

deafdani522d ago

What? Anyone that buys a Nintendo console, buys it for the Nintendo games. Exactly the opposite of Microsoft, in fact.

PlayableGamez-522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

How many games came out on the Wii U in 2016? Both 3rd and 1st party..
11 Month droughts?
Sony is supporting the PS3 more than Nintendo is supporting the Wii U.
You guys keep forgetting that console lol.

nowitzki2004522d ago

WiiU has more exclusives than X1

PlayableGamez-522d ago

nowitzki2004 true. But the Xbox One has more games overall than the Wii U.

deafdani522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

It's true, Nintendo abandoned the Wii U on 2016 almost completely, besides Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Paper Mario, and Pokken Tournament (and Star Fox Zero / Star Fox Guard, I guess).

But it's obvious as day that it was because they decided to focus completely on the Switch instead, because the Wii U was a sinking ship and its sales weren't going to improve no matter what games they released for it.

Prior to 2016, Nintendo released a lot of exclusives for the Wii U, in 2015, 2014, 2013 and at launch. So many, in fact, that despite being completely abandoned in 2016, the Wii U currently still has more high-rated exclusives than both PS4 and Xbox One combined.

This will very likely change in a couple years due to all the Sony exclusives lined up for this year and beyond, but until then... this fact remains.

Note that this article was posted in March of last year. Since then, Sony has released a few excellent exclusive games, like Bloodborne (my favorite PS4 game to date), Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, and Ratchet & Clank, but the difference in high-rated exclusive games between Wii U and PS4 is still pretty high even after those releases. Sony still have a bit of catching up to do when it comes to sheer numbers.

And let's not forget Nintendo also has the 3DS... their support for that handheld was ridiculous. Meanwhile, Sony pretty much abandoned the Vita completely after its first year.

Now I'm going to sit here and watch this post get disagreed to hell even though I just stated a fact and provided proof for it. Sigh.

PlayableGamez-522d ago

Abandoning a console doesn't grant you trust into their next. Why should we as a consumer buy into the Switch after a failure and nearly gameless generation that is the Wii U?
You have to also remember Nintendos policy aren't the best, their online infrastructure is crap, weak relations with 3rd party developers, droughts of games including 1st party and Indie Games. Restricting sharing game footage from content creators which would have been FREE advertisement for Nintendo. The Wii U did not offer anything outside of a few great games as a platform. Stop damage controlling for Nintendo. Yes they release good games on the Wii U. But they release good games on a garbage platform.
You Nintendo fanboys need to stop acting like Nintendo is this amazing company that is going to take the storm with the Switch after the disastrous console that is the Wii U. They have to prove themselves the next few years and they should NOT be trusted all of a sudden because of a new console.

deafdani522d ago

I agree with almost everything you just said, unnecessary accusations of fanboyism notwithstanding.

Nintendo has fucked up in a lot of areas regarding the Wii U (and other things), and I've called them out on these fuck-ups plenty of times on this site. That doesn't stop me from enjoying their games greatly, and they are still the main reason why I keep buying their consoles.

And this is why I will buy the Switch, regardless of whether it gets third party support or not; because I won't be able to play the next 3D Mario, the next Mario Kart, the next Smash Bros, the next Zelda, etc, anywhere else. Unless Nintendo becomes a third party publisher (if that ever happens), I'll keep buying their consoles because that's the only place where I can play their games.

Again: exactly the opposite of Microsoft. Which was the original point I made, and provided proof for that. :P

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Kribwalker523d ago

It's funny they forget that all the games they already released from the conference are also left from 2014 E3, and project spark had left beta, it was a full retail release. They say just Ori has released from what was shown (of his interest) but there were lots that have come out that others were interested in

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gamerswin24522d ago

Yeah tons of games /s fight the good fight Microsoft legionnaire the Green force is deeply embedded in you lol

PathanKiShan522d ago ShowReplies(5)
gamer1138522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

Because other stuff came out...

It's easy to cherry pick the games that didn't make it but let's not forget they still launched Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5, Halo Masterchief Collection (the mess it was at launch) Gears of War 4, Ori and the Blind Forest and likely Crackdown from that E3. Tomb Raider was at that E3 as well I think.

PlayableGamez-522d ago

Gears forza halo gearz forza halo lol..