Crackdown 3 Is "Coming Along Fine", There's Still Issues But Nothing Like Scalebound

According to insider shinobi602, Crackdown 3 is coming along fine. There still issues, but there's no risk of cancellation

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SirJoJo529d ago (Edited 528d ago )

I have a feeling this game is going blow peoples minds. Crackdown 1 will always be one of my all time favourite games... I just have to get that orb... I have to have it! I need to get faster and stronger, shoot better and jump higher, driver better and transform! Oh the addiction of orb collecting!

bouzebbal528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Scalebound was also nothing like Fable a year ago... I'm just saying.
Crackdown is obviously having development issues.. So we don't know if those hurdles will be avoided

SirJoJo528d ago

Huh why are you replying to me? Who are talking to? Literally nothing to do with my comment

memots528d ago

yeah but Scalebound didnt have the power of the cloud. Or the double stacked Gpu or extra kinect power. ...


morganfell528d ago

Crackdown 3 may turn out to be fantastic but if it was coming along fine it wouldn't have been delayed and ghosted through E3 last year.

pinkcrocodile75528d ago

Looks like the devs at platinum screwed the pooch big time. it's better for MS to halt production and possibly get another studio to rework the game internally for a few years time. Better than an itter debacle or even worse a further large scale delay.

As for crackdown, if the concept is taking longer to deploy then fair enough. We don't know the internal status of this game or the logistics of not only testing the game but also ensuring the infrastructure for the games cloud compute will not be a disaster at release. I suppose taking the time and making sure that the game is the dog bollocks along with an amazing cloud compute system that's robust at release is more important than a delay due to dev issues like they have had with platinum.

bouzebbal528d ago

"Looks like the devs at platinum screwed the pooch big time."

LOL wow!
since Platinum are the ones to blame, how about the other ones who saw their project getting canned? Is it also their fault? And why do these mistakes only happen with MS lately?

christocolus528d ago


Ignore those guys. Nothing they say or do can change your opinion and that's all that matters. I also enjoyed the first crackdown a lot and the guy behind that is the same guy behind this too. Have fun bro. Hopefully the game will end up great.

morganfell528d ago


Where there is smoke there is fire:

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Gr8saiyaman88528d ago

The fact that you have so many down votes is a testament to how plagued with Sony fanboys this place is. You got down voted for sharing your excitement about an upcoming game and love for a previous title. Sad.

81BX528d ago

Replace "Sad" with these 3 "N4G". Now do you get it? ;)

_-EDMIX-_528d ago

Or it could be that many people just don't believe Crackdown is going to be a great game.

So if I downvoted something like for Honor does that mean that I'm in Activision Fanboys hating on Ubisoft? At the end of the day Gamers generally could feel however they want to about games regardless of what platform they own they're still gamers.

Buddy I wasn't wowed by Knack or no just because I own a PlayStation 4...

The people are down voting may just not have faith in the title.

DarXyde528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

I think people disagree because....maybe they don't agree with the notion that Crackdown will blow minds? Just throwing out an interpretation here. You see it as "downvoting". Maybe it is. I see it as people just not agreeing with that statement.

People might disagree with me, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. It's an opinion. SirJoJo doesn't even appear to be taking it as a slight and they're the one who people apparently disagree with.

On topic, I'm sure Crackdown is still coming along. That is Microsoft's proof of concept for cloud computing. They simply cannot abandon that. Scalebound was certainly unexpected and should've been a boon for the Xbox One as a sort of Japanese developer gateway exclusive, but this is a first party title from a game that is demonstrating new technology. I think everyone can rest easy. It's definitely coming out. And if it's taking this long, I have a very hard time believing that the cloud technology would be inconsiderable. Whatever you saw with TitanFall was, in my opinion, nothing compared to what you will be seeing with Crackdown in terms of cloud computation.

One potential concern, though: Microsoft's cloud will likely deliver. Assuming that is the only reason why Crackdown hasn't released, how many games featuring the technology can expect?

SirJoJo528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

I'm beyond caring to be honest, I enjoy what I enjoy and if anyone takes issue or doesn't like that... Oh well, ain't my problem

thehitman1398528d ago

Just stop with that. Cuz when Xbox 360 was doing good sales n there was hate towards ps3 there was PLENTY of xboners talking crap on this site.

So just stop, it's rly............sad lol

gamer7804528d ago

I love my xbox, but I think people are disagreeing with the opinion that "this game is going to blow people's minds" I think its had some development issues and not so certain how well its going to turn out. I hope he's right, I hope it will be amazing, i'm just not seeing it yet.

Angeljuice528d ago

If people aren't excited and looking forward to the game, they have every right to disagree with the comment whether they be Sony fans or Xbox fans.

Is it sad that people don't agree with him?

game4funz528d ago

The fact that you have so many down votes is a testament to how plagued with Sony fanboys this place is. You got down voted for sharing your thoughts on why he was downvoted. Someone didn't like that.

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Anzil528d ago

Xbox is terrible but you are correct that game was awesome. Played the demo over and over. The disagrees are actually hilarious as I am usually one.

andrewsquall528d ago

Blow minds? Based on what? The original game that blew YOUR mind because you leveled up a character and had to collect stuff???
And its another sequel to your beloved Crackdown that isn't been made by the studio that developed the original. Maybe just calm yourself so you won't be disappointed but going by your excitement, if it has a day night cycle in it your life will be complete.

528d ago
SirJoJo528d ago

Have break... have a kitkat

Septic528d ago

Wow what a dickish attitude. The guy is excited for a game and you're pissing on his parade with a ratchet and clank pic as your profile pic like that game was mind blowing.

christocolus528d ago

Lol. Such a sad and pathetic comment. Anyways It's to be expected coming from you though.

Major_Glitch528d ago

LOL @ everyone above getting defensive. Don't worry about Crackdown, the cloudz will save it.

guyman528d ago

@septic tank

Ratchet and clank is Better than crackdown. No need to bring it in.

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InTheZoneAC528d ago

crackdown was always overrated. Fun for a bit, but no lasting appeal. To mention scalebound just tells me there's issues because obviously anything LIKE scalebound just means it'll get cancelled, but it's in a bad enough state to mention there's SERIOUS issues.

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rainslacker528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

If all that is the case, then why is the only selling point for it so far that it has fully destructible environments based on cloud computing?

Keep in mind, we've known about CD3 for longer than SB, yet we have actually seen less of the game than we have of SB. MS has been very careful to not show much of the game off.

Seems like a lot of faith is being put into a game that has barely even been shown. Most of that faith is based on MS promise of fully destructible environments, probably some need for cloud computing to be something substantial, and the nostalgic reminder that the first game was good, and the willful ignoring that the 2nd one wasn't that great.

Godmars290528d ago

This is Crackdown *3*. What about CD2?

And when all is said and done, isn't this game's big thing suppose to be enhanced particle physicals via the cloud?

SirJoJo528d ago

1, Crackdown 2 wasn't made by the same devs as 1
2. It was no where near as good as the first
3. For me the cloud stuff is just a bonus
4. Why do you care?

Fist4achin528d ago

I didn't downvote anything. I hope crackdown 3 is badass and I don't see this going away.

Just sit back and sip the haterade...

I support all the platforms and just love me some gaming. Even if a comment gets a ton of down votes, I view it as it was read, taken into account and then decided upon. I think that's a good thing and everyone is entitled to their own opinion until it differs from mine,... I kid!

Blade92528d ago

72 dislikes. Can't remember seeing that many. Maybe that should tell you something...

SirJoJo528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Yeh, that I disagree with 72 individuals but they are entitled to their opinion. if I don't care, why do you lol

Phunkydiabetic1528d ago

This game will be a letdown. It is inevitable. Xbox users have basically NOTHING to go on now except this game so it will be hyped from here to oblivion and will never live up to it's insane hype. Although I can't wait to see what the cloud does for the game (pfff hahahahaha).

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crazychris4124529d ago

I've been waiting 8 years for an open world game with physics based destruction. Don't Fuck it up, can only play so much Red Faction Guerilla before I get tired of it.

annoyedgamer528d ago

Red Faction was one of the first games I bought for the Xbox 360.

crazychris4124528d ago

Wish we could get a true sequel but THQ Nordic is just sitting on the franchise doing very little with it. They better announce something this year not just for Red Faction but all of the other franchises that are collecting dust like darksiders, destroy all humans, stuntman, and many more.

camel_toad528d ago

Yeh considering how great Guerilla's destruction was I just don't get how that kind of thing hasn't caught on after all of these years. Crackdown looks to be the only one that's going for it and the predetermined destruction in games like BF1 just doesn't even count as far as I'm concerned.

annoyedgamer528d ago

THQ no longer exists and Volition is now defunct. I forgot who now owns the rights to the franchise but I doubt it will be done justice.

crazychris4124528d ago

Nordic bought the rights and just changed their name to THQ Nordic and Volition is working on Agents of Mayhem.

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nitus10528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Red Faction was on the PS2, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and NGuage. Granted the sequels were on other consoles such as the Gamecube, XBox, PS3 and XBox360.

Even though the games had destructible environments none of those games relied on the Cloud.

The Cloud or as it was known in the 1980's Remote IT Services can be a very useful for many things and one of them is offloading calculations to powerful remote machines. Of course, you also have to consider the time take to send, process and receive the updated information with the Internet being the major bottleneck. If you have a good enough network connection then fine but if you don't have an internet or a poorly performing one then so-called cloud servers can be useless.

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Servbot41528d ago

I'll believe it when I see it. There's been more radio silence involving Crackdown 3. At least Scalebound had something to show.

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