Rumor: Crackdown 3 Might Have a New Title

Mere months before release, Crackdown 3 may now be titled Crackdown 3: New Providence.

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TheColbertinator14d ago

Halo 6 would be a great name for it.

S2Killinit13d ago

At this point they needed to change the name because of how badly it was received.

Mr Pumblechook13d ago

Microsoft is in a bit of a pickle. If non-gamers looking to buy a gift, or semi-gamers search the internet to find out about Crackdown 3 they will find many years worth of negative stories, so it makes sense to change the name to something that can't be connected to the bad press. A big shout out to @TheCobertinator who made a very good suggestion for a new name, however, I feel they would have more success with God of War 2 or Spider-Man 2.

Sadly they will probably opt for Agency Fighters.

mark_parch13d ago

I bit off topic but when you click on the link the picture for the game at the top looks amazing imo but I guarantee it doesn't look that good

rainslacker13d ago


If people still go looking, then likely they'd just search Crackdown 3 without the subtitle, so I'm sure all the negative stuff will still come up. Maybe not if they use Bing, but on any other search engine.

But CD3 isn't coming out until after the holidays, so likely this won't be so much of a gift game. More one of those games people might pick up because they finished up the games they got for the holiday. Come Febuary, people may still be on that Game Pass add on sale that people brought for those they gave it to, assuming they got a 3 month or 12 month sub at the store. Which isn't a bad thing to add for someone getting a new system to be honest, as it does give a nice selection of games from the start.

Chris_GTR113d ago

so does anyone know if it still has all the badass building destruction? its pretty much the one reason why i wanted to play it. loved red faction guerilla.

andibandit13d ago


When I click the link the only picture I see is of some sort of menu.

Are you saying the menu wont look this good?.

mark_parch12d ago

Sorry, click on alternative sources at the top of this page. that shows the picture I'm referring to

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mark_parch13d ago

to be fair changing the name is a good idea, kinda like a fresh start to help us forget about the absolutely terrible marketing the game had at last years gamescom. I really hope this game turns out fun

LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago

This comment gave me a good laugh

thexmanone13d ago

Wow, Did mommy help you think that up?

deafdani13d ago

@thexmanone: nope, he used the power of the cloud to come up with that one.

Why o why13d ago

You forgot 'infinite' deafdani

rainslacker13d ago

I dunno if I'd want Halo's name to be sullied by CD.

SixFragz13d ago

I was gonna make a similar comment, but I must warn you, Christopher might come around and suspend your account like he did to mine for 2 weeks.

Make these types of comments with caution, especially when it's about the Xbone.

spicelicka13d ago

Imagine it coming with a Halo 6 beta, now that would be a throwback!

TheColbertinator13d ago

Good idea. Just like the first one. Only reason I got Crackdown to be honest

Clark8813d ago

I'm done with Microsoft exclusives

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Team_Litt14d ago

They might be splitting the campaign and multiplayer up while they polish the latter.

mark_parch13d ago

I doubt it. people seem to think it's the multiplayer that caused all the problems but in 2016 there was supposed to be a multiplayer beta and Shannon loftis said they cancelled it because although the multiplayer was finished they needed more time to polish the campaign. Now there's a very good chance that was just PR spin

rainslacker13d ago MP beta because the SP campaign wasn't finished?

Also thought this games SP campaign wasn't so much a campaign, but more like just running around collecting orbs and stuff.

RosweeSon13d ago

PR spin from Microsoft now I am Shocked!? ;)

mark_parch13d ago


Her exact words were they didn't want to have the beta to far away from the release of the game and because there was still loads of work to do on the single player they cancelled the beta

Strange_Evil13d ago

Haven't they been polishing it for the last 5 years? If it needs more time then might as well just cancel the multiplayer and release the campaign for 30 bucks and call it a day.

At this point, it is turning out to be an endless money pit with nothing substantial to show.

DJStotty12d ago

or just release the game when it is ready and not rush it out flawed like most other developers

Strange_Evil12d ago

@DJStotty... Normally I would agree but if you can't get something even half decent ready in 5-6 years time then it is just a money pit. The more time you spend on it the more money it takes. If a year will make the game go from its current state (which isn't exciting at all) to a AAA title then yeah go ahead delay it. But at this point I have 0 confidence of it turning even as a decent AA title let alone a system seller.

In such a case, you just need to go in and launch whatever you have and start working on the next thing.

Apocalypse Shadow14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

1.Cloud down! Gee!

2.Direct to "Direct To Game Pass 3"(sod,sot and now cd3)- you know those direct releases would never sell well normally

3."Terry Cruise's Lowered Expectations" (snl)

4. Canceled Title 3 (scalebound, fable, and....) both canceled after Christmas

5."68%" it would fit right between sod and sot

Kribwalker14d ago

Direct to gamepass

Like FH4??

Apocalypse Shadow14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

it's a joke. jokes actually. something sorely needed on n4g.

slate9113d ago

Actually there is a slight difference with trolling vs joking.

UltraNova13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


Of course there is a difference, just like a snowflake has from a bigger....snowflake.


Apocalypse, too soon?

xRacer74x13d ago

Days Gone. its titled after its delays

ninsigma13d ago

Ha xRacer wins. I liked that one xD

andibandit13d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow
Here's how jokes usually go down on N4G, based on who is the target of the joke.

Targetting Sony:
massive diasgrees.
A unilateral deduction that you only own a Xbox1 and live in moms basement.
After every PS4 exclusive has been listed someone will argue that Knack is an amazing game.

Targetting Microft:
massive agrees.
Nobody gets the joke, but thinks you are serious and decides to further explain why microsoft fails.

Targetting Nintendo:
(I dont have enough words to describe this scenario.)

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x_xavier_x13d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

If you feel that it's necessary to explain your "jokes"...then guess what?

They ain't funny.

x_xavier_x13d ago

@ S2Killinit

That's no surprise.

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Well its funny what can i do? Dont take things too seriously we’re only here for a short period of time, cant be too serious all the time.

rainslacker13d ago

Or some people take things too seriously. Nothing wrong with some harmless poking, so long as its not actually done to be mean. I do it sometimes, and I know some people don't see it as funny....but if you can make one person laugh....then isn't that all that really matters. :)

x_xavier_x13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@ S2Killinit
@ rainslacker

I don't take this all. These are games we're talking about here. They're supposed to be a fun distraction from the mundane.

If the original "jokes" were amusing I would have laughed and perhaps made a comment expressing my support. But Apocalypse Shadow's remarks were more smug and disparaging than funny, especially considering his comment history.

Apocalypse, next time be more funny...or less cynical...or both. Yeah both!

Apocalypse Shadow13d ago

Would it have been more funny if I poked fun at the competitions games? Would you have laughed then?

I personally liked the snl one. But if the opportunity comes up, I'll toss you a couple. N4g needs to lighten up. I can now see everyone is just too wound up.

Yeah ultra. Too soon.

x_xavier_x13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow

Please don't turn this into some kind of childish fanboy war. My response has nothing to do with any allegiance toward a specific company. I don't have any bias toward one platform over another, nor will I ever profess faith to a corporation.

No one is "wound Up" over your remarks, brother. You're not relevant enough to influence anyone's disposition. I guess I'm the kind of person that doesn't always find it amusing when someone makes light of the creative endeavors and hard work of others, particularly when the person "poking fun" has absolutely nothing to do with the enterprise.

Plus, you're just not funny.

Apocalypse Shadow13d ago

Don't worry Xavier, your spring will wind down eventually.....eventually.

x_xavier_x12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@ Apocalypse Shadow

Oh look, a gif. Those are always amusing and never tedious and uninspired. /s

I'm sensing a pattern here...

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King_Noctis13d ago

No wonder why this site is so toxic.

mark_parch13d ago

this is the first time ever a game has got a reboot before it's even released lol. but that's basically whats happening

giovanealex13d ago

Yeah, you ADD a subtitle and take a number and it's a reboot. Lol.

Logics: none.

rainslacker13d ago

Is it a remaster before it's actually released though?

KwietStorm13d ago

You must have never played Resident Evil 1, 2, or 4. Or Final Fantasy XV. Or Rime. Or The Last Guardian. Or other games that aren't currently being made fun of.

NeoGamer23213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Duke Nukem Forever?

Last Guardian?


Godmars29013d ago

It would be a reboot for the series.

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