Crackdown 3 Appears To Be Another Game That Has Its Visuals Downgraded

Crackdown 3 is an upcoming open world third-person shooter from Microsoft. It was one of the first games to be announced for the console but the first revealed gameplay for Crackdown 3 now shows a clear downgrade compared to the current version.

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chrisx13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

ya think? its obviously been downgraded since it's announcement with the power of the clouds slogan. that's where "crackdowngrade" came from.

abstractel12d ago

It's been in development for ages, it obviously has had problems during development which could be from a multitude of reasons. But there's no denying this game is downright ugly. It's hard for me to even imagine how this game could come out in this day and age. There's no developer I've worked with, or talked with, that would accept this. Don't mean to be mean, I just don't get it. It's not even the technical side, the textures, lighting and modeling is so poor. Don't know what artists would even produce assets like these.

I wanted this to be good.

shaggy230312d ago

It's easy, the original was a cell shaded third person shooter that had a distinctive look. All they've done is upgrade what they have done before.

It's cell shaded, you can't really make a real looker of a game using cell shaded graphics.

It is an improvement over the original, not a massive improvement, but I guess they have targeted 60fps over pretty graphics.

Personally as long as the game is fun I'll be happy.

Potnoodle99912d ago

Just wow.... do you really have such low expectations of a game that has been in development so long? Maybe it’s because of gamepass... as regardless of whether it’s good, everyone has it anyway. Sounds like a shit gaming environment to me, I’ll gladly pay £50 for my games if the quality is there. Currently playing resi remake (not £50 but close) and it is insanely good, next up KH 3. Can’t imagine there is anyone who would actually be anticipating C3 enough they would actually pay £50 for it, but they won’t have to will they! 😂

The Wood12d ago

The Power of the Cloud. . . . . .

WilliamSheridan12d ago


Why would hoping a game is fun be considered low expectations? Let's see if the game is good, then you can talk trash AFTER you play it.

ZeroX987612d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Cell shaded games can be improved, proof is all the games that Cyber Connect 2 made during the last 10-15 years. They were able to bring the "Anime" style to their cell shaded games and it looks amazing, so Crackdown 3 has no excuse on this side, they could've done better.

darthv7212d ago

so what are we comparing it to? If you say pre-alpha then sure it looks like a downgrade. Who really thinks pre-alpha stuff is going to be the end all be all finished product? Sometimes the finished product looks better and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends on what kind of performance hit is involved with everything else you dont see.

Personally I like comparing games to previous releases in a series or those in a similar genre. In this case the game looks much better than the first two and if the destruction is as fun to make happen as it looks then to me it's going to be a blast. I love this kind of fun environmental mayhem.

AngelicIceDiamond12d ago

Yeah its a shame. The games been past down twice. Which is the visuals have changed for the worse. They been focusing too much on the cloud tech. I feel this game was a catch 22. The cloud is real but everything else gets overshadowed. Or work on everything else but dump the cloud tech. Either way this game was backed into a corner.

Tech512d ago

they don't talk about the characters getting face lifts though.

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GTgamer12d ago

I can't believe people tried to destroy spiderman for a goddamn puddle but are cool with this smfh.

12d ago
GTgamer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@49miner sureeeeee it's not the same people Smfh and your Account was created 25 days tbh your probably one of them :)

10d ago
Gamingsince198112d ago

Some people seem to think it was downgraded to help performance .......but wasn't that the whole point in using "cloud power" , to increase performance without the console doing most of the work ?

gameslayer241112d ago

How has no one pointed out the lack of a shadow on the MC?

343_Guilty_Spark11d ago

Cloud stuff wasn’t there to improve graphic it was for mass environmental destruction.You sound ignorant and seem to be motivated to be inflammatory.

You need to cool it now like New Edition.

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Kribwalker13d ago

From pre-alpha footage to the latest footage there’s definitely a downgrade. From what we saw in 2017 to now is upgraded, but the early stuff is definitely not the same now. I’ll give it a go still, but definitely disappointed comparing the footage between them both. The final story footage doesn’t look like a 360 game like some folks try to say, but it’s not as good as their target renders

Jin_Sakai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This will be another mediocre Xbox exclusive to add to the list.

This is what you call a massive downgrade.

MasterCornholio12d ago

That's way worse than a few missing puddles in my opinion.

Xexal12d ago

They need to do a Nintendo, scrap it and start again.

The_Sage12d ago

Wow. Doesn't even look like the same game.

trooper_12d ago

This game looks so bad, looool.

Gamist2dot012d ago

Damn, the final release looks like a demo you would pitch before the game gets the green light for production.

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

Those CD3 gifs are very interesting.. I'm pretty sure I have seen recent footage that has character shadows and such.

DaDrunkenJester12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

To add to my previous comment:

Edit: This footage from December 20th in IGN clearly shows character shadows:

And so does the footage here from IGN from just 4 days ago...

I think there is something seriously fishy with the footage in those gifs...

Potnoodle99912d ago

Wow haha

Can’t believe they made another bust 😂

Araragifeels 12d ago

Sumo digital studio are horrible game dev. There is a reason why LBP3 was not a great game, Dead Island 2 is on hietus and new Sonic Racing was delay. Xbox should have gave the game to a better studio.

OffRoadKing12d ago

G.E.F.G.P. Good enough for game pass.

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Lore12d ago

From what I saw whenever the player drives a car it looks as if it’s sliding on wet pavement. For a game that took this long to develop it doesn’t look like the physics are that of a 2019 title.

SpaceRanger12d ago

In all honesty, I always felt like it was more of an art style change not a downgrade. It definitely has more of an arcade like game feel to it, and I think we’re all aware that many developers change artstyling to achieve better performance.

This is one of those games I’d say. An example of a downgrade is something like the first Divison where there was no art style change. Just simply a downgrade of the game overall in features and other visual components.

xX-oldboy-Xx12d ago

No mate - this is night and day, they also went with one of the least taxing art styles possible.

It's just not good, no matter how you slice it.

5+ years in development remember. Don't forget SoT, SOD2 and now this - might be time for ms to throw in the towel.

shaggy230312d ago


Why throw in the towel?

Every time I see people on here discussing games and graphics people always say gameplay trump graphics.

For me as long as the game is fun I don't mind. Does the game look as impressive as what was shown all those years ago? No, but loads of games have done the same, shown of fancy footage and then they've had to downgrade for whatever reason.

Also, why sentence the game to death before it's been reviewed? How about you wait and see how it is, or even try it on Games Pass.

AmUnRa12d ago

"it was more of an art style change not a downgrade.."

O boy, i dont know what to say.. O wait i got it, its not a "art style change"., it is a 100% downgrade, do not care your spinning the reality.

xX-oldboy-Xx12d ago

Shaggy2303 - but it doesn't look fun either, even people that have played are underwhelmed. I'd be jumping off the xbox ship and just let it sink.

frostypants12d ago

You clearly haven't compared the early demos of the multiplayer to the new. It looks like a shadow of itself. It used to be that the graphics were bleh but the destruction seemed cool. Now the destruction looks way downgraded and the graphics went from bleh to barf.

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mark_parch12d ago

not sure what's going on with the shadows. I've seen some footage where the characters don't have shadows and other with shadows. maybe it's pc footage with the shadows turned off.
This footage has shadows

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

The no shadows thing was a glitch. The game clearly has character and item shadows. It takes 2 seconds to look up other outlets gameplay footage to see this was just a glitch and it's sad that people are running with this.

NarutoFox12d ago

Not looking good for the green team

rainslacker12d ago

So it's an upgrade of the original worse downgrade

gameslayer241112d ago

My Biggest issue is the lack of a shadow on the main character, that bothers me more than any style change or downgrade.

Morgue12d ago

If N4G was still based on the bubble system you would've lost them all by now saying nonsense like this.

Kribwalker12d ago

what nonsense?

the new footage looks better than the first real gameplay footage we saw here. It doesn’t look as good as the original Target renders at all (pre alpha footage that originally was shown) but it looks better than this link i gave you does it not?

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ArchangelMike13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's not just a downgrade, it's a testament to MS's inability to harness their own tech to achieve their stated aims and goals with the Cloud this gen. It was an ambitious pipe dream, and props to them for trying. It is likely that the cost of adding cloud servers became prohibitive as the in-game destruction progresses across the millions of games being hosted at the same time. They said they had to spin up 14 additional servers within minutes of just one match starting, just to keep up with the destruction; not to mention the tens of thousands of matches, everyday, month after month when the game launches. No wonder they had to downsize the vision of the project. Anyway next-gen is right around the corner, I hope we'll see that original vision for Crackdown 3 come to reality some day soon.

@0:38 - The vision for the ultimate sandbox
@1:36 - 100% destructible environments
@1:42 - Connecting to MS Cloud played with 20x the computational power of Xbox One (not just 12x)


Daz12d ago

Yeah this is true. It's not a downgrade. Just to ambitious tech demo. If no one see that video I think we would have a different reaction today
Or released earlier.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod12d ago

It's still a downgrade..stop trying to sell something that ultimately won;t look or be like what you show at all. Companies need to get more flak for this.

Thundercat7712d ago

Wow what a spin. So this is how we are going to call this now?

For even less than this, people were ready to call downgrade on Spiderman.

SmielmaN12d ago

This game has been the flag bearer for Xbone since t was announced. We have heard for years that this game was going to show the true power of MS Cloud tech.

This game is supposed to be incredible. I will reserve judgement until it’s released but I can say I’m very interested in seeing what MS can do with all this time and it’s Cloud tech.

They’ve sold millions of Xbones on this Cloud premise and the day will come when they show all those consumers that their trust was well worth the wait..... maybe.

sinspirit12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Me 5 years ago - " if it only took about 15 to render this. 300,000(total numbers of servers) divided by 15 is 20,000. You really think an actual game will use this technology if only around 20,000 upon millions of users could take advantage of it? And lets not forget that thousands and thousands of servers are dedicated to PC use, businesses, Microsofts own business and products, video game servers, their marketplace, etcetera, then there is even less servers to use for this in the actual world."

I was very close to that 14 number lol. I basically gave an example of how 15 servers per match/game would be too much to meet the demand of millions of potential buyers of the game. Since the servers were low and mid-tier clusters from 2012, they are seriously not designed for heavy workloads like a video game. And, as you said. Not only does the destruction keep ramping up and up to require more and more, but it needs to be quick and snappy to accommodate it. They've added more servers and 14 servers per match is still too much lol..

In the same demonstration I commented about. They compared a high end gaming PC which should have been able to handle something like that. But, they clearly hadn't optimized physics to run on a GPU which held it back.. Which is misleading when they're trying to compare what a local machine can do when they gave their servers two handicaps. 1. Having it pre-staged. 2. Gimping the total capability of a local machine which does have the hardware designed for those workloads but they chose not to take advantage of it to compare one CPU to dozens upon dozens of their servers cpu's which they have not disclosed.

ArchangelMike12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

At this point I think there are really only two conclusions that can be reached, either Microsoft is just playing a smoke and mirrors game to sell units, or else they actually underestimated their capacity and capability, or are just not that good at harnessing the tech for gameplay purposes.

Cloud tech is brilliant for crunching raw data, like for research, or stock markets, weather patterns, even A.I. computations etc. But when it comes to gaming - especially multiplayer games then I don't know. I believe the results would be very different if they had only implemented the cloud destruction in the single player game - without the need for the extra multiplayer load. They would have had so much more bandwidth to play with.

XiNatsuDragnel13d ago

Too good to be true nuff said

NXFather12d ago

Uh Oh, There goes gravity. Snapback to reality. Plowwp, its over now.

TK-5513d ago

It's a common thing this gen. Learnt early on to expect downgrades from the trailers even for the PC release. Dev's are just too afraid to push visuals like Crysis and Metro 2033 did.

BehindTheRows12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It has absolutely nothing to do with 'fear' and each case is different. For starters, involving consoles means they have to dial back on many things (notice very few in-house games from each console manufacturer saw any "downgrades"). Crysis and Metro were pushed as hard as they were because they were very few sacrifices that needed to be made.

For Crackdown, the biggest issue was that it promised too much (and too early).

TK-5512d ago

"Crysis and Metro were pushed as hard as they were because they were very few sacrifices that needed to be made."

Such as?

BehindTheRows12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@TK-55: Why hold back the visuals for the sake of the console version? Simple. Money. They make more money on the lower-end console versions. Why push the PC as hard as possible with those things in mind? The return won't be the same. I get the sentiment you're after, I'd also prefer harder pushed effects/visuals etc..., but that's just not reality anymore.

So, you ultimately answered your own question when you mentioned Crysis and Metro 2033 (though 2033 released on Xbox, it was a port).

xX-oldboy-Xx12d ago

HZD, GOW, U4, U:TLL, Spider-Man and soon to be GoT, TLOU2 all look amazing. Pushing visuals to their limit on closed hardware. Just call a spade a spade and call ms out on their inferior (sometimes abysmal) game creation skills.

No wonder their all about services the last 2 years.

Doesn't something smell off at xbox?

JesusBuiltmyHotrod12d ago

It always has? They have never been about the art of games at all...and it shows.

shaggy230312d ago

Surprisingly no, I've been enjoying loads of games on my Xbox One X.

Ive also enjoyed loads of games on my PS4 as well.

TK-5512d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Are those games on PC? Not exactly able to push that far visually if they're not and that's not me saying they look bad but that they could go much further if they were on PC. Looks to me like you just wanted to turn this into a fanboy war.

Take a look at The Witcher 3 trailers and then look at the final product. We see what the PC can do so why remove those optional settings? Why make it so your games aren't able to push future hardware to their limit like Crysis and Metro 2033?

Picture_Dancer12d ago

Yeah, but crackdown looked avarage, there was nothing to downgrade, but still they did it. Game from looking like pastgen now is looking like ugly pasgen title

BehindTheRows12d ago

I explained them. Neither game was held back by console hardware. Every game has sacrifices, of course, but PC exclusives have less.

TK-5512d ago

Didn't make myself clear. What are the sacrifices that need to be made today when the industry is bigger than ever? Watch Dogs was Ubisofts biggest new IP, The Witcher 3 was CDPR's best selling game so why hold back visual settings for the sake of the console version?

If anything it was even riskier back then because the PC market certainly wasn't as big and sales expectations for the two examples I gave you were far lower and yet they pushed further.

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