Crackdown 3 To Have Revolutionary Multiplayer With 100% Destruction Thanks To Cloud Tech

Cloud tech strikes back thanks to Crackdown 3, the Xbox One exclusive demonstrated today at Gamescom 2015.

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kaiserfranz841d ago

Animations can definitely be improved, but I love physics so can't wait for it!

Hope it'll be more fun than GTA Online.

Abash841d ago

Definitely the best game MS showed at the conference, will be getting Crackdown 3

Septic841d ago

Man those physics are mad. Looks like the power of the cloud wasn't some mythical creature afterall :D

VERY excited for this

PockyKing841d ago

Those animations are pretty inline with what the original was like. Somehow adds to the style of the game I guess. But yea, still have plenty of time to update some stuff.

donthate841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

It is obvious cloud computation is possible and there are some technical issues that can be overcome.

I'm glad somebody is pushing the right way to use cloud in gaming.

Really looking forward to this and justice at any cost!

AngelicIceDiamond841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Looks like the cloud power is coming as promised with the start of Crackdown. I guess you gotta make a game that would be based around tech, where it makes sense.

And Crackdown is the perfect candidate for it.

I also wanna add the presentation was EXACTLY how I imagined the destruction in Crackdown. Running out of exploding building and stuff just getting demolished.

Glad Crackdown lived up to the tech demo from last year.

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ABizzel1840d ago

It seems like a fun game and more in line with the first (which was good). It looks a ways off (maybe holiday 2016), as for the destruction it's cool to see buildings being blown up, but it seems like a open world Boom Blox shooter using the power of the XBO.

I see the 20x power of the cloud is back. Well it good for physics and destruction simulation.

A good showing for Crackdown.

miyamoto840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Not too rain on tge parade.
Didn't Uncharted 2 benefited from the power of the cloud back in 2009 in terms of graphics and on the fly game adjustments and improvements.

But did Sony broadcast it like MS does now?


And that is for good reason.

I think this cloud help thing further sends a message that the Xbox One hardware itself is not sufficient and have to rely so much on the " must be always connected online" debacle that severely damaged its reputation at the reveal?

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whothedog840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

wait, what did the cloud help with that the system couldn't already handle? Red Faction, same destruction, last gen.

Looks like a typical game to me, I thought the purpose of the cloud was so it could free up the system to handle more as in better graphics ect.

and I am not knocking this game at all. Just knocking the cloud a bit for this scenario , but not much either! its nice to see new tech for video games.

Septic840d ago


Lmao what?! Uncharted 2 used cloud for on the fly graphical and other adjustments??

I don't even...

shloobmm3840d ago (Edited 840d ago )


Not even remotely close to the same thing. RF had bobo physics that clipped thru itself and then 99% of it fell through the ground into oblivion. There was no substance to it. In this you can go to a brick wall and shoot a bunch of holes and carve out of it.

JorboTron840d ago

As far as animations go it will get better. They showed pre alpha footage

ChronoJoe840d ago

I think it's really odd that a lot of people here appear suddenly convinced in the 'power of the cloud'.

If the cloud was doing all of the work, why do you think the games textures are low resolution? lighting looks pretty poor too, and the city itself is very barren in this demo.

This thing uses server side physics calculations (it's nothing new, in fact it's what a lot of MMOs use, but not to any great effect) but crucially it's not a a miracle worker, and has its own set of limitations.

a) it means physics simulation is constrained by netcode. While everything in this video seems to respond instantaneously to impact etc, expect latency to be a factor when the client has to feedback between a server before an objects physical response (destruction) is visualized on your client in a real network.

b) Surely it means that this experience is always online? That's always a shame to see.

c) the whole '20 times the power of the X1' line is mostly nonsense. In terms of its capacity for dynamic physics calculation perhaps this is the case, but suggesting it enhances it by 20 times infers a broad performance enhancement. In contrast, everything shown here has to be rendered and lit in real time, on the client (XBOX1) and the cloud doesn't provide any enhancements to that, hence the flat textures, last-gen lighting and rather derelict city.

Obviously it does have its advantages too, these above are limitations, the sheer quantity of physics calculations that can be made at any one instance is the merit. However we will have to see how that pans out outside of an artificial network.

inveni0840d ago

Would be more impressive with higher fidelity graphics. Will have to wait for post-alpha footage.

GameNameFame840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Youtubed Red Faction. As video shows, yea. It is pretty similar, but in current gen. Instead of it being last gen.

Forza and Titanfall used power of cloud. Except those things are completely doable without cloud too.


Exactly...Cloud literally brings nothing new to the table from technical limitation point.

AI from Cloud? Check. Already done. MMOs all have server ran AI.

Customized Map from Cloud? Check. Bloodborne does server made custom maps.

It still is very limited server tech we know of. Cloud can only do exactly the same as good old server. Not better, just same.

ShinMaster840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Seems like they definitely sacrificed animations for better physics (and then called it CloudTech™ ).

Major_Glitch840d ago

Teh cloud power? Again?! But people aren't crazy enough to fall for the same bs buzz words are they? *reads above comments*....oh lord. Smh.

OT: This is a pre-alpha demo. Nothing more. Nothing less. And while it does indeed look excellent, I wouldn't be so quick to make this demo the poster-boy for "cloud tech".

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joab777841d ago

Never thought this may be the game I buy an xbone for, but it might. There's no other mp out there like this, an open world fully destructible mp...what?!!

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grumpygamr840d ago

It looks pretty dang purty and pretty dang fun.

GameNameFame840d ago

Red faction was like that last gen. Everything fully destructible.

Crackdown has bigger scale for being on this gen, but graphic suffers quite a bit.

showtimefolks841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

I am a Playstation fan but have played the last 2 crackdown games. first one had potential nit basically sold because of halo 3 beta and 2nd one was just average at best

I always felt like this was a ip Microsoft should push hard and give it the proper AAA treatment. I am very excited aND even though I really don't have the time, I will get an Xbox one to play this for sure

Phil spencer is delivering right in front of our eyes. he is a gamer who owns all consoles and is doing the right thing. it shows if you actually put gamers at running a gaming console than good things will come out of it

and these praises are all coming from a die hard Playstation gamer.

is this destruction available offline during single player?

TheCommentator840d ago

Sadly, the presentation seemed to suggest the destruction is for multiplayer only. I'd think it would be hard to deliver 20 consoles worth of extra power to every single Crackdown owner playing SP at this point.

showtimefolks840d ago

that's the sad thing man now a days everything so so eager to be online yet there are millions of us single player gamers

also its frustrating to come out of a conference and have more questions than answers. and that goes for everyone not just ms

for once it would be nice if we get all the major questions answered. if crackdown 3 destruction is online only than I am really disappointed

KiwiViper85840d ago

Why would you want to be offline?

BoriboyShoGUN840d ago

"20 consoles of extra power"???? What??? I feel for you if you really believe this statement.

n4rc840d ago

And you don't think azure has just a wee bit more then 20 x1s? They could offer 2million times the power

Computational power... Stop getting so weighed down by this console war crap.. Doesn't mean GPU or resolution or anything else..

BoriboyShoGUN839d ago

All these games that barely function that have been released this gen. I'm just amazed that people really believe they are going to see some monster improvement. So your connection is going to do chat, multiplayer, and 20 times "computation power" or whatever in the hell that means. Common sense tells you that's a stretch at best!
I'll just leave it at good luck!

n4rc839d ago

umm.. yes.. thats exactly it

you seem to confuse computing power with internet bandwidth. they have nothing to do with each other

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Brotard841d ago

Now I want to be blown away by battlefield 6.... or Bad Company 3!!!!! Supposedly out next year according to EA's earning reports

franwex841d ago

YES!! I was thinking the same :D

frostypants841d ago

Hope put the weapon models back to where they were prior to BF4. BF4 has never quite felt like a BF game to me.

showtimefolks840d ago

oh please be bad company 3 and be more like the original bad company store wise. the story was quite funny

FlexLuger840d ago

"Now I want to be blown away by battlefield 6.... or Bad Company 3!!!!! Supposedly out next year according to EA's earning reports"

Would be nice if they used azure for the PC and xbox versions. Dedicated servers and cloud powered destruction would be cool. and after seeing what I seen with crackdown and a whole city getting leveled, I think a smaller BF sized map as opposed to a huge open world would be easy to pull off. Goes without saying that DICE will be using DX12, I think.

_-EDMIX-_840d ago

You mean BF5....?

But I'm very excited for a BF reveal next year!

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franwex841d ago

I agree; I really enjoyed the first Crackdown! Microsoft is pulling all the stop and finally bringing out their franchises full force. It's more of the same; but better...kinda like Nintendo recently...hmm...

TheXgamerLive841d ago

Looks insane AGREED:)

I'm feeling a whole new/different kind of excitement. Damn, thank's MS and Xbox One as the cloud is hella sweet.

Crackdown 3!!!!!

Black0ut840d ago

OMFG this is so awesome. LOVED Crackdown 1 & 2! Epic!!!

jc12840d ago

holy chit! Now that is next-generation gaming!

SuperStatePro840d ago

Impossible. Trolls said cloud tech was a lie!

warczar840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Call me when this is real world and not an exercise.

bigc072004840d ago

Never got into the other ones. This may be the one to get me interested!

DiRtY840d ago

I liked Crackdown, never played Crackdown 2... And never really planned to buy Crackdown 3, maybe when I find it cheap.

But after Gamescom, I can't wait for it.

callahan09840d ago

As an online experience, it looks pretty badass and I'm excited to try it even though I almost never play games online. This one might change my mind on online experiences! Just in case, though, I do hope it has a good offline/single-player mode. Can the cloud computations for destructibility still work in single-player (connected to Xbox Live still, but playing the solo mode)?

TAURUS-555840d ago

it couldve been better on the PS4

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TheGreatGamer841d ago

20x more computing power with the cloud. Insane!

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Antwan3k841d ago

@Godmars290 - "Still have yet to see it working in the wild. What the game will be like when internet isn't accessible"

Hopefully, Microsoft makes the obvious decision to make the game "online only".. Last time I checked, Destiny is doing just fine..

Volkama841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Hopefully indeed. But the fact that they say "revolutionary multiplayer" and not "revolutionary destruction" or "gameplay" or something cover-all suggests to me that it only applies to multiplayer. That could imply that single player will cater for the offline crowd, and be far less cool for it.

I hope I'm wrong about that, but we'll see.

UnHoly_One841d ago

Yes I'm sure it is just for the multiplayer or they would have said otherwise.

The thing that most people fail to think of, is that if it was for the single player as well, the whole city would be leveled to the ground before you made it halfway through the story. lol

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FlexLuger841d ago

"20x more computing power with the cloud. Insane!"

Yup..the hype is REAL :). I think this puts an end to those 'powah of teh cloud' jibes. Even I was in the "wait and see " camp. But in all honesty I am glad that they have finally shown what they promised..and will deliver on that promise in 2016.

What does this mean for future XB1 games? How far will they push all of this? MS are the company with the resources and tech to take it there, thats for sure.

"I would gladly take a game that can't be played offline, if that means a 100% destructable city."

Speaking as somebody that plays quite a few MOBA, MMOS and MP FPS and racers, I agree with this statement, Volkhama. Some games are SP experiences some are meant to push boundries in online gameplay. crackdown is clearly the latter, now.

bigc072004840d ago

This is directed to trolls...

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Frisky841d ago

Beautiful! I started expected a lot from Microsoft after their E3 conference. Their Gamescom briefing is just as good.

pelenow841d ago

Wow looks better than I was expecting and it's still over a year away... Damn wish it 2016 already LOL

FlexLuger841d ago

We got a lot of goodies to pass the time :). my download of rare replay is almost complete, gears of war:UE, later this month. Halo:MCC, titanfall,KI, elite, Ori, Smite and neverwinter are eating up my gaming time with a side serving of BF4. And we still got FM6, Halo 5 and TR incoming. so much to pass the time till QB, scalebound, crackdown, recore, gears 4, halo wars 2 and sea of theives show up.And we still have to make time for cuphead, project solus, ION, Below, inside and ashen amongst others.

and I dont know about you guys but im looking forward to teaming up with and kicking the asses of PC gamers on gigantic, and halo wars 2. What we cross play on neverwinter too. and an ODST spin off with cross play between PC and xbox gamers. And make it more tactical like a ghost recon game.

But I must say...this xbox, is the best xbox so far. god only knows what they are gonna come with at next E3. in a year when many of these titles will launch.

isa_scout841d ago

Don't you wish away the launch of Halo In all seriousness though this game and so many others makes me salivate just thinking of 2016. And bringing back Halo Wars... Good job MS. I WENT COMPLETELY INSANE when that trailer said Creative Assembly. Owning both consoles is going to put me broke come 2016. I may need to rob a bank or find a loan shark that won't make me sleep with the fish....

Kingdomcome247840d ago

Yeah, with the games that are set to release over the next year and a half on both consoles, it all but guarantees that I won't be able to put my future children through college lol.

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