With Under Two Weeks To Release, Xbox One's Crackdown 3 Still Looks Abysmal

Forbes: “I have not seen a single second of Crackdown 3 footage in the last few years that has looked good, and recent videos are somehow looking even worse as more about the game is revealed.”

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14d ago
The Wood14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Remember that cloud talk you asked for a link for. . Well someone obliged if you check.

This game has been heavily downgraded and from what I was reading less than 6 months ago downgrades to the levels of puddles was a BIG BIG thing. . . It was debunked eventually but others have questioned. . . Where's the outcry from the 'save our puddles' crew. I mean this game may turn out to be super fun just like Spiderman would have been even if the puddles weren't there but for the fans to sit there and totally ignore the fact the whole power of the cloud was just spoke being blown up their ends is an apex level of double standards. It speaks volumes as to why ms doesn't feel the need to do more. We're at the point where game pass pacifies sub par titles. Xbox guys on n4g display higher scrutiny of Sony and ps4 than they do of their preferred brand. You reap what you sow gamer.

OffRoadKing13d ago

"Xbox guys on n4g display higher scrutiny of Sony and ps4 than they do of their preferred brand."

Absolutely nailed it.

gamingunited13d ago

Remember that puddle in Spider-Man?

Eonjay13d ago

It's about gamepads. They advertise it more than the game. It's really obvious to see what they are doing here. And as stated you here Microsoft's team claiming to not fare if the game is shit because it's a part of their subscription. It would seem that gamepads has negatively affected the quality of their content for some time now.

Kribwalker13d ago

“It would seem that gamepads has negatively affected the quality of their content for some time now.”

So the highest rated exclusive racer of the generation, the most recent first party game released day and date is bad quality?

Razzer13d ago

"It's about gamepads."

Are you talking about Game Pass?

The Wood13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Krib. . . .dude. . That's one game/franchise/genre Bruv. . We're five years in and I've even heard die hards say they'll grab it on game pass because they're not sure how the game will turn out plus it's zero risk compared to buying it outright day 1 so it'll look like the games doing well if most people try it (which they should) but the truth is its looking like another mediocre but 'fun' title.

Seems eonjay had an auto correct issue with game pass to game pad. I also had one with spoke which should of been smoke.. Lol

darthv7213d ago

I can honestly say that I have not been following this games development. After watching some of the more recent vids and comparing it to previous entries of 1 & 2... I feel it is looking really good and the fun factor of running through the city and laying waste to practically anything is going to be the highlight for me.

i really enjoyed the first game and the second was a tad meh but still fun so this one already looks like it will be better than that. Maybe even better than the first.

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@Wood Right so what do you call sony fanboys coming into every single CD3 article mud slinging and trolling it to death for the past 5 years? Im being serious what do you call that? Lol that last part is hilarious because you're spreading totally made up lies. Show me recent links where Xbox guys are scrutinizing of PS4. Because you must of slipped and nursing a concussion with that crazy delusional statement.

Links please.

The Wood13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Angelic. .

Please show me the lies. . Are you saying puddlegate wasn't a thing or that no Xbox fans were scrutinizing every Sony 'issue' from bc to cross play. Never saw you as the blinded type despite your preference. Just scroll thorough my recent comments and you'll see I've defended Microsoft and called out hypocrisy from both Sony and Microsoft fans. But all you see is something you don't like then call me out. You should of done a little more homework mate. I have my preference but I'm not blind to the hypocrisy of any of the players or their fans

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

Puddlegate is a terrible example. You act like xbox fan boys were posting that. If you look in th comment section here about the puddle almost everyone was defending it. Rightfully so its a stupid thing to get mad about. Point being Xbox fans werent scrutinizing PS in that comment section. You manage to find one instance in the entire generation where Xbox fanboys in the comment section. Understand it wasn't them most journalists were getting on Sony about that.

Dont change the subject answer my questions from my original post. Do research, dig give me something.

L7CHAPEL13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

That's all you want to do,
and all you can do.
is harp on the cloud technology that's still in its beginning, even a couple of years later.

that's what it takes to innovate and do something different, and because it's not yours (or this idiots )standard of expectation, somehow it's a failure,
and 90% of the scrutiny again coming from people that just want to bash Xbox and Microsoft for everything they do.

if it comes out with good reviews you'll just sit and claim that they were bought.
some of us didn't say a damn thing about the "puddles in Spider-Man" because we don't give a shit about Spider-Man or PS4 in general to tell you the honest-to-god truth.

it's a great console.
I don't care for its strengths and I don't like its weaknesses.

you guys have your own philosophy of your own beliefs, and your own style of gaming, which is:
you like lots and lots and lots and lots of titles that are one and done things.
I still think there's five or six games a year that have any interest whatsoever, other than that, tons and tons of your precious exclusives are jrpgs and crap games I don't care about, they're nothing but padding and filler, I "should want more /I should scrutinize more?"
I should jump up and down and hope that everything happens in a snap of the fingers, and demand that the competition do what my preferred console does, claim that I'm getting it, and then do nothing but deride the competition for not giving me what I want, like an idiot.

Xbox is hurting gaming?

I remember when Sony claimed social gaming is not a pertinent factor, or demand from Japanese gamers... just prior to them being crushed by the Wii, and Xbox live forcing them into a live connected community philosophy.
Revisionist history is a wonderful thing with you guys.
"Videos of it I've seen are downgraded"
blah blah blah blah...
doesn't mean the game's been downgraded, I've seen plenty of sites where it's running great and they do nothing but talk about how good it looks.
plenty of footage of it on IGN and Gamespot where it looks great.

when the game releases that's when you'll find out.

I imagine it will run the gamut of reviews, but those of us that want to play it, and I've been waiting for it for a long time,
are going to be quite happy,
Xbox is doing more, and they're going to do even more, still...
but I've been down this road with the explanation so many times, that you don't want to hear to begin with.

you just want to extol your own self righteous horseshit.
That's all you want to hear.
all you want to say.
and the only "point" you ever had to begin with.

So go play your exclusives.
my point is just because they're different, and have taken different directions, doesn't make yours better.
and I don't give a shit if 500 million people buy it, all the things you constantly deride Xbox for, they are doing.
they just haven't been able to change things at the snap of the finger, (which is actually what you want it)
But hey, it gives you more and more time to just sit and sprout more of your crap.

The Wood13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

So wait. . Flame bait articles aren't usually written by n4g fanboys. . . They just populate them with their false concern to straight up trolling comments and quips .

'You manage to find one instance in the entire generation where Xbox fanboys in the comment section.'

Bro. . I also mentioned bc and cross play. . . You need to stop with the tunnel vision. Nowhere did I suggest all commenters are doing a fanboy madness just that there were comments by guys in this very thread that frequented a few of the puddle articles. I used that one to make a point about that vs this blatant bait and switch MS pulled. . Crackdown has been downgraded. You shouldn't be pissed people are calling them out about it.

'Wood Right so what do you call sony fanboys coming into every single CD3 article mud slinging and trolling it to death for the past 5 years? Im being serious what do you call that?'
This is more than just one thing depending on your sensitivity levels. It varies from blatant trolling to criticism. I'll defend what I can but the connotations with crackdown and the power of the cloud can't be separated as it was the champion for the tech. It was scrutinised and guess what. . The doubters were closer to being right than the defenders were. The downgrade is apparent. Did I call out fanboys on this topic. . Nah. . I had my own doubts and MS has had a habit of falsifying and hyping its fans. (Man behind the curtain anyone)

I'll leave these articles with you. . Understand that this one game stood for more than just itself. It's been 5 year of fluff and you shouldn't feel like you have to focus on the extremist when there are perfectly respectful criticisms of the whole cloud spectacle.

Watch "17 Minutes of Explosive Crackdown 3 Gameplay - Gamescom 2015" on YouTube

These are the reasons the doubters are closer to the truth. People have been misled for 5 years and now your upset to the point you're trying to steer the conversation away from not only my comment but the article itself.

Oh yeah. . Where did I lie again. . . . ?

rainslacker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

CD3 doesn't have puddles, so why would they get upset about them being downgraded?

That should be a lessen to all devs. Don't put puddles in your game. Use Styrofoam block building and lego destruction physics instead. It's harder to notice when they've been downgraded, so people don't notice. Thousands of small shards of glass all bouncing off of randomly amorphous yet defined bricks and mortar, of varying size and weight, look almost exactly the same as big chunks of squarish building parts look almost exactly the same.

IRetrouk13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@ angleic, are you for real?? There were xbox fans posting fake spiderman pictures with fake twitter accounts on those spiderman articles, the dude got called out and deleted the account, he's actually commented up there⬆️ a bit, others were even using pics with low resolution to try and prove a downgrade, even after the devs told everyone nothing had been changed only improved, all you have to do is use the n4g search bar and look through the articles, plenty of xbox fans claiming spiderman was downgraded, also go look at horizon zero dawn, gow, uncharted 4 etc, all with plenty of downplaying from xbox fans in the articles...

The Wood13d ago

' he's actually commented up there⬆️, all you have to do is use the n4g search bar and look through the articles, plenty of xbox fans claiming spiderman was downgraded, also go look at horizon zero dawn, gow, uncharted 4 etc, all with plenty of downplaying from xbox fans in the articles... '

Spot on and I know who you're speaking of too ;)

IRetrouk13d ago

It's honestly crazy the amount of spin we have seen in the last two or 3 weeks with this game🤣 I'm starting to think we have our very own n4g Mandela effect going on here🤣🤣

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CyberSentinel13d ago

In all fairness, I don’t think it looks that bad.
I don’t care about “the cloud” stuff.
My only concern is the length of game.
The first game was short, and I expect this one will be also. (Campaign) I will pick it up when it goes on sale.

trooper_13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yes it does.

Game looks absolutely terrible. It sure as heck isn't convincing me to buy an XB1.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod13d ago

It certainly does not look good from a Console pub , but it's MS standards be low.

SlagWolf13d ago

Looks like it was made for the Xbox 360

ArchangelMike13d ago

Unfortunately it does look abysmal, and that's without comparing it to the Gamescom2015 footage. Do yourself a favour and just don't compare that gamescom2015 footage with what's been shown now as the final product. Trust me, just don't do it - becasue it will shatter the very delicate illustion that you're holding onto for Crackdown 3.

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TK-5514d ago

The multiplayer looks abysmal. The SP looks fine.

shaggy230313d ago

Never been a huge fan of multiplayer games, mostly because I'm terrible at them and prefer co-op games these days. The co-op in this looks like it could be a great laugh, looking forward to it.

gamingunited13d ago

Funny, because while i wouldn't buy the game regardless of console. I feel like the single player is by far the worst aspect. It's like a dollar store version of Saints Row.

At least the multiplayer has destruction, even though it's totally downgraded from earlier demonstrations and is less impressive than games that came out almost 15 years ago.

conanlifts13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It looks worse than I was expecting. Mostly because I cant believe there are no consequences from teh destruction. If you drop parts of a building on someone it doesnt damage them. If a bridge is destroyed and you fall nothing else happens. That is terrible design.

I will still try it as I have gamepass, but seriously it looks bad.

PhoenixUp14d ago

It’d be awkward for Microsoft to release another dud of a game so soon in the year again, especially coming right after Forza Horizon 4

Looks like you gotta wait a long time once again for quality Xbox exclusive content, even longer if you’re not interested in racers

Valkron113d ago

Are you saying Horizon 4 is a dud?

PhoenixUp13d ago

Quite the opposite

I’m saying that after the exceptionally received FH4 that it’d be a shame to go back to another underwhelming quality exclusive that Xbox One has to deal with like it did most of last year before FH4 released.

Oathbreaker13d ago

is it really that bad? It looks like the regular Crackdown to me

FallenAngel198413d ago

After all this time in development and just producing “regular Crackdown” isn’t going to cut it for the author and for whatever hype this game had built up

Oathbreaker13d ago

" 'regular Crackdown' isn’t going to cut it for the author "
That's the author's problem to deal with.

Whose fault is it for having such high expectations for a franchise like Crackdown considering the series' track record?

frostypants13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@Oathbreaker: "Whose fault is it for having such high expectations for a franchise like Crackdown considering the series' track record?"

Uh...Microsoft's, for telling us years ago that this game would be a major innovative leap. Pretending that it's just another Crackdown game and MS didn't hype the hell out of it is insanely delusional. I think you know it, too.

L7CHAPEL13d ago

The only "hype" is built by you Sony Fanboys, that want to sit there and talk negatively about it and blow every statement, every claim out of proportion.
the excitement for the cloud was for the cloud itself, and it's the first game they were really trying to implement something new and different for it.
but you're going to look at it and judge it the way you want to judge it, that's half of your gaming experience, bashing the competition...

IRetrouk13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

What a load of crap Chapel, ms and the ms fans hyped up both the cloud and this very game, at one point it was gonna shift the tides, or have the ms fans forgot that one too? Did the xbox one ever get the 5xs the power with the cloud? What about this game? 4 payer, now 2, whole city of destruction now arenas, loads of hype now none. there are loads and loads of articles from announcement right up to now, all you have to do is go read some of them to see just how overblown their promises were compared with what they have shown... The spin this game has got in the last couple weeks is crazy🤣

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Kribwalker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

exactly. It’s the Cel Shaded Crackdown look that is known for the series. I dont understand the hate on the artistic design decision here.

It was a artistic design decision to stay with the looks of a crackdown game. which it is

It’s like saying, “The last guardian was in development for 8years and this is all they could get it to look like

thats terrible “

well no it’s not. It’s the art style of the game, just like crackdowns art style

Razzer13d ago

The article isn't talking about the artistic design at all.

"....latest bit of eye-poppingly bad gameplay "

NarutoFox13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The Last Guardian is a better game than Crackdown 3 overall 😁

Dark_Knightmare213d ago

The two games graphic styles aren’t even comparable lol trico looks better than anything crackdown 3 has shown

gamingunited13d ago

No one is hating on it for being cel shaded. It's because the single player looks like uninspired repetitive crap and the multiplayer has what is easily the most downgraded anything released this generation.

BehindTheRows13d ago

Of course you’d attack a PlayStation game.

OT: I’m just realizing this was written by Forbes.

kltpzyxm13d ago

The Last Guardian looks a lot better than Crackdown 3 though and that game is almost 3 years old.

trooper_13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

What does 'Last Guardian' have to do with it? That game proved it had solid gameplay. Crackdown 3 looks god-awful.

Nyxus13d ago

You don't actually think The Last Guardian looks like that screen, do you?

Razzer13d ago

Seriously. Where did you find that horrible screenshot of The Last Guardian?

Atticus_finch13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The last guardian runs at 1800p how did you manage to find such crappy image, And it still looks better than CD3
The borderlands remaster looks better than this game. It's nothing against cell-shaded, it's all about that initial footage, promises and Da cloud.

L7CHAPEL13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's just them deriding it as much as they can,
because they have something they feel they can:
and that's an exclusive being released by Microsoft.
if it wasn't the cloud technology, the development time, the art style, it would be something else.
if it averages 7.5 across-the-board after release they'll claim something else...
just so obvious, it's not even funny what's hilarious is one of their preferred journalists does it, and that really gives them all the ammunition they want, and if any journalist or website says anything positive about it though,
they're paid or bias, or there a crap website to begin with..
with it's just the same thing again and again and again.

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trooper_13d ago

@Oarhbreaker: You're not being serious, right? Because this game was hyped as the second coming because of the so-called 'Cloud'.

Atticus_finch13d ago

So you're going to pretend this game wasn't hyped and toauted by Ms and green boys.
You can keep your head in the sand the rest of us don't have to.

rainslacker13d ago

I dont think it looks terrible. The cloud destruction is disappointing, but the graphics are passable. Game play I'm on the fence about, but after rdr2 auto lock aiming being boring real quick, it kind of makes me skeptical if this will be better because if it.

Graphics are nothing to write home about, and come across as bland in some areas, but it may not matter when actually playing...kind if how in racing games you don't notice the things they didn't spend many resources on.

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