The Ugly Truth Behind Crackdown 3 Being "Ugly"

One of Microsoft’s upcoming games Crackdown 3 is beginning to attract a lot of hate. Set to release November 7th along side the Xbox One X, Crackdown 3 is supposed to bring the BOOM. Instead it’s being met with push back from different corners of the gaming industry.

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CyberSentinel316d ago

Game looks good to me, but first I got to get me an Xbox One X. Still waiting on the preorders to go live....


I'm sure it will look good on the Xbox One X. They still got time to add textures. I doubt it's going to look as good as God of War though. But I'm sure the Xbox Fanboys have nothing to worry about. And bottom line is long as it's a fun game Graphics are always secondary

Goldby315d ago

I doesn't matter if it looks good on the one x.

What about the 30+ million Xbox one users who may not be picking up the one x?

letsa_go315d ago

If graphics are always secondary, what is the point of picking up "the beast"?

UnHoly_One315d ago

Letsa_go, you're being ignorant.

"Secondary" does not mean "meaningless"

Who are you, Ricky Bobby? "If you're not first, you're last"

MegamanXXX315d ago

I didn't know Microsoft sold 30 million Xbox ones

Goldby315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


I'm not trolling

i meant more that people shouldn't just be expecting the One X to be the good looking console version.

That they should be focusing on getting as much out of the One and One S and then amplify that for the One X.

my opinion, is its a cell shaded and looks fine. doesn't look very fun but i lost interest in these sorts of games after Second Son.

darthv72315d ago

It looks like a crackdown game only better. Anyone whos played the original can see that.

I liked how the original played more so than it looked. That is the selling point for me is how much fun it is to actually play.

krypt1983315d ago

@letsa go uhh faster load times, gamestreaming/dvr at 60fps 4k, that's a start i could go on ...

porkChop315d ago

What the hell does God of War have to do with anything? The games aren't even remotely similar. One is open world with destructible environments. The other is an action adventure that is not open world.

sonarus315d ago

Graphics are great and all and if you can afford the Xbox one x that's great. It's your perogative to satisfy all your wants if you are able. For most people though a hard choice is necessary like for instance "do I buy PlayStation pro when I already have PlayStation 4 or do I use that money to maybe buy wife a gift or maybe take Mom for real nice dinner for Mother's Day etc.

PS4 pro and Xbox one are great but I personally can't justify the purchase if all I am getting in return is slightly improved graphics. Not improved game just graphics. I mean it's cool to have but I think I can get by without it.

letsa_go315d ago

Oh damn, *triggered* because I pointed out the contradiction in your comment. lol Now I am a troll. That's cute. I'm sure I will eventually get this game when it hits ~$10 on pc and play it in Ultra HD 4k with my GTX 1080. No need for an Xbox One X for me!

letsa_go314d ago

Am I big man, or little troll? Once again, contradictions! You need to make up your mind, man!

letsa_go314d ago

@krypt1983 4k assets or faster loading pick! You can't have both. I will admit that it is cool that you can stream 4k/60fps but you'd need a super beefy upload speed to be able to do that! Most people just don't have that capability yet. Game capture at 4k/60 is nice though.

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sd11315d ago

It is a shame MS are not updating us with regards to the FCC process and when preorders might go live. I am keen to get my store credit transferred across so need it to go live soon. I read something that led me to believe it could be nearing certification in the next 1-2 weeks. But then it depends how soon after this MS open up preorders. They hinted at some sort of plans, so maybe they will wait until gamescom to announce trade in offers and bundles.

FameEnt2k314d ago

Same here. Game does not look bad

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slavish0315d ago

Wait i thought it isnt about the graphics games only matter?

Gunstar75315d ago

That switches depending on the narrative of the day 😂

315d ago
dcbronco315d ago

Opinions do switch daily. Like behold the power of PS3 to the power of X doesn't matter. What about exclusives. Remember when the 50% more compute engines mattered on the base current generation consoles. Now it doesn't mean a thing when Microsoft has the most power.

If what you think changes on a whim you aren't actually thinking.

Uken12315d ago

Well for being an Xbox One X mainline launch title and also taking forever to come out. Yes graphics do matter in this narrative. When MS is talking about all the power of the One X and crackdown looks meh? It doesn't even have the excuse of actually being a launch game. It's still a part of the Xbox One family.

Basically it is "We have been waiting this long to see what games it will bring and this is what we get?"

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ocelot07315d ago

Never actually seen any gameplay to Crackdown 3 until today as I wanted to see why people where crapping on it. I don't think the game looks ugly at all. Looks clean and the cartoon style graphics is how it's always been. Really enjoyed Crackdown 1 but hated Crackdown 2. After watching a video of Crackdown 3 I can't say am impressed by it. It looks generic (gameplay wise) and saw little to no destruction at all (thought this had amazing destruction?).

I won't be getting this on release. However, It is something I do want to check out eventually so once it's on sale for PC ill grab it.

WeAreLegion315d ago

We all love the cel-shading. Nobody has a problem with the art style. It's the graphics. They look awful.

sd11315d ago

The last few videos I have seen seem to have poor compression. So it could clean up and look a little nicer. Of course this will not alter the blandness of the city. For me it looks very generic and repetitive. From what I have seen it looks like they have recycled the same assets throughout the game. Time will tell though.

rainslacker315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I don't have a problem with the cell shading, either in this game, or in pricipal, and in fact I really love the style. But the cell shading style in this game is rather generic and to me looks kind of flat compared to other games which use the style.

UnHoly_One315d ago

Destruction is only in multiplayer.

315d ago
shiva1315d ago


You are soo excited and really cant wait to see this game flop? Or are you waiting for something you are interested in?

315d ago
vega275315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

@ lake

So when MS proves you wrong. What will ypu do then? Hide under the bridge you came out of or make up something else?

315d ago
vega275315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

@ lake

MS has already proved the power of the cloud.

Even then sonyfanboys made excuse. So what will be the excuse this time when they show it live? Again

You publicly embarrass me. Sure kid. Now go play outside. Ok

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