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Been playing zillions of games while PSN is down. The only thing I'm missing is my regular infusion of MAG (and SOCOM 4, which I hardly even got started with).

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You guys remember Dragon's Lair? Man, you did all kinds of great stuff in that game. Mostly, though, you just pushed the stick in the right direction, at the right time.

I wonder how many people will note the analogy I just put out there.

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LoL. These guys gave MLB 2K11 a 80/100, and MLB 11: The Show, a 70/100.

They marked it down because the reviewer had audio troubles. You'd think he would step out of his bubble and realize it was *his setup* and not the game -- meaning his PS3, audio system, or disc was busted. There's nothing wrong with the audio at all.

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...the PSP Go is made in China, folks. Then it ships to regions where its been ordered, via ordering mechanisms set up by regional Sony divisions.

It never rolled off a North American assembly line.. ever. I'm sure the reps stated that shipments have stopped in some regions... but that doesn't mean production has stopped.

Why are there so many issues with reporting the facts, these days? Do journalists not go to school any more? They honestly don&...

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I'm surprised at how many people don't use the fast turning button (L2) when they use the sharpshooter. I have it down probably 50% of the time or more.

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Um, with that statement, I think they just asked the FBI to go looking for them.

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The co-op in this game is the best I have seen this gen. If you haven't tried it.. seriously, give it a go. Crank the difficulty up, add lots of baddies, and do yourself and buddies a huge favor -- bring some smoke grenades. You're gonna need them.

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Wow I totally disagree. I have also played through every PS2 and PSP SOCOM. I'm not going to suggest that its in the same ballpark as games like UC, or even CoD, but claiming old SOCOMs campaigns were better is just plain.. wrong.

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I play MAG real late, in the US. No probs here.

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Good games take 3-4 years to develop. They don't get announced until they are well over half done.

Graphical comparisons with the Wii 2 will of course favor the Wii 2, but only slightly, and people will realize that, being 6 years newer than its nearest competition, its going to look better. However, the comparisons will be close enough, such that they may do nothing more than convince people that they don't need a Wii 2 at all, and they should just wait until 2014 ...

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The Wii Wii will do just fine.

The jump from 480i SD, to 720p HD widescreen, was much greater than the gap from 720p to 1080p that the true "next gen" consoles will harness.

If the Wii Wii simply jumps Nintendo into the current gen, they'll be exactly where they want to be.

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You forgot to add:


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How about they just add all the S1 & S2 maps to S4, and make a couple changes to classic mode?

Do we really need a whole new game?

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That iWaggle3D guy has an insane K/D with the Move, so I think its fair to say its a worthwhile control setup, if you want to put down the DualShock3 for a bit and try it. Sounds like the reviewer was dead-set against using it, since its (strangely, IMO) the first thing he rants about, in his review.

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I remember when Wii zealots insisted that this game's predecessor looked as good, or better, than existing 360 and PS3 games, and that it would sell more than Halo 3, due to the Wii's hardware sales success.

I'm not seeing how this game gets the same rating as SOCOM 4, considering the relatively weak MP, unless you don't consider anything but Wii titles, and the score is relative to them only.

They should have given it more cool motion control...

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Yeah, you guys are probably correct, in that this is likely console footage, relative to the definitely PC BF3 and Unreal footage we've been seeing.

Calling it a "generational leap" is too much, though.

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Rage looks good, but... the love is a little over the top. It doesn't compare to what we've seen of BF3 and the next gen Unreal tech. It's a far cry from "nearly next gen", although certainly some aspects of the game are cool, from a tech perspective.

I personally find the character models kinda weak -- the modelling is good, but the character textures have baked in shadows, as opposed to real-time self-shadowing? I can't call that impressive, sin...

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All Legend of Heroes games are great. Best JRPG series in a long while, if you like the character development aspect of JRPGs.

Combat is kinda vanilla for much of the series (its improved in this one, though), but the character development and storytelling is phenominal and totally makes up for the average combat element. The artwork and voice acting is great too. These games are the golden era of console RPGs, brought to the modern day. You will *not* be disappointed if ...

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Ghost Recon... sucks? You can't seriously believe some dudes with personal cloaking devices make for a SOCOM replacement. Old GRAW was kinda like SOCOM, but the new one is totally different.

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@ Marquis_de_Sade,

If you think pistols defined SOCOM, and lean and peeking out from cover aren't practically the same thing, you are no SOCOM vet, sir.

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