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The Cell is a great CPU design, but its never going to replace mega-parallel GPU cores, when it comes to embarrassingly parallel tasks like rendering. I have no idea why Sony ever thought that was a good idea.

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"It will need to have the Cell processor again or a new better derivative, there's no way anything out in the next5-10 years could fully emulate that thing."

Finally someone who understands. I actually think 5-10 years, with a non-Cell design, is a pretty aggressive estimate though.

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@Jack-H: I have no idea what you're talking about.

I was referring to the *fact* that emulating a PS3 is basically impossible on any CPU architecture in existence, or that will be in existence in the foreseeable future. The one, and ONLY thing that could bring BC with the PS3 to the PS4 would be another, more advanced, Cell, or the Cell itself, integrated into the PS4.

Emulating any sort of parallel architecture is nearly impossible on anything but a mor...

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You sir, know very little about emulation.

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I haven't heard any complain about Cafe going "too far". More like "not far enough", which is identical to the complaints with the Wii.

At least Nintendo is releasing the Cafe alongside consoles it can compete with, this time around.

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This system will have a better processor, better GPU, better screen than anything on the market, as well as better gaming controls. It'll probably have a streamlined OS as well, and its apps will be written in real languages like C/C++, rather than Java, which is the equivalent of programming molasses. It will destroy every other gaming handheld in existance. Having more RAM, as well, would border on ludicrous, unless the price is more than that of the typical smartphone (> $500). ...

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Sony made some $430 million profit with the PS3/PSP/PS2 this year folks. Its the rest of Sony (electronics) that's losing money.

The royalties from the Blu-Ray discs PS3 games are printed on, and royalties for the Blu-Ray drives manufactured for the PS3 are even reported in a different division, so the amount of revenue actually generated by the PS3 is even higher than it looks, at first glance.

Remember to read before posting, or... well you're gonn...

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NWN was great, but they definately won't do it for $15, on a limited distribution service like XBLA or PSN, that's for certain.

NWN took some 4 years to develop, and being a PC-only engine, a HD port wouldn't be so easy as it is for older console games (which already meet rigid console architectural requirements).

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Like EVERY CoD game ever made then?

So what?

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Interestingly low score.

As a long-time D&D player, I understand the issue with not having character customization... that is practically the heart of pen & paper D&D, after all. Still, 60/100 seems mighty low given that it still seems like a mighty good game. It is a XBLA/PSN title, after all. Other D&D titles of the past have done similar, and they were still great games (D&D Heroes and Demon Stone are two that come to mind)

You can&#...

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While I agree with the score, I have to say that the co-op mode with friends is, by far, the best mode. The SP and competitive MP are good, but the co-op is downright fantastic when the enemy count is "high", and enemy AI is set to "hard", with a group of friends.

The terrain is the same every time you play (there are 6 fairly big/long co-op maps, with 2 "mission" types each) -- but the enemy placement, and the objective placement, is randomized...

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Awesome. So getting this. I've been waiting for a good D&D game for a while now.

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Lol. BS. Are those people going to re-purchase all the games they play online as well?

Over 9% of PS3 owners probably already owned a 360 and previously subscribed to XBL Gold.

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It is not even close to the same business model.

You know that car dealers make most of their money from servicing cars, and selling parts, right? Your selling it benefits them, and in a big way.

Not everybody uses aftermarket parts, used parts, or goes to the local repair shop.. and frankly, some parts just plain can't be obtained as aftermarket -- many of the electronic components in modern vehicles are a good example.

Can you imagine ...

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Game devs complain about used game sales for a simple reason: no other used industry sees the outrageous profit margins on used stock purchases vs used sales.

Because games are so high priced, relative to books, or even movies, the appeal of used sales (over new) is extremely high -- much higher than the two other media industries I mentioned.

Movies have the benefit of having box office sales -- a time where "used" copies of a movie are just plain...

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NGP will have Skype, or a similar VoIP service, if its 3G, and it may be possible to get broadband WWW/mail service with it as well. IMO its the mobile phone space that should be worried, since it will kick the tail of every phone in existence now, and likely when its released, as a gaming platform.

I'm seriously considering dumping my cell, if I can get 3G internet service on my NGP. If I can keep Skype sleeping, and it wakes up upon receiving a call... well then I jus...

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Rikan, wow. The comments you're making are pretty uninformed. Its like everything you know about CPUs you gathered from perusing tech blogs on the internet, and then you filled in the gaps with your own imagination.

You should stop while you still have 2 bubs.

The Cell was not outdated by other CPUs until about 2009, and those CPUs had 3x the transistor count... A Cell with 3 PPU cores (i.e. the X360 CPU), and 24 SPUs would demolish any modern CPU core...

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To have more than 64 players, the game design needs to accommodate large groups of players, and needs to help coordinate them as a team. MAG was designed around the idea of large scale battles, and effective command structures, so 256 is okay. BF3 is clearly designed around mid-sized, loosely organized skirmishes, so having 256 players in BF3 is messy.

It has nothing to do with what the engine can and cannot do, and is entirely dependent upon the way they've designed th...

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I'm surprised that a MLAA port would be so speedy -- presumably, to be so fast, its on the GPU, and not the Xenon. And doesn't it also require a 2nd framebuffer? Are you sure this was 720p MLAA, and not 600p?

I suppose the GPU might be idle for many games, for the beginning of the CPU game frame, and thus some time for MLAA might be available?

That's pretty exciting if its true.

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It's excellent. Best Move shooter so far. IMO, its better than the DS3 in single player. In multiplayer, you need to practice alot with it, and the DS3 will probably always be better in close quarters, where the Move shines at medium to long range.

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