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The 10MB eDRAM can't hold that large of an image at once without doing tiled (i.e. slow) rendering, for the same reason it can't hold a 2X MSAA buffer at 720p. The reason Black Ops works so well in 3D, on the 360, is due to the fact that it's rendering a smaller image that will fit in eDRAM (600p, I think?).

Couple that with the fact that televisions won't respond to any sort of "custom" HDMI signal, and the 360 uses HDMI 1.2 hardware. No firmware ...

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$60 + 10% sales tax == $66
$66 / 0.75 for ~25% combined federal+state income tax = $88
$66 / 0.8 for ~20% combined federal+state income tax = $82.50

Since VAT is basically sales + income tax, it's really about the same, although it varies depending on which US state you live in, of course -- some of them have no income tax, and some others have no sales tax. One has neither, to my recollection (New Hampshire? I forget)

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Not touching MW3 until its proven good. Pre-ordering it is foolhardy, given the shakeup at IW.

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All of the free games are published by Sony, for what I would think would be an obvious reason.

In this article's list, are at least 2 games that are NOT published by Sony. Thus, article is an instant fail, IMO -- the author doesn't understand the huge financial difference between Sony handing out free products, and Sony paying other publishers money so that users can have free products.

The difference is in Sony losing a few 10s of millions of poten...

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So.. now XBL will have my PayPal password too, and anyone cracking it will have direct access to any credit cards or bank accounts I have tied to it? thanks. I'll stick with the credit-card method. At least I know CC companies are hardcore about protection, and there are laws against illegally using CCs. Someone grabs your PayPal password, and abuses your PayPal? Probably the fault is all on you for letting your password suck or be stolen.

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The 3-year warrenty doesn't apply to X360-S consoles -- they only get 1 year.

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This article is BS. Firmware doesn't make chips run hotter.

Sounds like waiting for a patch or two, to buy LA Noire, might be a good idea, though.

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I own over 100 PS3 games (about 115, actually). <-- You read that right.

I own all 4 of the free titles, and I'm not bitching. 60 free days of PSN+ is golden, and I'm more than happy with it. Where's the "biggest supporters are upset" argument now? Trolls are upset, is more like it.

I would love it if they added MAG to the list, but not because I don't own it -- its because I want the player counts to skyrocket so I have more ...

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Dangit. Now I'm gonna have to upgrade my gaming PC. I was hoping to get by with a slightly-better-than-PS3 machine for a couple more years!

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How do we even know this is a BioWare employee, and not just some guy who claims he is one?

I call poser. Dude would get a serious talking to if he actually worked at a game dev, and he wouldn't do it again.

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This reminds me to mention that Folklore is one of the best JRPGs I have ever played. If you like JRPGs at all, don't miss it.

It's... different from your typical RPG, but very appealing to every JRPG fan I know. It really breaks the mold, which is pretty contrary to the blog author's statements. Sadly, it is in the minority, in this regard.

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Woot. $199.99 is cheap for an Android phone this nice, even with a 2-year contract.

Pre-loaded with a LOT of games. That's kinda unexpected.

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Same here. Some of the best co-op I've played in a long, long time.

Hoping for more co-op maps as DLC!

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I have to wonder if making a portable Wii wouldn't be easier, with regards to power requirements, housing space, etc. Or.. is this a highly modified Wii, rather than a modded GC?

Seems like the actual GC hardware would be hard to stuff into such a small unit with a screen, controls, etc. Although I suppose it has an external power supply? I forget if the GC did.

Pretty impressive stuff.

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Agreed, the market has not grown enough to justify another dev cost hike.

Games on new consoles would have a tough time distinguishing themselves from current gen titles, other than by framerate and resolution, and thus people will have much less reason to upgrade.

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Pretty funny, all the disagrees this guy's comment gets.

The irony.

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When I stated that the Cafe would be cheaper than the competition, I meant cheaper than the next gen. It will likely cost $300-$350 when it releases in 2012.

By the time the competition ships, however, it'll definitely be the cheapest option alongside the PS4 and XBox 720 (or whatever). It will also have a decent install base (like the 360 did near the end of 2006), and have the advantage of having lots of pre-made game engines right from the get-go -- an advantage whic...

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A magician named "Starhawk", maybe?

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You have to consider the financial benefits of making a cross-platform game.

The Wii 2 will not likely see much better content (meaning everything, including textures, models, lighting, etc.) because that would elevate the cost of doing cross platform games on it to an unacceptable level, until its in enough households to justify the expense... which it probably won't be until the next gen gets going.

Most likely, all we'll see from the Wii 2 is multi...

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The Wii 2 will likely be the preferred system to own multiplats on, for the rest of this gen... kinda putting the 360 out of a job, its mostly being free of the "burden" of exclusives, and all.

However, if the controller is some unwieldy beast, or Nintendo's online matchmaking is horrible, all bets are off. There's a fair chance either, or both, of those things could be an issue.

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