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This is getting to be a trend -- if a shooter game doesn't define generic, or isn't a game-movie (CoD), then it gets called generic, and gets a low score.

Brink's score (and SOCOM 4, and many other recent shooters) is basically a result of the proliferation of shooters these days. I'd like to see a reviewer design a game that would qualify as "original" enough to get a good score by their own system -- it can't be done. Gaming (review) is no lo...

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"I can understand why Sony and MS want exclusives but why would the game developers want to restrict themselves to just one platform?"

Sometimes Sony or MS will help a publisher pay the development costs of a title, in return for exclusivity (eg: MGS4 or the GTA4 expansions).

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to spend the extra 5-10% on a port to the other hardware.. e.g. The Japanese market has very few X360s relative to PS3s, and many Japanese g...

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So.. some MS fans want hardware manufacturers to not be able to make games for their own platform?

I think Nintendo and Sony might have a problem with that. That's kinda... the point of making exclusives -- to make your console stand out. It's not a "dated concept" -- its business, pure and simple. Frankly, its something MS should be doing more of, not the other way around.

The article author is horribly uninformed, with regards to how th...

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Wow lame. So long, Skype on the PSP and Android.

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StarHawk probably won't be out for over a year (if it even exists, which, admittedly, it seems like it does). It hasn't even been announced.

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Sounds like the reviewer didn't bother learning to use the SharpShooter's turn mode button, like several other reviewers. It's great -- once you realize that the button exists, via reading the manual, or looking at the controls screen.

Also, how do you post a review of a SOCOM game without playing online? That said... man do I need a SOCOM fix.

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StarCraft MMO.

Who else would blend sci-fi MMO and FPS gameplay? I realize that StarCraft "belongs" to Blizzard, but... Blizzard belongs to Activision. It would take a great studio like Bungie, to convince Blizzard to let another studio do a StarCraft MMO.

I stand by my hypothesis.

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I do know my facts. The SP campaign basically consists of botmatches that can transform into MP at any time -- or at least that's how the devs make it sound in all the interviews. I wouldn't qualify it as a replacement for a real story driven campaign, and neither will a lot of people.

It basically has no campaign, any more than any MP game with bots has had for the past decade. Bots do not make a story. It has a *backstory*, which is far from being an actual plot...

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Looks a bit better (graphically) than MAG.. except the animations, that is... and the environments are more constrained, which is good and bad. I have high hopes that the gameplay will be decent, but MAG will be tough to beat as (my personal) top choice for MP shooters this gen.

We'll see in not too long. I'm a little upset that there hasn't been an open beta. I'm a little wary of its quality, given that, and the fact that its MP-only. Who does a MP-only g...

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The main difference is that the PSP is a last gen handheld, that's been on the market for 6 years now. Kinda different from the DS vs PSP back in 2005.

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I agree. Flamebait title.

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I know this is upsetting to the blind fanboys, but having the 3DS pummelled is a good thing, folks. Maybe it'll actually force Nintendo to get off their handheld tails and make some good stuff for their new console.

Having an effective monopoly never seems to do anything good for the consumers.. competition is good.

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Umm.. I wouldn't pay $500 for what PC hardware I could fit into a 360-sized box (without horrendous heat issues) by the end-of-year, this year or next.

Thus, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say "no one" has the next XBox hardware yet, unless its a PC that MS hopes will miniaturize enough by 2013 to fit in a little stylized box, run decently cool such that the average joe can keep it alive past the warranty, and cost under $500 to boot.


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Since MS will probably always use DX as a foundation of their console API, devs could, presumably, use any PC to develop next-gen console titles -- whichever hardware was closest to the mark, although frankly any hardware would do until final hardware arrives.

In short, this is hardly news. The 360 is the console most like the PC, from almost any perspective. Tuning for the final hardware doesn't need to happen until well under a year from a games' release.

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Yeah lots of destructible stuff in the game. It's just tougher than the lego walls in BF:BC2, and explosions aren't so common, without tanks & jets cruising all over the place.

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I'm not disappointed. The single player is better than SOCOM 1 & 2 ever were, and the MP is shaping up just fine... or was, until PSN went down.

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Haven't actually played it, have you?

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I would ask, "Why are people attacking Sony for being the victim of tech crime, along with all their customers?"

It's not like this is benefitting Sony in any way, shape, or form. Attacking Sony over an issue they didn't create is not productive -- it won't get your PSN time back, it won't earn you some special place in X360/Nintendo fanboy club hall-of-honor.

Be mad at Sony for doing things like rootkit DRM, or be disappointed ...

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I think of it this way: Sony has saved me $50 to $60 a year for like 4 years straight now, and provided me with some of the best server-based shooter gameplay (i.e. low lag) I've ever had on console, without any sort of subscription fee (like MAG).

I'll cut them some slack.

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So.. tax dollars are being spent to pay for XBL Gold now?

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