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Nintendo made these decisions, knowing that it would cost them the hardcore, and reached out to the Blue Ocean as their market instead.

So yes, Nintendo intentionally abandoned the hardcore gamer (i.e. gamers who play 10+ hours/week, and have a high attach ratio, IMO). Don't kid yourself into thinking otherwise. They knew the Blue Ocean was where it was at... at least in terms of hardware and accessory sales. They did a great job of making their stockholders money, whi...

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...and in another store somewhere else in the UK, 360 tradeins are on the rise, and those people are acquiring PS3s.

Anecdotes ftw.

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"The worst accusation I can hurl at With Fire & Sword is also the kindest compliment I can pay it. Despite the new setting, infernal weaponry and bespoke story quests, most of the time the game plays just like Warband or the original Mount & Blade. The majority of the bread-and-butter activities are nigh identical, as is the pace and pattern of play. Once the novelty of gunpowder has worn off, series veterans may find themselves wandering back to familiar pastures"

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So.. the guy who didn't like Demon's Souls... didn't like it.

That's a good thing, in my book. Don't let that guy review it, please. I don't care about his opinion... at all.

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Can't they rename it? Modern Warfare 3, or Modern Warfare 2011, or whatever is boring now. "Moderner Warfare" would at least be funny, and "Modernest Warfare" would at least spell an end to the milking.

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Hmm.. No. Although the sales of Black Ops are awesome, I have to say the series has been on a downhill slide since CoD4.

This will be the first non-IW Modern Warfare, will it not? I can't say I have a lot of faith in it.

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Lol. People are going to buy a 360, repurchase the games they play online, and pay $60 for XBL Gold, because PSN might be down a couple more weeks?

I don't think so.

Honestly, some large # of the people who post on the PS blog are just anti-Sony fanboys raging over what they don't have anyhow. If you check their trophies, you'll see that a lot of them have a whopping 0 trophies total. Some big gamers, those trolls are.

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The business aren't as different as you make it sound, although what you said was true.

Walmart, for example, doesn't re-buy stock if they haven't sold anything -- effectively emulating the both-get-paid-at-once model of PSN over time. For the time the store is out-of-business, no repurchases will happen, even though some small amount of inventory is "burned up" in the initial fire.

Your argument applies *only* to PSN exclusive software...

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From the Weekly list, or the all-time?

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Presumably, the next month's PSN sales will be stronger than usual, given that the effective supply has been nonexistent for a month.

Look at it this way, if Walmart loses all their stores to fires and was forced to rebuild them all with better fire control systems, should they have to pay the companies whose products they attempt to sell?

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I doubt Sony pays for Skype. Skype benefits from having more accessibility just as much as the platforms its on benefit from having it.

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What about the company that made his couch? Shouldn't he sue them as well? Or maybe his cat, who left its dander on said couch?

He should sue that cat.

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Um, no. They had 6 million. 600 million is near 10% of the population of the entire Earth, most of whom don't even have access to Skype, credit cards, etc. I think you added a couple extra zeros there on accident.

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Do you actually believe that Google, Apple, Nintendo, and Sony will allow a MS product on their platforms, when they all easily have the engineering and business muscle to roll their own?

It doesn't even matter if MS would continue to support them -- MS would have to pay these companies much more than Skype likely had to pay as an independent entity, to get them to continue allowing the Skype service on their hardware, and that's only if MS doesn't use it to push ...

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Presumably, the existing Skype will be shut down, and its services integrated into ONLY MS products in the future. Thus, Sony PSPs, Android phones, and Apple phones/iPods will shortly lose access to it, I suppose.

...probably costing Skype a large % of its userbase, actually... myself included.

For $8.5B, this isn't worth it. Google will probably have their own VoIP service in no time flat, and it'll cost WAY less than a number in the billions. I a...

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2013, not 2012.

The article (from 2007) also claims the Larrabee is a contender... but Intel has all but killed said chip, really. People thought it was the next big thing, back in 2007.

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Not for me. I can't stand bot matches as "SP". Plus, the animations in this game are terrible (guys die in *exactly* the same way, every single time), and grenades are basically pointless -- they're like firecrackers. I suppose that's nice if you.. I dunno.. hate pretty explosions or loud noises in your shooters, or a lot of the stuff that makes shooters fun with a "wow!" moment here and there?

It also takes an insane # of bullets to kill an...

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Plus some large amount of extra content, yes. And they, like the console ones, were very good.

What's your point?

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How about they offer free gameplay as a part of XBL Silver instead, and for ALL 360 owners? And free Netflix? Oh sorry, "XBL Free" or whatever it's called now.

Then how about a XBLA discount program, and free downloadable stuff, for Gold subscribers, since Gold is basically just "pay for gaming and Netflix surcharge" right now?

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The PoP games on the PSP are actually really good. The sound issues that were reported on the reviewed UMD versions aren't present on the digital versions at all.

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