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I agree that the 3DS is a nice piece of tech.. although some of your numbers are just plain wrong... like pixel pushing numbers, for example. The PSP GPU actually has a higher pixel fill than the 133 MHz Pica200 in the 3DS, and that's with all of the Pica's pipes devoted to pixel ops (which is unrealistic), whereas the PSP has, effectively, devoted pixel pipes.

Pica200 @ 133 MHz
533 MP/sec, 53M tris/sec (@ 133 MHz, assuming 100% pipes devoted...

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Um, the PSP Go was never made in the UK in the first place?

I think the article is mistitled.

And.. the PSP Go was a *great* system for some folks (like me). My favorite portable ever, because it was just that.. portable, to the extreme. There just isn't another handheld that fits so comfortably in your pocket, and allows you to carry so many great games in such an awesome package.

I would still choose a PSP Go over a 3DS, even if the G...

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This dude apparently never noticed how much longer the credits are, on modern games, relative to the games he's quoting as the greats.

Complexity, and technology, are serious problems. And, yeah, the grass is greener in ye olde memories. I broke out some PC games from the early 2000's just the other day... and they sucked. I also tried to play Wizardry 1,2, & 3 a few months ago... I couldn't do it. Tried Might & Magic 1 & 2... nope. Those were som...

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I got mine. It's good. Played a bunch online already. Well worth it.

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I was thinking "wow, someone who played on the Hard setting"

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"When going to give a partner some aid you are too exposed, which more often than not results in your death. Rinse and repeat this and many times you will come across a pile of team mates lying on the ground. This problem can be addressed with some excellent team work of course, but if you happen to be playing with a bunch of randoms’ it becomes an annoying issue."

WTF is this review guy talking about? Playing co-op with randoms? And he thinks reviving someone sho...

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Where do all these "online play has issues" reviews come from? I've played the beta for a couple weeks on end, and played today, with no probs whatsoever. It's like these reviewers looked at Destructoid's messed up review, and just cut-and-pasted it.

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Yeah MAG got slammed by reviewers.

Best MP game this gen, and its metacritic was about the same as SOCOM 4's. Most of the reviewers used "too hard" for their excuse on that one. They couldn't lone wolf the entire enemy team, so thus the game was "meh".

Just about all the low scoring reviews use "I couldn't get online" as their major gripe. Lol, funny how the rest of us didn't have that problem. Like they don&#...

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"How do you know that the Wii2 has been rushed? I'm sorry but Nintendo's consoles have always been reliable. Same cannot be said for Sony or Microsoft."

I'm talking about the next Sony or MS console, when I say "rushed"... You should read my comment again, and the quote I was referring to.

I'm referring to the fact that the 360 was rushed, and one of the major reasons it did well is because it be...

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" If this happens and Nintendo releases such a console in 2011, early 2012, you will see MS and Sony release their next systems soon after regardless what they say."

No. It'd be smarter of Sony and MS to pull the same stunt on Nintendo, halfway through the Wii 2's lifetime. Rushing hardware out the door is always stupid. Look at the early 360, and the billion-dollar replacement program. Match that up against a console that's been out a year already (...

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Honestly, the smartest thing for Nintendo to do, right now, is grab onto what the 3rd parties are cooking up for the 360 and PS3, make it run just a little better, and subsequently ride out the next gen's outrageous dev costs.

This is the same strategy as the Wii... only smarter, due to placement relative to the competition. The "Wii 2" can stand as the finest console of *this* gen, and starve out the competition of 3rd party support next gen (which is not just...

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I agree with Fishy. This is horrid misinformation, at its worst.

The R700 series is a family of GPUs, even (the "Radeon HD 4xxx" family, in a sense) -- you can't even reasonably speculate what the clock will be based on that info, let alone gauge performance on it without factoring in the number of cores, shader pipes, memory bandwidth, etc.

Suggesting that the Wii GPU is half the speed of the 360 GPU, based on core clock as they do in their &...

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So... of the 3 games in the collection, 2 of them are "meh" and one of them is a > 15 year old remake. So... 8.5.

Gametrailers really confuses me.

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Uh... so how is this different from like... every game?

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This is what I love about public betas -- all the BS reviews and reviewers, who are doing nothing but fishing for hits, get called for their lies.

Who honestly had bad connections in the beta? Not anyone I know. Did these reviewers all get together and try to play at the same time, over the same dialup connection or something?

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Technology doesn't advance like clockwork. Generations do not advance like clockwork. There are physical, user perception, and market limits to consider. The PS1 yielded to the PS2 with the advent of cheap 3D hardware that could be put in a home console. The PS2 yielded to the PS3 with the advent of Blu-Ray and up-and-coming HDTV popularity. The comparisons with PC hardware are not appropriate -- that's not all what drives console generations, and frankly PCs don't even advan...

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So.. he didn't need the donations then? Or did he not spend all of it in South America?

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That's not really true. Zipper has some of the best network and open world, mass #s of stuff goin' on (like characters, gunfire, etc.), and ragdolls tech. Look at MAG and SOCOM 4, and just ignore the graphics while comparing them to other titles (although frankly I think SOCOM 4's graphics are pretty decent, too).

People only tend to notice graphics, but Zipper has some of Sony's best tech, IMO. They really just need to work on their storytelling and campaig...

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The point is that they get a couple year head start this time around. If the Wii 2 takes off like the Wii did, it'll be *very* difficult for 3rd parties to let Wii 2 development fall by the wayside, as Wii development did.

The Wii's major 3rd party issue was that, by the time it was obvious that the Wii hardware was hot, 3rd parties had already converted their major studios and franchises into HD development studios, with fully fledged HD engines.


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It's not too late. All they really need to do is beat MS to the punch.

Woulda worked great with the Wii, if it had launched in 2005, and the 360 in 2006 -- the 3rd parties would have taken MUCH longer to start investing huge sums into HD gaming, if the Wii had made the splash it did before there was already a HD console on the market for a year.

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