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Lol. These articles get better every day.

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1080i, yes, but not 1080p.

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I can tell you right now that a quad-core 3.5 GHz chip is not fault tolerant enough for a small box in the typical livingroom, which is intended to be placed in small spaces, by the Blue Ocean community, who don't understand high-end computers' need to "breathe".

These aren't the specs. The clocks, at the very least, are totally wrong. I would believe that the chip supports "turbo" to 3.5 GHz on one core, and that it normally runs at 3.2 GHz ...

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Some of your comment I can agree with, except that Sony, of the 3 home console manufacturers, is by FAR the least greedy, and has the most regard for its consumers. Anyone who tells you otherwise has (a) never worked in the game industry, and probably (b) doesn't pay attention to humane manufacturing practices, monopolistic practices, or consumer abuses over the years.

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3 of these 5 are coming true. Cafe will be marginally better than the PS3, with regards to graphics. Mostly meaning framerate or resolution, and not much else. MS is indeed shifting as many resources to Kinect as possible. Skyward Sword is going to be a Wii/Cafe co-release, just like Twilight Sword was a GC/Wii co-release.

I'm not sure what the issue is with those 3, though. Seems fine to me. More of the same. Isn't that what 360 fans and Nintendo fans want? I ...

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Why don't they like... hack the PS3, like they're claiming is what they want to do?

This is all a baby tantrum because they cannot hack the PS3, and pirate PS3 games? That seems about the mindset of most hardened criminals -- they can't see anything but their own selfish goals, and set out to hurt people to attain them, not understanding that what they've done is wrong, and that if it was done to them, they'd be po'd. That's why we put people lik...

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So... who cares? Game devs don't tend to show up unless they have something relevant to do there, because its pretty expensive to go for kicks.

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Okay... so this game looks like better textured than GeoW2.

I don't see how that makes for a phenomenon. Modern Warfare 1 still looks better than any Gears has ever looked, and its cross-platform.

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Scott Youngblood was the designer for the original Tribes game, for anyone who didn't know. That may explain why Firefall seems so Tribes-y. Designers from several other great shooters (e.g. Scott Rudi, from MAG, the SWAT series, and Tribes, actually) are also on the Red 5 team.

Also.. Tribes was one of the greatest MP shooters ever made. As far as I'm concerned, this game is basically guaranteed to be a great MP shooter. Really looking forward to this one.

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Phones will never compete with handhelds, when it comes to gaming.

Phones use Java for apps, and even though there are native code APIs, they aren't very robust. You could run a Java game on a 8-core i7 and it wouldn't compare to most Wii games.

Comparing the hardware specs of a phone to the NGP, is not realistic. Most PSP games look better than all but the top 3 or 4 phone games, and those games are barely better looking than the best games in the ...

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CoD and RPG combo... hmm. So.. TF2, except you have to grind through to become a self-made class, and everybody ends up basically the same overpowered generic class in the end, breaking any semblance of game balance the game would have had?

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There are a few dual cores out, but their benchmarks basically show that their performance is due to their power hungry GPUs, not the dual core nature of their CPUs. They also all have giant, near-2000 mAH batteries, and get nice and warm over the 60 mins or so they burn a full charge in, while gaming with a game that actually shows off their GPU.

By the end of the year, we'll see some lower-priced, actual competitive dual cores with lower power GPUs. I realize that the...

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The only phones on the market that really outperform the Xperia Play are the Atrix (which costs $600, to the Play's $450, and runs Android 2.2, which slows it down), and the Optimus 2X (same issues). Both are using the Tegra 2 chipset.

Both Tegra 2 phones have HUGE batteries, and are pretty unwieldy, hot, and short-lived (battery-wise), for smartphones. Honestly, if I was buying a gaming phone (and I did), I'd want the battery to last, I'd want it to not be as l...

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Dual core, on a phone, is not really a gaming boon. It's more for people who want to run a browser and game at the same time, and who don't care about burning through the charge on their battery in no time.

As far as phone gaming is concerned, it's all about the GPU, and the Adreno 205 is no slouch. Better phone GPUs are in the works, but that's just it.. they aren't available yet. The power-hungry Tegra 2, with its dual-core CPU and GeForce ULP probabl...

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I got one of these. It's a great phone, and a decent portable gaming device, given that its a phone.

Great screen, great battery, fantastic speakers, and pretty dang fast. Great phone. Came with 6 games, ab (seems like the IGN guy didn't even try to compare them to other phones) out half of which are pretty sweet. When PS1 classics are available on it, it'll be well worth it.

I'm surprised that people think a 1 GHz Snapdragon + Adreno 205 ...

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Doesn't this kind of break the fiction? Aren't pilots bound to their ships in the EVE universe, justifying the "one crew member, whole battleship" thing? Thus, the "Captain's Quarters" is the ONLY quarters on the ship, and given the way the EVE pilots are supposed to control their vessels (through some sort of neurolink, as I recall), you'd think the "quarters" would be something more akin to a liquid immersion tank.

I didn'...

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It's true, the 3DS has one more thing to turn off than other consoles. In Bizzaro, that makes it cool.

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Fillion is downright fantastic when cast as a character that fits him -- watch Firefly, and then honestly tell me he's not great in that role.

He's not a great actor, on the whole, but he is fantastic in particular character roles. He's well-suited to play Drake, and that's all that matters, in the end, because it makes for a great film, which makes for good money.

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No. The next XBox will basically be a 1080p 360, only slightly more powerful than the Nintendo Cafe. MS is not playing the hardcore gamer ballgame any longer -- they're going where the money is at.

The entire next gen will be considerably less of a leap over the current gen, than the last time around. However, Sony's platform will almost definitely be the top of the heap, with regards to performance. That doesn't mean it'll be mind-blowing, though.

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The Mayans predicted that the world would end if the PS4 was released in 2012, and a new console war began. I'm hoping for 2014 or so, and subsequent peaceful times with the one reigning console king.

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