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This sounds like BS compared to the other rumor. Nintendo isn't in a position to offer streaming internet gaming, given their shoddy online infrastructure.

Frankly, if they did, I don't think "hardcore" gamers would jump on it, either... they didn't for OnLive.

Also, dual analogs isn't exactly original...

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People said the same thing when the Wii was about to come out...

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Crappy, but only because of grade inflation since the Vietnamese war. 75 was pretty decent, back in the day.

Are you implying that there's some sort of media-wide effort to reduce "score inflation", and that effort has started with SOCOM 4? Quite a few reviews read very much the same -- they sound like what would have typically been an 8.5... yet most of them are scored in the 7.0-8.0 range.

Anyone who has played games like Black Ops knows tha...

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XBox 360 is also the top selling console in the Microsoft employee store, I hear.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Cherry-picked news is too fun.

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Microsoft should report numbers from Redmond, WA stores only, if they really wanted to show how much they dominate.

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The written review makes it sound like an 8.5. Yet it got 7.5. Strange.

Good enough for me.

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"Cafe" sounds mighty casual to me. Just sayin'.

Nintendo just needs to bring the Wii on par with the HD consoles, for some 3rd party love. They can still keep the price point in reach of the family market with that, as well.

In a sense, releasing a slightly better HD console 2-3 years before the competitors up the bar is ingenious -- they get all the older 3rd parties engines working on their platform, and make the investment to improve the so...

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Wierd. HD screen I doubt, but I wouldn't be surprised by a touchscreen.

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It will, because the Wii will be on the market for many years less. That's not to say that the Wii brand isn't super successful -- it is. It's just that Nintendo's cycle will probably be faster than MS or Sony's, by nature.

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Correcting myself, according to VGC, the Wii stands at about 700K WW for March, which is about the same as the other two consoles... maybe a little less.

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That's totally backwards. The Wii's best region is the US. According to VGC, the Wii is at about 700K WW for March. Both HD consoles are ahead of that number, and VGC tends to overestimate Nintendo.

I guess its fair to say that number is close enough to the HD consoles to say it "evens out", though.

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1.1M is the combined DS, 3DS, Wii number in the US, not the combined Wii number WW. The Wii, by itself, sold much less (290K in the US), and probably didn't top 400K WW.

It'd be smart of Nintendo to release a Wii HD this year, IMO.

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Don't pay much attention to games that aren't on the Wii, do ya?

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Real fans of Nintendo want them to profit. Having the top hardware spec is immaterial.

So-called "Nintendo fanboys" have horrid personality disorders, when it comes to talking about Nintendo systems, relative to the competition.

I simply see it from a "what would Nintendo do, to succeed" standpoint. I'm not brainwashed by fanboyism, and false hopes. Nintendo has not changed their plan of attack -- look at the 3DS, relative to the PS...

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Why on earth would Nintendo force 3rd parties to build radically different software for their architecture, relative to the competition, AGAIN?

The Wii HD will be darn near a XBox 360, in terms of specs, because that's the easiest way for Nintendo to rake in the 3rd party support, while still maintaining their low price point, etc.

At best, it'll have a tiny edge on the PS3, much like the PS3 does on the 360. It's just not worth it (to Nintendo) ...

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I dunno. It'll be a custom GPU to have BC, like I said. Custom GPUs cost more to build -- hence the barely profitable price of the 360 and PS3, to this day. There are other factors, of course, like the Blu-Ray & HDD on the PS3, the built-in wifi and hi-speed ethernet of both, etc. I guess Nintendo could skimp on that stuff *again*, but.. I sure hope not.

I think it's fair to say that Nintendo will build whatever they can fit into a $250 family-friendly, reliab...

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2.8 GHz PowerPC (dual core.. maybe?) with an ATI GPU on par with the Xenos, 256MB RAM, 128MB VRAM. Remember the GPU has to support Tev, or at least emulate it, or it basically can't be BC with the Wii and GC. $249.99 launch price. New Wiimotes have touchpads (sounds wierd, I know).

Agree if you think I'm close. Disagree if you think I'm bonkers.

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So... you're going to tell me how PSP games are cheaper next, right? Lots of people buying systems with no games, too?

Your theory is weak, at best. The 3DS is a brand new system, that has plentiful supply. It should have appeal if consumers were interested. Sure, price is a factor, but its not the only one -- and um.. won't it always be expensive, relative to the PSP?

You could make the same argument to state that price w...

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I was at Target the other day, and there was a MS rep there, setting up some Kinect kiosk stuff.

When an employee asked him about hardcore games coming to Kinect, he responded "You're going to see the most amazing things on Kinect about a year from now" with a huge grin.

"A year?!?!" was the first thing to enter my mind, after hearing that.

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I don't evaluate systems when I want a new gaming system, I evaluate games. In that sense, he's right. I don't need any of the 3DS games that are out.

Maybe in a year or so, I will want some of them. But not now.

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