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You can tell by this SOCOM Source guy's blog posts that he has *no* clue how to make a game as robust as SOCOM. There's a reason games like this cost several million to make, even during the PS2 era, and now cost 10s of millions, and dozens of people / 100s of man-years.

It's good to dream, though. That's cool. Honestly, though, if the guy wants to remake SOCOM as he remembers it... he's better off trying to get a job at Sony, as a...

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It's simple to tell. The company with the largest combined console (HW & SW) gross revenue (not profit, although you could declare said company the effective financial "winner"), during the next year, is officially the winner. E3 is a media event, and thus it's about gross revenue -- profit comes from effective generation of revenue without waste, not things like media showings, by themselves.

Disagree all you want, but it's true.


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Cross platform, eh? Bummer. I was hoping for it to top MGS4.

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Making a game, and making a demo cutscene rendering program that *looks* like a game, are FAR far different things.

Tech demos almost always look better than games can possibly look, because they don't have to burn resources on actually being a game. There's often no physics, no way (or limited ways) of character/camera control, no dynamic FX, no dynamic culling or occlusion, no streaming of level data,.. tons of stuff that you NEED when the player can control the ch...

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I agree. Believing that Nintendo can pull another Wii off is overly optimistic.

I think the device has some potential to woo HD gamers in, but I don't think it'll have the same appeal to the Blue Ocean, this time around.

The Wii was a great kids console -- cheap to leave on standby, reliable, the controllers are easy to use and sturdy, the console was the cheapest of the 3 current gen.. good stuff.

Throw a tactile-feedback LCD touchs...

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Its the resolution that makes it look sharper. There are about 4x as many pixels in the original PS2 image, and a downsampled clip will make it look like everything is cleaner, similar to having a really good AA technique.

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Some nice animation improvements on the 3DS, like the flapping jacket, but its missing lens flare, and seems to be missing some depth-of-field effects later on, as well. Also seems like some of the foliage is missing in the 3DS version.

The PS2 version does look crisper, as well.. but then its a higher rez image...

It's still impressive that the 3DS can pull this off, and with only a 266 MHz processor (the OS reserves the other one). The 133 MHz Pica200...

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I don't understand what the benefits of IPTV would be, beyond what Netflix offers, really. I mean... would it have MS sponsored shows? Is that worth paying for?

I guess new shows, on demand, is about it, really? But certainly they will cost $$, right? Doesn't Tivo already fufill that role, for most people?

If XBL Diamond costs $50/year, and offers free games and themes, as well as XBLA discounts... well then I'm all over that. Without that, a...

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I can respect the opinion of people off the street on games just fine.

Put the opinions of a random joe in a professional gaming review, in a magazine marketed to the gamer demographic, though, and you're misleading the consumer. This guy comes off as a weak Action RPG fan at best.

Reviews are not meant to be sourced from anyone. If they were, they wouldn't matter any more than anyone else's opinion. Game reviewers are not merely professional &...

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A 5/10 is a "bad game", which even fans of the genre are supposed to "avoid". WKC1 wasn't a bad game, so I don't see how WKC2 will be, since its basically the 1st game, plus 200% more content, and an enhanced engine/graphics.

The issue is really more with the quality of the review than anything. It looks like it was farmed off to someone who doesn't even play JRPGs (or who thinks JRPGs are "disappointing" in general), by his own adm...

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Read the last line of the review. The guy admits it freely.

The only way "A disappointment, then - for fans of a genre for whom disappointment is a familiar bedfellow." can be interpreted in a different manner would be to suggest that most JRPGs of the modern generation have been disappointing to fans of the genre.

I'm pretty sure that's not true at all. There are a couple big-name standouts (that a non-fan w...

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Last line of the review:
"A disappointment, then - for fans of a genre for whom disappointment is a familiar bedfellow."

So, to this guy, the entire JRPG genre is disappointing.

So.. why does his opinion matter? Also, why is he writing for a serious mag? My grandma's opinion on JRPGs matters just as much as this guy's, and she'd probably give it a 7, because JRPGs are sometimes quirky and wierd and she likes that, even though s...

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Same. WKC 1 was great, yet it got mediocre reviews.

A lot of media outlets have been hiring clueless journalists who are detached from the gaming communities they're supposed to serve, under the guise of "everyone's opinion is valid".

But that's not true at all. You have to have some interest in, and experience with, a genre to give a respectable review. Otherwise the opinion is just a random sampling, and hence, worthless -- no bette...

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I have to agree with TheLastGuardian2010.

The game is difficult to get into, but then, so was Demon's Souls.

Edge gave Demon's Souls a 90 (which I feel is a reasonable score for that game). Witcher 2 deserved better. The "faults" of both games are very similar, in my book.

I actually don't see them as faults, however. Of course, I happen to play a lot of Action RPGs. Maybe the Edge reviewer, ironically, doesn't (...

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Pretending that CG is indicative of the quality of a game's graphics is... folly.

That's like saying Avatar: The Game was gonna be good because Avatar (The Movie) looked so nice.

U3's cinematics are done with the in-game assets and engine. Tomb Raider's are not That's all there is to it. Don't get me wrong, Tomb Raider is one of my fav series ever -- but I don't have any illusions about the ability of a crossplat to compete with...

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More confirmation that Edge is the worst rag in gaming.

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We saw these same articles before the 3DS was released as well.

They kinda have... less impact, nowadays.

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That's like... the last thing I wanted to hear.

Saying "it's not terribly different from Oblivion in looks, but it has a gameplay system reminiscent of Morrowind", would have rocked the RPG universe.

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Nope. The days of major console generation upgrades are over.

I expect the XBox 1080 to be a minor improvement over the Nintendo Cafe, which is, in turn, a mild improvement over the current HD consoles.

Building something cooler would cost too much, and high-priced consoles don't sell. Nano physics problems getting in the way of tech getting much cheaper these days.

The tech you see today isn't far from the stuff you'll be seein...

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2014, because the XBox 1080 will be out in 2013, and I'm waiting a year for it to become reliable, and I'd like to see what the PS4 is going to be like, too.

I'll buy a Nintendo Cafe, but only because I still haven't finished all my GameCube games, and I'd like to see them upscaled. Also, I'm 90% sure Zelda is coming out on the Cafe and the Wii at the same time, and I definitely want the HD one.

I'm not too excited about having a ...

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