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Looks like a fun update of what was probably the original console Wizardry. At least the demo looks that way.

I only played the US (i.e. the original) PC Wizardry games. I didn't realize it was a console hit in Japan until not too long ago. It's cool that I get to see said game, now, but in HD glory.

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Microsoft KinectMove incoming.

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I'd pay $400 for the 3G version, no question. I'd be jumping with joy if its less.. say $350.

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Games on the iPad... Lol.

I'll take analog sticks and buttons, twice the processing power, half the price, and a fitting in a small pocket in my pack, thanks.

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My PSP Go is awesome, but I'm all for replacing it with my NGP... well mostly. I do still like how small the Go is.

I have like 30 PSP and PS1 games from the store, so I am totally set.

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Good luck toting that HDTV and big console with you.

You don't really understand the point of portable gaming, do you?

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Resistance: Retribution and Monster Hunter 3 already confirmed to use the 2nd analog.


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Wow so... what sites can you visit? Is there a list, published by Nintendo?

3DS: Supports web browsing*

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If I can taunt baddies with Kinect-ified gestures, I could get into it. Has to be from my couch though. Standing to play ME3 is unacceptable.

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Do you have any links to back that claim up?

Seems like keeping the unit selling in the States would imply that your statement is incorrect, and mine is accurate. And it IS still available in the US, and at major retailers, like Target, too.

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Their presentation is great. It's their game design that's mediocre, IMO.

HS was pretty good, but it lacked "gameplay polish" and just plain lacked gameplay content as well. The cutscenes and story were top notch.

The same thing is largely true for Enslaved, although frankly Enslaved had better/more gameplay, but somehow lost some of the theatrical polish in the process (Unreal Engine usage?)

NT is a great example of a dev...

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I can't see why people would have any issues with Duke being unpopular because he's "American".

His character is outrageously overconfident, abrasive, etc. He wouldn't be anywhere near as humorous if he was from anywhere BUT America.

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Actually, the original version was PC only.

Both the 360 and PS3 versions are "ports", in that sense, and in designing the console engines, they likely used the PS3 as a strict multi-threading model to strive for.

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Nope, not unless they have gaming controls. Cell phone games are cheap and quickfix-oriented for more than simply the "casual market is bigger" reason.

Touchscreen controls don't lend themselves very well to a pretty large number of gaming genres. They work great for a couple genres (puzzle games, turn-based RPGs, casual games, and even 2D platformers.. sorta), but they will never cover the range of gaming that standard controls have.

In a sen...

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The device will need both inexpensive games, and expensive, quality games, to be truly successful. I'm not saying that expensive == quality, but... it does at least mean a higher production value, typically.

I don't think I'd buy/play a GTA game that cost $1-2 million to make, for example, even if it only cost me $5. ...but I DO want GTA on the NGP. And I'll pay some good $$ for it, because I want the devs to spend a good $10-20M at least, on making it cool...

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I think the Go was only discontinued in the EU and Japan. It apparently sells better in the US. It does come bundled with 3 good games, and its nice to not have to buy a mem stick for it, like you do with a 3000.

I prefer my Go. I feel burdened by my remaining UMD games. I keep my 2000 to play them, but.. honestly that's the only reason I even keep the 2000, and when I've finished them (11 of the 13 I have left are RPGs), I won't cry when my 2000 ends up in th...

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I still enjoy PSP games more than DS or phone games. Until the NGP comes out, it's still my handheld of choice... heck even then I'll probably be playing PSP games until the NGP library is built up.

Honestly the games look and play better than the vast majority of phone games, even on high-def phones.

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I wonder if Kinect can tell if you're wearing them? New 360 accessory, required for some new Kinect games?

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A Quad PowerPC with SMT is mighty powerful, if it doesn't have the crippling lack of OOO execution, bad branch prediction, and tiny L2 cache the 360's Xenon has.

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