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that 16GB of internal storage costs about $100 retail. A PSP-3000 with that would cost $269.99. Unless you are a hardcore gamer, and visit GameStop for used titles, the PSN store actually offers a LOT more *great* games in the sub-$15 range that you just can't get at retail -- at least not at that price. Heck, most of the good used UMD games can't be found at places like GameStop anyway -- you have to eBay for them, and it often costs more than the digital version.

Not havin...

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At GDC the presenters were stating that the hardware lag is identical to the DualShock3. Thus, its the same, in that regard... there's no "lag penalty" for using the Move over the DS3.

As far as in-game lag goes, that's going to vary, game-by-game, just like it does with the regular controller. More pointer smoothing needed? More lag. No pointer smoothing needed? Less lag. There are a zillion factors in determining the lag of an input device in any particular ap...

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MS won't make any exterior changes, or they will be "odd". However, if this is a real pic, there would *have* to be external changes. There would have to be a vent over the fan to make it effective.

There are too many proprietary external HDDs, made to fit the form factor of the current design. No one would upgrade, unless the HDD worked, although its possible that they aren't targetting upgrade users, just as Sony wasn't targetting upgrades with the PSP Go. Since...

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One look at the installed base of the Wii, and the 3rd party games that are actually high quality, and anyone can tell that the Wii demographics for those kind of games just aren't present.

Watch MH3 flop in NA, just like previous MH games have. Watch sports games continue to suck -- because the demographics are kids, not adult sports fans. Nintendo makes games kids love. Nintendo does great. Making games for kids/everyone is *exactly* what the 3rd parties should be doing. ...

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The PSP Go is the greatest handheld HW ever, in my book.

Save anywhere, anytime, any game. No restrictions whatsoever on saving. No other handheld can touch that portable awesomeness. It's a huge, huge deal for anyone who actually games on the go.

Some more of the old UMD library as PSN downloads would be great, but otherwise its a fantastic handheld. Anyone who knocks it... never tried one. The only thing wrong with the product, IMO, is the pricetag. It *i...

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The highest grossing games of all time on the iPhone -- we're talking gross, not profits, are in the sub-$15M range (Sims, Madden Football, etc.), because they sell for so dang cheap. There's like no more than 20 that have made more than $1M, of the *15000* some games on the iStore.

So yeah, a dev would choose the PSP over the iPhone, unless its a quickie game that a couple guys can make in a few months. Apple is the only one who rakes in the money from iPhone games -- becaus...

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any dev who is not 1st party is gonna go multiplat eventually.

Bungie will probably announce their 1st multiplat title right after Halo: Reach's 1st month or two on the shelves has squeezed out every fanboy dollar.

I'm sure Insomniac will do the same.

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HDTV support?

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The Wii finally has a cross-plat brother in the PS3.

I don't think anyone here realizes the impact of this fact, to both PS3 and Wii owners.

The PS3 uses a superset of the PowerPC instructions that the Wii CPU has -- porting will be cake. The GPU is superior to the Wii's GPU -- porting will be cake. It has way more memory -- ports will be cake.

And now... it has a motion controller (superior I would say, although not as massively so as other aspe...

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I don't get it. Basically the PS3 can now get Wii up-ports with no hassle, and Wii hardcore games can have a cross-platform development option with the PS3...

How is this a bad thing for Sony OR Nintendo?

Take the SPUs off the Cell, and you basically have a Mega-Wii in the PS3. Same basic PowerPC instructions, but the PS3 version is a hella lot faster, and has a much nicer GPU to boot, as well as way more memory. Up-porting Wii games should be cake.

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Anyone else find the in-game screenshots more interesting, and frankly better looking, than this CGI trailer looks?

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AMD's high-end processors are not as good as Intel's high-end, plain and simple.

Compare the two at competitive prices, however, and AMD is definately more bang for the buck.

Very VERY similar to ATI (which is AMD) graphics boards and NVidia boards, where NVidia follows the "Intel model" and AMD/ATI do the usual.

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IW, by nature of being a software development house, is basically comprised of the people who staff it. Activision can own all the IW they want -- but they IW staff that created the CoD series is now either fired, leaving, or disheartened.

Activision has already thrown away whatever realistic value IW had as a developer. Now they have to see if they can live up to those devs' legacy, with whatever legal property they happen to "own" and dole out to other devs.

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Countless... that could mean he can't count the number of potential "upgrades" he's thought of... or possibly that he can't think of a single worthwhile use for Natal.

Both possibilities worry me.

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(A) FPS : TPS.
(B) 256-player dedicated servers under Sony control : 32-player servers, probably under player control, much like previous SOCOMs.
(C) MP-only, MMO-like persistance suitable for squad/group of friends play : SP and MP, probably suitable for clan MP, much like previous SOCOMs.
(D) MAG, as a Beta, was more solid than most games when released. By using "MAG is a beta for S4" argument, you may as well qualify every game as being a beta for its sequel...

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Anyone willing to purchase a "720" in its first year of existance, after the tragedy of the 360's first 3 years... particularly if it does not have 360 BC (which I bet it won't).. is nuts, in my book. Unless MS has a 3-year free replacement warranty again, that is.

Still, coming out the door first, because you can expect the consumer to "deal with" the consequences of hardware that isn't ready for reliable manufacturing, is... uncool, to put it mildly.

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The most interesting part of this, to me, is that Zipper is apparently already working on patches that are at least 3 patches beyond what we've seen.

Dunham said that several of the bugs would be addressed in the "patch right after 1.02", meaning that both 1.02 and "the next one" are both on the way, and that they're probably already working on the one after that.

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(double post deleted)

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What is that? On disc? Like, it has one more level than Halo 3 did? Slightly bigger levels than Halo 3 perhaps? They don't mean per frame, for certain, unless they are creating a new genre -- slideshow FPS.

Another sad abuse of technical un-knowledge by a journalist, as usual. I'm sure the game will look hot, but this number is utterly meaningless.

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it's so easy to tell which review sites are worthy of attention, with all these MAG reviews -- its blatently obvious which reviewers seriously played the game, and which didn't.

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