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No, people with ptsd should take responsibility for themselves and avoid games that could trigger it.

It's story telling. and game developers should have the same freedom to create a story that authors and movie-makers get.

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Halo music always gives me chills.

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no, what's funny/ironic is that if this title were the exact reverse, every idiot on n4g would be crying that this site just wants hits. and that it's "flaimbait."

such hypocrisy.

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personally, i don't see how somebody who isn't a developer (you) should be expressing an opinion about hardware he's probably never (or hardly) been exposed to.

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this isn't even sort of true. I could max out Crysis 1, but have to turn down settings to play Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2. or if i try to run any newer game with mods. my 4870x2 has nothing on a 680 gtx.

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UPS should have it at my front door by 3pm. pretty stoked. even took some days off work for it.

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already got my pre-order in at amazon for sleeping dogs.

Is it just me or has Amazon done away with 99 cent release day shipping?

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you shouldn't blame him. the goal of every person is to reach their full potential and reach maximum profit. i can't blame him for his choice because he's doing the best he can do by his life. this is how capitalism works...and by extension, happiness...

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The truth is (and nobody wants to admit it), but sony beat themselves at their own game.

hear me out here. sony locked down the last gen with ps2 (despite the system failure rate). they knew that going into this generation that would have a massive upper hand with their guaranteed 3rd party support. so some "genius" at the company thought of a way to give them even more leverage in the industry. they would redesign the architecture so that all the 3rd party compa...

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nintendo also introduced the rumble pack! and before that, on super nintendo, they had the force feedback backpack. i don't remember what it was called. it was essentially a subwoofer on your back, but it was an interesting idea for the time. i remember using it as a kid with Super Punch Out

as for sony dropping out. i seriously doubt it. though i think they do need to retool. they are spreading themselves too thin in an economy that can't support it. maybe gi...

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Good god!

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you start with 3...

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because it's tired! i realize naughty dog is already devoid of any creativity or ever using an original idea...but come on. even they must realize that, with a post-apocalypse game on the way, this would just be retarded.

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why on earth would they do that?

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Bioshock 2, Gears of War 2 (Multiplayer -- 3 made up for it), La Noire

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alan wake is almost a perfect length, it has an interesting story, and the combat is what resident evil should be. lotta dodging and good reflexes. great atmosphere too.

i've played alan wake about 3 times. i can't say that about too many games. mgs4 and uncharted 1 in this generation are the only other two games i can say that about.

i never beat enslaved, but i really enjoyed the time i spent with it.

darksiders wasn't memor...

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this is such a hypocritical statement.

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