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If any game needs ppl to STFU about it, it's Uncharted. 2nd most overrated game of this generation. following COD.

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ppl gonna think i'm weird for sayin this...but i think there should be 2 more buttons where your ring fingers are. and they should be bindable to whatever action you want.

in fact, that's my number one wish for next generation controllers...i want to be able to fully customize my key (button) bindings.

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so many immature people on n4g. wow

no buttons means it's not a game? who made up that idiotic rule?

not to mention that iphone/droid games cost anywhere from 0-5 dollars while most vita games cost around 40 (i believe uncharted is 50 in the us).

sure vita is the more powerful device, but it doesn't really have many good games yet. and for the cost of just ONE Vita game, you can get a dozen iphone games (or more). many of which pr...

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I don't know why so many of you put up with this. this is the reason why things keep getting worse...because you are BAD consumers.

and ME isn't even that good of a series to begin with. very overrated. basically you get to fire your weapon or use an ability for about 5 minutes every 2 hours. and all you ever really seem to be doing, when you aren't infrequently shooting, is trying to get in some girl's pants.

I liked the first game becaus...

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Uncharted with no set pieces = a whole lot of very average shooting and then some linear "platforming" that the game plays for you cuz you just drag your finger across where you wanna go. and all 3 of those games are games we've already played. okay, but i've played it. Mod nation racers...don't we already have that game on ps3 and psp?

so yeah, i stand by my statement. you're welcome to disagree. a lot of ppl like playing the same game...

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I am interested in the hardware, but the only game that looks like it's not crap is Stardust. I think i'll wait til they release a new model and actually show that they are serious about making good games. Maybe in a year.

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For an XBLA game, a lot of ppl seem to being going hard on it for its story.

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The game is so much fun, definitely deserves it.

I wish the RPG elements were a bit deeper, but it's a minor complaint.

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There is nothing creative about passively reading or playing most video games. Unless you're playing a game like Minecraft or Gary's mod.

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brown cow

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Well, they are workin on another MMO. And, since it's taken every other MMORPG developer 7 years to try and catch up and they still fail, even a slight innovation will likely explode in popularity.

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YOu people are so predictable. Edge scores come out, you cry about them wanting attention. Even though this is an absurd reaction, if you believe it, stop clicking their articles.

I happen to love Kingdoms of Amalur and think it deserves better than a 6, but i'm not going to cry about someone else's opinion. and that's what reviews are...opinions.

assuming they're based in reality and experience. most of you are crying about uncharted'...

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Comment 5 isn't very good.

What it should say: Invest at least 3 points in Alchemy. This way you can craft higher quality potions and your odds of getting reagents improve.

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it's hardly like torchlight. It's more like a God of War type of combat. Except you get to control the camera with your right joystick and you roll with B (circle).

Midnight purchase!

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yes, it's total stupidity on the part of the media and the consumer.

why would COD EVER change if they make a billion dollars every year off the franchise for keeping the same formula.

consumers are such morons anymore. they spend all their money on the same only garbage, and rarely support the risk takers.

it's kind of ruining gaming. i'll always be a gamer, but i'll enjoy fewer and fewer games every year as long as the bra...

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EDIT: Hey, awesome. a double post!

that's okay...plenty more comments where that came from.


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The gunplay is really good...but the game looks really bad and the AI is crap.

shame too, i was really lookin forward to this game. hopefully the campaign is better.

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add in co-op? was that supposed to be some kind of joke?

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can you say Left 4 Dead? jesus! it's like a generational leap backwards.

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Psh, i'll still buy it. They've always provided me with entertainment and suspense.

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