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@catguy: "Even most republicans agree now that man has had an impact on global warming. Almost ALL scientist agree." they don't. this is just liberal propaganda. do research of your own before spouting out nonsense you got from msnbc. notice i didn't say that global warming isn't real. i didn't even say that man-made global warming isn't real. i implied that liberals will announce it emphatically without any real evidence...kinda l...

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Akuma, your comment ("I will get the wii u since I Like video games a lot but I'm waiting for the next xbox and ps4") makes absolutely no sense.

if you're getting the wii u, then you aren't waiting. if you're gonna negate a sentence within the same sentence, then just omit it.

as for the Wii U: looks like nintendo will be jump starting the next being a generation behind. brilliant. I'll still buy it though, cu...

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i'd say i'm in disbelief at andibandit's comment...but that's par for the course for most ppl on this website. people are simply willfully ignorant. they LOVE not knowing anything. it allows them to make blind statements like that. reminds me of liberals. "UNCHARTED 3 IS THE BEST LOOKING GAME OF ALL TIME!" "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT!"

I really look forward to seeing what Crytek is capable of in the next couple years ...

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it clearly says USA sales in the title. and isn't pretending there's some microsoft conspiracy just a little bit last decade? it's time to grow up now. you're on a video game website crying about something that's 100% justified.

EDIT: Those are some unimpressive ME3 numbers.

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Give me a break! Such a cheap cop out.

They didn't write in a female lead because they didn't want to invest in the writing for the extra character. at least give me a good excuse. like, "we had too much story to tell."

i'm sure we'll see a female character in the multiple expansion packs that will be disguised as full priced retail games.

EDIT: i'm sure there will be a bunch of comments about how women had ...

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Need for Speed: Underground?

This actually looks pretty good, but it is becoming quite difficult to tell the difference between ridge racer, nfs, and burnout. I was sure this was a Criterion game til I looked it up.

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There's something very important that for whatever reason, most people can't seem to realize.

Improved technology brings prices down. The reason prices went up is because there's more to production than the engine. There's the music, the motion capture, the actors, etc...

The reason games went from 50-60 is because of that very reason. Well, we already have that now. In the next generation they aren't going to need to make music more s...

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This would be great advice if not for the fact that every time there's a sony exclusive people decide to over-hype and praise it to the point that it can't possibly be as good as people say. then it turns out just to be an average experience that i would have enjoyed if only a few dozen very outspoken individuals didn't say dumb shit like "sony did it again." "all hail sony." "omg, best game evar, blargh."

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I think they had a lot of good ideas, beautiful environments, rich story, and great combat in KoA. It really should have been an MMO in the first place.

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The site doesn't mention soldier of fortune or diablo or gears of war. though, i didn't get the number 1 because of the incredibly stupid and intrusive way they throw ads in your face. this will be a blocked site from now on. nice job animegenius, you suck.

EDIT: just thinking through the hundreds of bloody games i've played over the years, this list just fails.

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it is now clear...3 decades later...that nintendo is a very solid company?

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a lot of games seem to be goin for this angle. the new true crimes game is using it.

side note: anyone play arkham city while tripping? it's incredible. almost to the point where you'd think the game was made specifically for that purpose.

EDIT: i guess that true crimes game is now called sleeping dogs. looks pretty fun.

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welp...i'm sold

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No idea why people are disagreeing with you. It looks amazing (assuming those are in-game shots).

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agreed. many of the titles i would have expected to be cheaper. 15 bucks for splinter cell conviction is a good deal though. 6.99 for brutal legend.

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the moronic argument being made by reaper and morgan overlooks one important point. WE'RE 5-6 YEARS INTO THE GENERATION!!! a ps3 costs 200 bucks. you aren't a member of some special club cuz you have one. you didn't win an exclusive contest. anyone can (and at this point, probably does) own one. they sell em at me...i've seen em.

i own one...sometimes i even enjoy playing it. but i'm simply not stupid enough to fall for another poten...

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Twilight sucks, don't defend it. There is no point in defending it.

as for the's a video. i don't see why sony fans always get so excited about CGI. I learned my lesson before ps3 even launched with the KZ2 trailer, and so should all of you.

the terms "in-engine" and "real-time" don't have the weight they had a generation ago. you can take just about any current gen engine and accomplish something that looks ...

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Some people, Gamer1982 (not saying who), are far FAR too stupid to scroll to the bottom of the page and see the references before they say something entirely cliche and moronic like "info from NEXT."

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read dead redemption with climbing anyone?

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Uncharted 1 is the only tolerable game in the franchise. Uncharted 2 and 3 are proof that Naughty Dog really have no creativity left in the company. and i should have used the word franchise rather than game.

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