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In an environment where the average IQ is dropping almost yearly, where the most mundane things are championed as something great (i.e. Obama, Avengers, Justin Beiber, etc...), having more disagrees than agrees is a compliment. and it becomes ever more apparent...especially on internet 'forums' like this one.

I am looking forward to this game, but that scene wasn't impressive. It was a cut scene. A cut scene with a cliche scenario and cliche dialogue. The girl...

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guess people over in NZ have really low standards.

what'd they give portal? a 25/10?

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quoting scripture as if that means something? gimme a break.

i could just as easily call you a fool. but, it goes without saying.

and your quote doesn't make a point other than "believe the lies you've been told."

it's like if i wrote a fantasy book about alien souls coming to earth and living inside the bodies of humans then called it religion, then in the same book told you that not believing these lies makes you a ...

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MGS4 is the only one i liked..i'm not a MGS fan. but i held on to my copy.

having said that, you can't hold it against a fan because he traded in the game after 3 play-thrus. you don't know his financial situation or any other situation for that matter.

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who gives a shit if people get offended? being offended isn't physically harmful. you don't wake up the day after being offended with a broken leg or a failing lung. and there are tons of gods in video games. there are like a dozen just in god of war 3.

gods are also a big focus in the elder scroll series.

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible g...

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well, obviously you didn't play Brink.

before anyone says "bethesda was just the publisher," that's the case here, too.

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how does it make console gamers look bad? that doesn't make any sense. it makes the pc game look has NOTHING to do with the gamers.

also, saying the pc version is the best one these days really is unnecessary.

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The writers for Valve, Rockstar, Rocksteady, Ken Levine, and on and on and on and on.

There's a few...just to help out.

And btw, to be a good game story teller, you need to be able to weave the story into the game play. David Cage can't do that at all.

EDIT: how is it that EVERY time i express an opinion that goes against a ps3 exclusive, it's trolling? grow up, maybe?

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what kind of question is this?

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No it's not

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i'm thinking games (that don't look very good) with lots of ads running.

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the series might have deviated a lot from its origins, but it is hardly "generic."

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it's not very expensive to have both. and then you get the best of both worlds.

also, if, at this point, you're finally considering buying one, then you probably aren't that interested in exclusives, so you're better off just going with whatever the majority of your friends play.

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Halo 2 " give the Covenant back their bomb"

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that opening cut scene on the boat in witcher 2 is one of the best ever.

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yes, there is no way that is michael ironside. very disappointing. though i remember he didn't really wanna do the last one either.

i think the game looks fun though. i really enjoyed conviction.

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Better pony up more than 20 bucks for an about-to-be-obsolete version of the 3DS. and we know that's why you're offering this deal.

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I think they WERE important, but they seem to be drifting further and further. but, to be fair, they did this before (lets not forget the virtual boy era) and they bounced back.

i would never count nintendo out, but i do question their "importance."

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In case you were wondering how to get your crappy article to the top of N4G, take notes here. I'm going to bed now, when i get up, this will be a top article.

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it's nice to see a third person action/adventure where the protagonist actually has some depth.

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