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exactly. These politicians will do anything to get elected. best thing they can do is say stuff that makes the parents of psychotic children feel like they are not the ones to blame. "if i'm elected, your kids can watch all the violence on TV they want, they can listen to parental advisory music, but i'll be damned if they can play a video game"

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if you're going to go on a rampage please don't point out that you love video games on youtube.
you're giving the gamers a bad name.

Maybe they should point out his favorite artist is bob marley (so they can also blame weed) and his favorite TV show is Simpsons so they can blame comedies and destroy all the things that i love.

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what a stupid, illogical thing to say

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At least 360 owners have a game to be jealous of.

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well those comparisons suck! they are way too different! but i have to say this game looks so much better than i thought it would. I kinda regret my boycott on COD games. i guess i'll rent it.

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Gears of War sucks no matter how many systems it comes out on and how many lvls they add to it. Worst 60 dollars i ever spent.

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Double Dash was GREAT, ya'll are nuts. It added an much needed element of strategy to a title that otherwise would have been just a graphical overhaul of the same game. The person that wrote this article just didn't have anything to write before the deadline.
I hope the Wii version has something similar to double dash and doesn't recycle the one found on the DS which is just the same old thing with more courses. I'm hoping the new mario, mario kart, and smash brothers are good enou...

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Has GT finally added in damage? I'd say that should also play a huge roll. there have been 4 GTs and none of them have any physical changes after you crash a car. Forza has done that with the last 2 titles. Graphics aside, what about the realism? I played my car in GT 4 (a camaro) and i didn't think it felt right at all. Then i played my old car in Forza 1 and took a turn too fast and smacked the wall and the rest of the race i had to compensate for the car pulling to the left.

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anyone who can't see the difference is retarded! it's so obvious! GT5 is on the top of the screen. and Forza2 is on the bottom. There, glad that argument is settled.

Also, i'd like to point out that if you see a cloud in the sky and you want it to look like something it probably will eventually. Going into video comparisons of games that are so similar thinking that one is going to look better, will probably trick your mind into thinking it looks better. They look almost ...

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the game itself sucks, who cares!
unless the PS3 version showers me with beautiful naked women and gives me money for playing it, i'm not touchin it.

bottom line is neither version looks impressive, and they can make it look 100x better and the game play still blows.
To the person that said pay to play and worry about ring of death, STFU. This article has nothing to do your mom and her herpes (although i think ring of death is a bit harsh, herpes don't kill yo...

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Burnout is the best. sadly it comes out for both systems so we're going to have to listen to these same arguments again. I'll end the debate early...PS3 version will be darker and less jaggy, 360 version will be more colorful and have more solid controls. Oh yeah...and the force feedback thing.

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Just be happy you guys are arguing over which next gen sim racer looks best between your two systems. if you had a wii every game you get will look like straight ASS and you'd be one of the millions of wii owners that has theirs in a corner collecting dust. or i guess you could be bowling...

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on the one hand...GT5 isn't out yet and doesn't come out for a while. So this isn't the final cut. On the other hand, it gets a ton more development time so it should look a lot better by the end. Going strictly on the pictures because i think these sim racers are lame, i'd say they both look about the same. but they are crappy pix... Guess we'll just have to wait and see...though there is no real point to the comparison. PS3 race sim fans don't get Forze and 360 race simmers don't get ...

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If you read the comment 2 before that, you would have seen that up until i watched that video i had hoped this would be the game that convinced me to buy a ps3. I have nothing against the system itself. I realize it's probably the most powerful. It just has incredibly crappy games and lousy developers. There hasn't been one game that has come close to the scores of gears of war, halo, orange box, bioshock....add that on to too much money and there is no reason to own this system. The peo...

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After reading all these positive comments about this game, i was convinced you were all blind. but after seeing that i'm being ignored for pointing out wishful thinking doesn't make a game good, i realize you're just stupid.

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Call of Duty games are cheap, shallow games with boring gameplay. I wouldn't have bought it if it were 50-60 hours. Probably smart of them to cut back the length so ppl don't have time to realize this is the same game as all the others with new make up to make it look present day rather than the past. Hopefully this will hurt sales enough that they will finally give up on this lame series. Go Away COD.

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Hey holmes, at least we have games to play and get bored of. You'd get bored of your games too if you had any to play. And i'm not bored of halo, i'm just distracted by Orange Box. I AM, however, very bored of Tomb Raider...which is all this is...a glorified tomb raider with a male lead character.

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mighty douche, just read your comment. you think nobody noticed the ripples? i'm sure EVERYONE noticed the ripples, it was the only part in that video that felt realistic. By the way, for you ppl saying the graphics are nice, i just wanna add, each character model looks like it uses about 5 polygons. TERRIBLE! Nothing impressive about this game (aside from the
PS3 owners are so desperate for a good game their minds are playing tricks on em.

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You know, i really thought this game might give me an excuse to come up with the money for a ps3. But now that i've seen this thanks. aside from good lighting, this game has nothing to offer. The graphics aren't next gen, the water looks terrible especially the splashing, and all the plumes of fire look exactly the same and very cheap.
This game would flow much better if it were like half life where you control the driving with the left thumb stick and the shooting with t...

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PS3 got an extra year, looks better. Which it should. also looks more cinematic. does seem to be lacking some of the deeper color though.

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