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you think "most gamers" don't know what the Konami Code is?

normally i agree with your comments, but this one is a little ridiculous.

100+ games have this code. i'm pretty sure there's even an achievement in one of the viva piñata games for using it.

Edit: wow, even more games than i thought. and even Half Life 2 uses it apparently.

not to mention that more people SHOULD be speaking out against stuff like this.

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what does seeming "down to earth" have to do with anything?

not that i think most gamers care about politics (any more than blindly championing the agenda set forth by their political team), or that politics should really be a topic of discussion on n4g, and my comment was really just a joke; but the US has gone down hill even further in the last 4 years than it did in the previous 8. and things were already pretty bad so that's saying something. the economy i...

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2013 is either going to start with 4 years of Romney or 4 more years of Obama. i'd call that one of the worst ways to start a year.

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dude, give me a break. the final product doesn't look anywhere near as good as that original video...nothing does. that 2005 video IS a pre-rendered video. they admitted it.

and it really makes you sound like a hypocrite calling people who deny that the game looks that good fanboys.

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Portal and L4D

RDR was pretty fantastic though. Same with the first Bioshock

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get Day Z. i know there's a lot of hype around it lately, but i can't tell you how much it creates an experience you haven't had before.

Also, i love tf2. look me up with this name on steam. i predominantly play if you play a heavy class (heavy, soldier, demo, even pyro), send an invite.

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uncharted 3 didn't not make uncharted 2 look primitive. they were practically the same game.

as for the article. too bad if the author doesn't wanna see em. you can be damn sure ms isn't going to let halo go anywhere. sony isn't going to let uncharted go anywhere. activision isn't letting cod go anywhere. ubisoft isn't letting AC go anywhere.

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yep, closed the page when i realized i'd have to click to another page just to see number 4.

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it's not anything.

it's some ideas jotted down on paper. which, btw, amount to a table pc with a controller.

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the army is comprised of americans who swore an oath to the constitution.

do you really believe they'll all fight against the american people? plus...1/3 of americans have guns...that's a pretty big militia.

i realize people don't know history anymore, so here's a brief lesson. this country fought off the most powerful military in the world without an organized military of our own to earn our independence.

@partiots_pride: ...

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college is a scam. just get a job, get real world experience, save money and start investing.

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like when psn went down for a few months and millions of credit cards got stolen? that was pretty amazing.

i'm a gamer...i play pc, 360, ps3, sudoku. and still, not every day is amazing. but, then again, i'm not delusional.

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someone on n4g that understands that sony is just as much in it to make money and that the notion of a corporation "caring" about people is absurd? i must be dreaming...or dead. oh god!

the fact is that ms and sony both only care about the bottom dollar, MS just happens to be way way WAY more successful than sony and therefore they are the "evil" company.

the whole thing is a joke. both companies, working toward the single goal of makin...

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Save yourself the time. The reason is, "we didn't have time."

we needed an article for that...

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zombie U isn't impressive looking

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this is how worthless gaming news is at this point. this article is the top among 5 pointless articles. what a sad joke.

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yeah? grow up and get over it.

watch this crap get top article.

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only a ps3 exclusive that hasn't come out yet can be called GOTY and then get defended so absurdly when someone calls them out for it. you people need to grow up.

...though, i know you won't.

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