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from the e3 demo i saw, it seemed like move had little to do with it. it was mostly about the eye toy and the book.

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you really need to learn how to draw conclusions. you don't have a clue how rational thinking works.

we all know? give me a break. we don't KNOW anything.

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The thing about having your name at the top of your comment is that you don't need a signature at the bottom.

Just looked up Deadlight, looks pretty badass. Sorta like Limbo meets Shadow Complex


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and the most unnecessary, obvious comment of the year award goes to....

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yeah, but hypocrisy is.

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so a post zombie apocalypse game and a "choose your adventure" movie with some QTE's are original?

give me a break. do you people really believe the garbage you spew? this is the exact opposite of originality! and yes, that's the problem with games...everything is so overdone and cliche that people actually change the definition of originality. and if these 2 titles weren't exclusive to a certain console, nobody would be saying that. the same way ev...

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not just MW2...every cod is ruined by cheating. i read this same idiot article year after year. and yet, you people are still buying it. so who's fault is it? the developer? or the moron consumer who keeps shelling out 60 dollars for the same faulty product?

time for gamers to grow up as consumers.

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agreed (sorta), but it is a stupid feature.

the only time my life is so boring that i'd reduce myself to playing D3 is when i'm at work. and even though i just wanna play alone, i can't because the internet is too slow.

fortunately, i didn't pay for the game, or i'd probably be a little upset.

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Larry King.

but he's probably not a fan.

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so pumped to play this

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it's much better to just sit around watching dancing with the stars and american idol. or some pointless sporting event.

btw, who wants to be normal?

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so will people in the UK only be killing the colonists?

whole thing seems pretty stupid to me. you're a bipartisan assassin.

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why do stupid people always blame everything on fox news and give msnbc a pass? they're basically the exact same propaganda machine. 2 sides of the same corporate media coin. serving to further divide the population.

divide n conquer.

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Zach Galifianakis isn't the least bit funny and should NEVER, under any circumstances, be quoted.

he's a like a fat, even less funny version of Tom Green.

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he can chafe all he wants. it's still true.

i have owned every piece of hardware nintendo has ever made...right up til the wii and the 3ds. and if i buy a wii u, it'll only be to sell to some idiot fanboy that was too stupid to pre-order and is now willing to shell out 3x what it's worth.

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hardcore casual?

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i think cloud storage as a main focus is much more likely than cloud gaming. people won't stand for relying on their internet connections to stream constant HD gaming. and i doubt the developers are dumb enough to assume that the 200 million gamers out there that buy consoles in a life-cycle are all going to have fast enough connections for that.

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dead space isn't really a survival horror game anyway. it's just an action game that tries to have some startling moments. it's not scary though. especially the 2nd one. so how will having co-op change anything? a good co-op game can still have startling moments...look at L4D.

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"Judging by the trailer it certainly looks nice, but will it play any good?"

...journalism at its finest

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i think it's one of the best third person shooters i've ever played (and i have played a ton of third person shooters). you have your opinion, i have mine.

really disappointing that it got so badly outsold by la noire ...which actually is a mediocre game.

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