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Diablo 3 beta was boring! a game in the wrong generation. i already have it pre-installed and i have no interest in playing it. will probably go with Max Payne on the 15th instead.

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you're gonna get slammed for speaking the truth on a site where Sony worship is more common than sense, and denial is everyone's best friend.

and now i will too. but it's worth it. i'm tired of this site being dominated by irrational hypocrites. these people are so gung ho about not buying a 360 and hating microsoft, that they will shower unwarranted praise on sony for anything, including ripping off other games and ideas (e.g. Move).

to t...

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COD is baby's first shooter. it's intentionally designed to be really accessible so that ANYONE can play it. this is why it's popular...but shouldn't be among the "hardcore."

it doesn't matter what engine they use, or how big the budget is, it's made to have mass market appeal and therefore it can't be a fun, challenging experience.

there is nothing wrong with this...and there is nothing wrong with liking it. but, by d...

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the MP looks exactly how you'd expect it to look. what else could they really do?

hate to be the only person grounded in reality here, but this is not the type of game that will have mass MP player appeal. in fact, i'll go as far as to predict that less than 1k ppl will play this per day within the first two weeks of launch.

not that i'm saying it looks bad...just something ppl won't actually play. the sony-supporters are notorious for buil...

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bethesda is a very overrated company.

as for this article...add this site to the ranks of sites i won't be visiting.

one sentence per page? someone is trying to jack up revenue for doing next to nothing.

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there is nothing more fun and exciting than being in the zone in Gears multiplayer.

although, SMNC is quickly growing on me.

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it's pretty obvious his lawyer tacked on that part so that they could hope for a bigger settlement.

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I've been playing witcher 2 the last few days. i'm amazed at how alive the world feels. Games like Skyrim don't feel alive at all by comparison.

they do so many things right, it's hard to believe it's a lower budget game. i will say, the enemy ai is a little bit predictable and manipulable.

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i doubt he's trolling. there are a TON of delusional people that believe that nonsense.

i'm all for smart phones getting more powerful, of course; but i'm a bit puzzled about how they'll control the heat at this point in time. my Droid X gets really hot when i just play sudoku on it.

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arkham city is a great game for tripping.

EDIT: lol, reading though some of the comments here, i doubt most of you actually smoke...or at least don't get a buzz when you do - like you're just acting the way you THINK you should. how does it affect your functionality the way some of you describe? it's not alcohol...not even kinda.

"When you're "high as a kite" you'll be lucky just to find your damn controller.

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so you first say that people shouldn't be getting high in the first place, then you question someone's problem with your opinion? you obviously have a problem with any who's opinion is that it's okay to smoke.

and who are you to tell anyone else what they should and shouldn't do. people like you are the types of people who stand on the corner with signs trying to spread your closed mindedness, then you go home to stick your thumb up your dogs bum.

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pot calling the kettle black.

sure, it's no mass effect, but neither is dead space.

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Mario has more romance than Uncharted.

Mario goes to the ends of the world and battles his nemesis over and over just to save Peach.

What does Drake do? He puts his g/f in danger and then makes bad, cliche jokes about how they almost got killed. Then they break up in between games cuz Drake is probably a pretty boring guy when he's not killing thousands of people to steal a treasure for his own selfish gain and fetish for thrills.

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what are you talking about? Their relationship goes nowhere. They end up together at the end of a game, then at the beginning of the next, they aren't. Then they just repeat the process. Every time i see her pop up in a game, i roll my eyes. It would be better if they just introduced a new love interest each game like in an indiana jones movie. except crystal skull (but that doesn't count -- since it shouldn't exist -- damn you Lucas!).

also, you don't n...

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1) Create Half-Life
2) Create Steam
3) Profit (of course)
*you are here*
4) Computer clothes
5) Steam everywhere
6) Buy Amazon
7) Buy Apple
8) Buy Google
9) Hold World ransom for... 1 million dollars

Edit: You can buy a LOT of cheeseburgers for 1 million dollars. think about it.

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everything is good enough for "true fans." "true fans" liked the star wars prequels. all "true fan" means is that you will make excuses for something no matter how bad it is.

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the fact that dante has 51 agrees and 0 disagrees says it all.

really sad though. i used to buy COD just because i knew i could rack up some quick achievements and then trade it online to someone who's willing to give up 2 games (did the same thing with both killzones), but now i just feel dirty when i even think of supporting it.

but, the vocal majority are the vast minority, and there really are millions of ppl out there who buy just madden and/or cod ...

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I really liked the last splinter cell. in fact, i just popped it in about a month ago and noticed the beta key in there. i then wondered to myself whatever happened to that beta...or if i even missed it. guess i have my answer. lookin forward to checkin it out.

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sorry, no it doesn't. it might separate people who play all the time from people who don't, but it has nothing to do with skill.

the fact that you think memorization and skill are the same thing speaks quite loudly at how well you handle yourself with the standard weapons. i never go for the special guns, if i a stumble upon one (or more likely...when i steal it from your dead, memorizing, skill-free ass), i'll use it; but i don't need them to be good. i ca...

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the most exciting thing has to be the random weapon spawns. now teams of players can't use weapon camping "strategies." the term strategies being used VERY loosely here. nothing says no skill like depending on the spawn timers of the superlative weapons.

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