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Too bad the graphics look like they belong on the ps2, the AI looks retarded, and the gun mechanics could be from Wolf 3D.

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didn't seem like a joke. seemed like he was implying that if you were interested in the game, you'd have it by now...

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why does it have anything to do with lazy? maybe new adopters just heard about the series, but not enough to be interested in seeking it out in stores. maybe just seeing it now is enough inspiration to check the series out. personally, i think the first uncharted is the best, and i think it's the game ppl should play. if they can get it effortlessly in their home, i'm all for it.

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"despite introducing alluring new technology with the Wii U system, doesn’t have a price point or release date for it, putting some questionable doubt into the faith the company has for it"

this comment right here exposes the quality of this bullshit article. there is no reason junk like this should make it to the top.

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oh please. these people could have produced the greatest ending of all time and you'd all still be crying. you're just a bunch of whiners.

show us what you've written. or what game you've created.

i wasn't "utterly devastated" by the ending. i actually liked the you don't speak for me.

and for the record, i know tons of people, outside of the ridiculous cry babies on n4g, that thought it was g...

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it helps that the admins intentionally allow trolling specifically from one side, and keeps sony exclusive articles up longer on the "hottest" bar. even when they have 1/5th as many comments as another article.

it's so transparent.

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just gotta put the word "xbox" in your title/article. kinda sad that this is what people care about. their loyalty to a corporation.

no wonder we've drifted so far into fascism.

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if you're giving diablo 3 a 95/100, you played a different game.

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Watch this video and then tell me a console manufacturer couldn't pick this company up and be ready for the "NEXT GEN" rather quickly

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If, instead of a launch title you had to buy separate, it was actually included with the console, then i think it would be enough to really help boost launch sales. I know i would consider it a massive incentive to be an early adopter.

and early adoption is probably what scares these console makers at this point. They release Halo 4 on 360 and they already have how many million units in people's homes? they release halo 4 with 720, and maybe only 2 or 3 million ppl eve...

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the original killzone wasn't an FPS. neither was x-com. crysis was a jungle/outdoor game, crysis 2 was in a city. resident evil 4 was far different than the first 3 REs. Guitar Hero started out being just about a guitar. How about the big changes in the Red Dead series?

point is...who cares if that's "not what the original farcry was about?" Farcry 2 was hardly anything like Farcry. Farcry 1 had a lot of scripted events and corridor areas. Farcry 2 did...

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agreed. people cried after FC2 because it was too open and things got repetitive. so they swing the other way, and more ppl cry.

i'm really just getting sick of all the whining coming from gaming "journalists" (using this term VERY loosely). you don't have to buy every game. if this doesn't appeal to you, then play something else.

This author's complaint is a far cry from justified.

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So...what's the complaint? That comcast isn't counting xfinity streaming against your data cap each month? oh, how evil!

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you're right, my mistake. i was just looking at the website and thought it seemed a bit odd that they suddenly have several other MMOs.

yeah, i don't know anything about gamersfirst aside from what i just saw briefly. but to me, that seems like a good company (maybe not great), at least they are trying to keep these games alive. it's commendable.

i will say though, based on what evil is say about forcing p2p on people, that is pretty lame. s...

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why do they suck as a company? apb was a pretty ambitious project. just because it didn't succeed doesn't mean the suck. i never played it, but i know a lotta ppl who do now that it's F2P.

Given an opportunity to make an APB 2, i bet they could deliver a great game.

though i'd rather see it set in the max payne universe ;)

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Gimme GTA V: Undead Nightmare!

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"Starhawk is a faaaaar better game than TF2, LFD2, or any other lazy abbreviated named online game Valve has mustered up yet"

you're just a fanboy. also, those games have names...the abbreviations just make it easier for morons like you type them.

and TF2 is free to play. so you're also one of those ignorant people that loves to spout off about things he doesn't know anything about. typical

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The first thing i thought of when i played this game was that it's pretty obvious that Rockstar went after the biggest story and set piece-driven third person shooter franchise this generation and set out to outdo it. and boy did they

the action sequence on the boat was infinitely more exciting than the car sequence in the first and second uncharted (i can't remember what uncharted 3's moment like that was...maybe the horse chase?). and i think the burning build...

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Just because people's opinions differ from yours does not mean they are trying to be "fashionable" or that they are "trolling."

I was a HUGE diablo fan in the late 90s...diablo 2 was okay, but basically more of the same skill-less gameplay and constant returns to town to vendor loot and to swap out your current piece of +2.4% whatever for your new +2.45% whatever.

That thanks. i played it for 2 hours tuesday...

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Post an article with a picture of a chic, Get a "hottest" article.

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