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then you obviously haven't played both games. they are incredibly similar. the way the camera follows while sprinting, the cover system, the way the team death match plays out, the feel when you're rolling or popping into cover, the feel of the weapons.

if you play a round of uncharted 3 tdm, then immediately jump into a round of max payne 3 tdm, you wouldn't notice much difference.

and as far as the story goes. it transitions in and out of cut...

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It is a REALLY impressive engine.

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I would describe Max Payne 3 as...Uncharted, but with bullet time, better gunplay, more detailed (and destructible) environments, better set pieces, and a MUCH better story.

I think that's pretty much what Rockstar was going for.

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There is NOTHING impressive (visually, stylistically, gameplay-ly) about Killzone.

With it's clunky controls, crappy environments, lack of color, generic gameplay and level design, i often wonder if the ps3 fanboys actually played Killzone while pretending it's so much better than it actually is. 2 of the worst FPS i've played this generation.

...of course, i realize the answer is probably no. because even when the games first came out, it took...

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Uncharted 1, 2, and 3.

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relax people, it's a cut scene. lol.

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Maybe they should cool down on this franchise after 3...for a while.

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"I have addressed some of the comments that people have left. Feel free to read the update at the end of the piece."

yeah? do you address the pointlessness of this article?

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I lol'd

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I would say the worst Halo ever was Resistance: Fall of Man.

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you would think, as a "grown man," that you'd have better things to do than to leaf through dozens of comments just to find some examples to prove a pretty weak point.

but perhaps you are right...maybe in the past i have acted a bit out of character. but, when surrounded by such overwhelming stupidity, even the best of us will eventually lash out (especially after a few (many) beers).

Crazyglues, you're still a huge troll, and no amount of...

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@Dawn, Since commonsense doesn't appear to be taking a stance on one system vs another but rather the stealth dig by a troll, I don't see the hypocrisy.

You, on the other hand, did make the comment, "One is allowed to have preferences." So, wouldn't it make you the hypocrite for then criticizing him for expressing an opinion?

Also, who scavenges through old comments just to make a vague point about how it's acceptable to be a PS3 f...

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double post...awesome.

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so it only goes to the people who were randomly selected and did nothing to deserve it other than sign up like everyone else? just another FU from blizzard.

if i wasn't getting this game for free, there's no way i'd get it (and i'll still play through max payne before i spend the 30 minutes on diablo i plan to invest). first they remake starcraft, then they give us ninja pandas, now we get a diablo 2 remake...sorry blizzard, i'm out. activision are real...

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it figures you're getting disagrees for speaking the truth. lets face it, most people today just aren't smart enough to know their history.

even with google at their finger-tips, they'd rather just be ignorant.

African chiefs would trade guns for their own people, for example.

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I'd say the Reapers are Democrats. Trying to indoctrinate weak minded people into socialism, which will ultimately result in a whole lot of deaths. ...just like it always has in the past.

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you people (95% of you) are the reason gaming isn't taken seriously in the mainstream. so immature.

how can you care/brag about numbers when you had NOTHING to do with the development of the system, the establishment of the company, or the profits?

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that's not gonna happen.

what might happen, though, is a re-release in the next generation for 20 bucks with new online support. probably the best we can hope for. of course, you'll be buying it twice at that point.

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I will be very surprised if sony makes any big announcements. In fact, i think they're in a lot of trouble. japan is really struggling financially and all their big corporations are going down. Sony had a market cap of 100B dollars in the 90s. When they released the PS3 their market cap was around 40-50billion. now...they are at 18 Billion. i don't see how they could possibly afford to push a new console. They are trending down on televisions and computers.

I e...

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it looks pretty Elder Scrollsy to me.

...but if it ends up being another formulaic, dice-roll mmo, count me out.

also, i don't see how this "ruins the brand." it's a hugely popular series. people don't just give up on a franchise cuz of one potential mistake.

need evidence of this? look at the star wars prequels. and 90% of the star wars games.

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