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of course you are getting slammed with disagrees because sony fanboys are insane.

look up the E3 video. it's the EXACT same thing.

fires bullet then runs closer...fires second bullet then gets shot. the way the second guy dies while running at you. you shoot him once then the 2nd bullet makes his body awkwardly ragdoll backwards (this is identical to the e3 demo). then they go into the next room and ellie picks up a brick. go into the next room and a...

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i don't see what's not to understand. he's not funny, he's a bumbling idiot, and he can't tell a joke without chuckling to himself (especially in his snl days)

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no matter how scary the game character is, he'll never come close to inspiring the horror i feel at the idea of 4 more years of this clown.

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anyone who thinks they can form a conclusion based on this one image is an idiot.

P.S. i'm playing this game right now on 360. sure is a nice looking game. though the camera is a little off when in combat. sometimes it doesn't seem to know where to go exactly.

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of course a company that makes low-res side scrollers with no detail in the textures is going to think the wii U is "powerful."

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wtf is this? who are you?

pardon "us?"

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I still don't understand how, as a gamer (i assume), you can still be fooled by cut scenes. makes no sense. "real-time" doesn't mean that's how the game looks in action. it just means the cut scene was created with the same tools.

i can guarantee the game won't look like that.

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well, i can tell you this much... The graphics won't be as good as on the other consoles. Wii U is more disappointing than Wii was 6 years ago. and i was one of those people that was practically giddy before the nintendo press conference.

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i would normally agree with you. but have you ever tried to play a ubisoft game on pc? it's awful. they don't know how to optimize.

i definitely prefer PC to a game on console...IF it works. unfortunately, that's a pretty big if. to play the first assassin's creed (bought on steam), i had to unplug my ethernet cable and go into offline mode just to get it to run properly.

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same. and i can't imagine ubisoft being dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot like that.

also ppl need to be careful about their interpretation of the word "exclusive" during the E3 press conferences. more often than not they just mean timed exclusive, but that doesn't sound as good when trying to grab attention and headlines.

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when she first starts singing, the audience reacts really surprised. why?

cuz she doesn't sound like a 6 year old?

li'l zoom-in on the cleavage there....

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it's all good sexy

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it's the article's "heat" (the popularity of the article). the hottest articles get put on the top.

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about midway through the game i went from rogue to mage, and i could summon down a meteor that basically just one-shotted everything. or i could call down lightning that did the same thing.

it was great feeling ultra powerful at first, but then i realized they were never going to throw an enemy at me that was a challenge.

it really would have made for a good mmo.

one other complaint, the game had this tremendous art style that you never got ...

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same here. i really liked the game...even if it did become incredibly easy by the end.

and of course the sales are up...they're actually advertising the game now. i've seen quite a few ads on various web pages.

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no, the graw series was better. but, it is still a good game. the multiplayer is kinda pointless, but the co-op is fun.

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cute read.

not sure i understand why zero punctuation is the picture though.

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a plastic fork and some ramen.

3161d ago 10 agree0 disagreeView comment bland and boring must your life be to lose track of time playing this game? i've had more fun separating the crunch berries from my cap'n crunch.

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yeah? well you're missing out on one of the best third person shooters ever made.

but i suppose some idiots get some sort of satisfaction out of being a contrarian.

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