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So much hate...

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So thats why they really got rid of online passes.....and we were all praising them.

Knew they were doing it for a better reason


You know this is probably why they've taken Microsofts side all of a sudden since this gen they've usualy sided with Sony.

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Shows you how much of a big head Microsoft have got

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Christ sake Microsoft...I'm not setting this thing up in my room when I don't want it.

Come on least Sony is giving us the option to play without the camera

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I thought they wouldn't call it the XBOX ONE because it would look like the PS4 was better because the number being higher.

If thats the case they could of just called it XBOX 3

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I thought something was up when they were cheering just for the guy moving his hand on Kinect. I was like

"We've seen this before at the past two E3 conferences"

This is so bad

2836d ago 50 agree1 disagreeView comment could just hold the logo button on your controler to turn it on

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Not really because if I want to play Halo 4 or any other 360 game I'm going to have to plug in my Xbox 360 again...

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Beat me to it

Wish people would remember this, remember that saying...

Fool me once...

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E3 is going to be huge...for TV/Kinect stuff that we don't care about

They've done this so many times, how can you expect them to give you the goods this time.

It's not going to happen

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Well Done DayZ....bubble up

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How is it obvious trolling when most people are saying the same things. Look on the Xbox Facebook page or on other forums. We're nearly all thinking it.

Microsoft have messed up but people like you give them chance after chance

Your like one of those abused wifes who keep getting hit off their husbands but instead of leaving him you think he's going to change.

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The New COD looks know what your going to expect in it

I mean this is what you would expect to see on current gen hardware

Like always a new lick of paint and it will get a perfect score

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I have to admit it looks really big

I mean even Kinect 2 looks massive.

They better not bundle that with the XboxOne...I'm not paying for something I'm not going to use

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Opinions are not trolling

If he said "This Sucks balls, DriveClub is better...PS4 FTW"

Then fair enough

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Where the hell was Alan Wake 2

It ended on a cliff hanger...come on

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So criticizing them which is now trolling

We do it to Nintendo when they mess up...even Sony so why not Microsoft.

Oh Quantum Break looks alright but it's not Alan Wake 2

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I'm going to play it many of them will be Kinect titles, entertainment stuff or downloadable titles.

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People wanted better advertising....they bloody got it

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I'm pretty sure Microsoft have done worser things

Someone posted something in another article about Microsofts Xbox "Love Boat" when the PS3 had it's launch party in France.

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