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If I could cook hamburgers on it while I game then it's a day 1 buy from me

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"A runaway hit that moved tons of software and hardware. Record breaking, ground breaking and expanded the user base"

You mean

A hit which Microsoft did to get more money from casual gamers after seeing how well it worked for Microsoft, to give their hardcore fans the middle finger as they focused more time and even company resources on that then actual games and gaming features....not to mention setting up Kinect based studios rather then core ones...

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Illumiroom...what Kinect was to this gen


Just give me games Microsoft and show me what console can do, thats all I want to see.

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Troy Baker....really

He's an alright voice actor but not Joker material...

Theres really no point in this game if they can't even be arsed to get the original voice actors.

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Bout bloody comes out next month

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The Joker ? No Mark Hamill though I'm guessing

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Nice trailer but I know for a fact it's going to be a re skinned Arkham City with a few new bits and bobs like the Newer Gotham Area.

Trying to get another Batman game out before next gen comes along...

I really hope Rocksteady are working on a sequel to Arkham City...I really want a massive open world Batman game in Gotham

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"How can't others else see or comprehend this"

Because this years different, we most likely have two BRAND NEW next gen consoles going up on sale at the end of the year.

The Nintendo exclusives arn't going up against Microsoft/Sony exclusives and multiplatform games, they are going up against two consoles as well, things which will bring us fully into the next gen. It's a pretty big thing this year and with the way this world is these da...

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Already ?

Usually it would take a good 3-4 years into the consoles life cycle before they reach Maximum Performance. The Wii U hasn't even been out a year.

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If Versus is multiplatform Square can go screw themselves for all I care

It's not really it being multiplatform that would bother me, it's the fact that the reason we've been waiting so long for it is so they can hold off releasing it for the PS3 until next gen comes along so they don't have to dumb it down if they were to release it on the 360. This must of been Wada's plan before he resigned...if true, I knew he was holding it back with money in mind, it...

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I just think it allows Insomniac to fix the story, give fans what they were expecting with Resistance 2, give Nathan Hale massive amounts of character development and make it so it changes the story so much that it will continue even after Resistance Fall of Man 3.

With alternative timelines it means the past stories never get ruined.

I would love if Resident Evil did this....or Metal Gear Solid, you know a way to bring Solid Snake back without backtracking a...

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Resistance 4 aka Resistance Fall of Man 2

Alternative Universe, different path, brand new's the perfect plan. Everything works out with a "What if" scenario

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It has the same style to it as the RE6 one....and that is not a good sign since RE6 was terrible.

You know they probably havent learnt there lesson with this....there will be more then one character, co-op will still be there and it will be an over the top action game.

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LOL...taking the time....THEY FINISHED the Wii U version

Hey if you want to be bent over by developers then f***** in the ass by them then fair enough but people who complain at least don't stand for any bullcrap.

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It's the way they hyped Rayman up though for the Wii U as being that exclusive "spring" hit, I mean I don't own one but I'm not going to be selfish and no see why fans were p***** was a horrible thing to do, so close to the game actually releasing aswell

"Oh sorry we realised we could get more money off other consoles so were pushing it back...even though it's practically done on the Wii U"

It's the way they e...

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Oh yeah because pushing back Rayman Legends shows great support...

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The let there new IP for the PS4 be a platforming game

Who says it has to be another FPS or shooter in general.

We've had way too many Ratchet games to the point where it's getting old and stale....getting worse scores as it goes along.

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dmc was crap though...the sales prove that

The big reviewers who give out there scores first were obviously paid off someway with either exlclusive info on their next games or somehting else because theres no way that games a 8,9 or even 10 out of 10.

It's inferior to past DMC titles and a back step for the franchise...overall it's worse then other games (least DMC2 despite how bad it was, was still a DMC game)...

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I was thinking about resurrected Samurai warriors for the end twist, but I think people would just end up saying it's copying <SPOILERS> ........the new Tomb Raider.

Unless they have ancient Japanese mummies since they didn't get to set the game in Egypt for the sand setting.

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The difference is people like Mario because of his games and who he is while the majority of people only like COD because their friends like it, and their friends friends and so on....COD is just a social gimmick, it's more of a trend then it is a game.

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