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Woah, Woah, Woah....even XBLA games

Are you saying that whatever games we've all bought on XBLA like Castle Crashers and Plants vs Zombies for example won't be transferred over.

Has this been confirmed ? Anyone ?

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You think this is some well thought out strategy plan by Microsoft....I highly doubt it.

Why would they want so much negative press on themselves for a console they are selling this year. This is just one giant f*** up for them and what we have now is damage control.

I wouldn't be surprised if things don't pick up after E3 they will start paying people off to bigg them up and speak positively for them

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Well then...they are the only "bases" that remain....but for how long

Once Activision realise that they don't have to work their arses off so much with COD on the PS4 because of how much easier the architecture is and the likelihood that COD sales on the PS4 may increase with the way MS are going....what will they have left.....Madden, Halo, Gears (which is still second party who knows what could happen)

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Especially EA Sports...the games are worse then COD when it comes to annual releases.

I just don't get how people who like sports so much could buy a football game like Fifa when they probably play it for real all the time with their friends. Most of friends who buy it always play it with each other. Isn't the whole point of games to act out things which you wouldn't get from real life....escaping reality into a fantasy world.

For me...sports and ...

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on my own..dum dum dum dum, like a drifter I was born to walk alone, dum dum dummm dum

An' I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time

No?...too much

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It already has, they lost us back in 2009 when Kinect was launched.

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Obvious IGN would be defending more money from Microsoft otherwise, they'll probably be kicked off the dashboard if they call it

Seriously I could buy a Kit Kat Chunky, unwrap it, cut a circular hole in it as the camera and you probably couldn't tell the difference

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As I said on another article the big difference is that Kinect will be mandatory but the PS4s touch pad will most likely be optional.

If you want to swipe your weapon in a FPS for example you can use the touch pad, if you don't you can use the D-Pad.

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It's a good interview...surprising since it comes from Eurogamer

Off topic but Phil looks like an Observer from FRINGE


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I know's bloody hilarious

Just like that...he's forgiven despite him still coming off as confusing. He's just telling people what they want to hear because of damage control, it's his job, he's making the best out of a crappy situation to get some positive reception going.

No wonder Microsoft are the way they are with fans like that

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illumiroom....totally forgot about that

Maybe they'll waste most of E3 talking about that along with Kinect and the tablet stuff....not too mention the sports section they always include with a football star like EA Sport conferences

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The difference is you can probably choose not to use the touch pad, while Kinect will be mandatory and I have a funny feeling that in the future with titles like Halo 5 they will make you do Kinect stuff while playing your game.

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I think they are trying to backtrack because of the backlash they are getting. If the console was being praised which they were hoping then they wouldn't have a problem admiting these things but because it's getting backlash left, right and center they are bricking themselfs.

So these things are true, they are just trying to calm people down....sugar coat them untill E3 where they HOPE people will be amazed at the games and such where they won't care what they do ...

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Sony had 2 hours and it wasn't even on their own campus.

Microsoft can do things...they have the money

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You know when I watched the conference I didn't expect it to be launched this year but it's surprising in a way

I mean 15 exclusives for Xbox One at launch or for this year....they don't have enough time to hype them all up in the amount of time they have, still think they are going to be small downloadable titles, exclusive DLC, a few new IPs/sequels and Kinect based games.

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This is damage control at it's finest

They aren't "potential"'s what they were or are still going to do but are trying to calm people down after the backlash

I mean people from MS, who work there confirmed this stuff in interviews, since they were high up people they would of said straight away they were just "what if's". If they were low key memebers of staff them I would believe them but this was most of th...

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It came from all the Microsoft employees who were sitting on the back row, higher up...probably so it echos across the room. Adam Sessler said it never came from the press who were at the front

They probably were cheering because they were told to OR because they were applauding each other who has worked on a section of the tec when one of the suits were showing it off....kind of like a nod to each other as co workers.

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Again going against the majority so you have something to argue about to someone

Mike I really feel like you need to engage with people in the real world, face to face, then sitting at home behind a desk and a keyboard where you can twist peoples words as you see fit

Awwww <pinches cheek> :)


Don't you dare talk to showtimefolks about hypocrites because your the biggest one on this site.

EDIT 2...

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Yeah full force only because of the rumored pre owned fee and the locking to one account that Microsoft have in place

Ha...and I thought they were doing a good thing by getting rid of online passes

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"I'm buying an Xbox one on Day one" don't say

"If this is for stand-alone single player games then I hope MS gets all the negative feedback possible to realize how silly that would be for the average gamer. "

How are they going to do that when your going to buy the console day one. Thats like saying I'm sick of Activision giving us the same crap with COD but then buying it at ...

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