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Yeah they were hacked...something that wasn't really there fault. Everything MS has done lately has been done by their own hand

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They've done bits and bobs here and there which some people will obviously sucker into but after how much they've done over the years since Kinect first came around...what they've done positively hasn't even scratched the surface of all the negative things they've done and if you forgive them now....then sorry but you are a fool.

They don't care about us, they don't care about gamers, the stuff they did do was only because the higher up suites were...

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Not really...Omar teased Crash a ton before the game came out

If they knew this then why tease us....morons

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At the end of the day I think we need to put things into perspective. I come across alot of people in real life and even read articles on here where females keep bringing up the argument that gaming was for everyone right from the start and how equality should be more of a focus into he industry when thats simply not true

Video games were targeted towards males, they were made by males targeted towards males. Yeah some females bought them I'm not saying they never did the...

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Well after how long we've waited and it's the last one in the trilogy she better do it with a new song.

It's like tradition now

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I hate how though to understand this trilogy you need to buy the other hand-held games. I mean I know the song at the beginging on the games usualy goes with a re capping of the story but after how much has went on between KH2 and KH3....we are in for a long intro.

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Yes they the reveal conference and even Mark Cerny said it aswell

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Really can't see this being true when it passed the FCC a while back

Why do people think it's so easy to make changes like this when it's so close to going into production/release

Anyway let the disagrees commence from Xbox fanboys who are jacking off to this news

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Yeah Mr White...YEAH SCIENCE

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Doubt it

The PS4 has already passed FCC so they won't change anything

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I like to think he'll come back someday. He's a popular character and will always be linked more to inFAMOUS then Deslin.

If he was truely dead this would of been called inFAMOUS 3 but I think deep in the back of these guys heads they want to save the numbered games for Cole while they continue the overall story with sub title games. It's a fantastic way to continue the story and change the setting without having to change things too quickly if they used Cole agai...

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Pffft...we'll see

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Listening to they are listening to the people in the board rooms tell them off because it's been a PR nightmare and they need to do something positive.

If they were listening then all of this would of been avoided when you had the outrage on Adam Orths comments about DRM months ago or for self publishing when the PS4 announced theirs.

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Says you

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A fanboy trying to make a person he disagrees with out to be a rival fanboy so it makes his own argument against the user he's replying to look better.

Don't...just don't, I've seen that kind of thing before on here and I'm sick of it. I might seem a little pro Sony, I'm fine with that but I have my reasons, Microsoft ditched us ages ago and have been screwing us over for years. One or two little things here and there don't make things right and ba...

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But the point is they were still going to go through with it.

I mean James Silva is behind MS most of the time so it's obvious he's going to stick up for them

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But it was a backtrack though, they would of announced it at E3 or straight after the Sony announce self publishing where they were being praised for it. They wouldn't just sit there and gain more negative press for it.

It was a backtrack...MS screwed up, they saw indies support the PS4 more and wanted to backtrack to save more of their rep.

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That was their big announcement...I was expecting something like Banjo or Conker return or something bigger not something like Self publishing which Sony has already allowed..

Besides people are getting hyped up thinking it's some super games designer tool when we don't know all the facts, allowing their expectations to go wild. I bet you can't developer anything since privacy would be terrible to control and the app store would be full of crappy games.

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Don't see why your getting disagrees, it's the truth. It's MS, after everything they've done lets wait and see what the catch is or how good it is. People are just learning from their mistakes with trusting MS before.

I just don't get it, they treat us like crap after Kinect, became a greedy horrible anti consumer company, give the new Xbox horrible policies, revert them because of the negative reaction then all of a sudden after a few things here and ther...

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Good god, your such an troll

Go back to licking Microsoft's ass

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