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No point saying that Mystic, the Microsoft fanboys don't want to admit Sony have a ton more games coming up

I mean look at the people who mention they have more reveals to go they are disagreed to death. I can't wait untill they announce more games wonder what you low life MS fanboys will be like then

"bu bu but..the cloud"

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What the hell is with all you Xbox fanboys on this site latley, as I've said before most of you guys have only joined recently and look up to die hard MS fanboys like yourself ape007 who have been hear for a while.

Honestly you guys disagree to death anything Sony related on here and you praise MS to death on Microsoft related articles despite everything they've done.

I mean come on...I could list all of you from the top of my head. Youn guys appeari...

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Oh you mean like how all the new Xbox/MS fanboys have suddenly came onto this site and defend the crap out of Microsoft in any article which relates to them in some know those new profiles that have just joined the site either recently, the same time the Xbox One was revealed or when E3 came around. The ones who spin anything to make it look like "Sony fanboys"....hell when people were booing Double Helix at EVO the first thing they sai...

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So let me get this straight, MS screw us over and over and over since Kinect was launched, they've lied, they've been arogant and most of all been an ignorant bunch to us for years.

They try and screw us even worse with Kinect, are called out and change their policies because of us complaining...and now because they announce a few new features, things which still don't justify the price especialy when your paying more for less....thats it. Some people just forgive...

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Don't flatter your self love

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@WinterSoldier/@maniacmayhem - LOL, are you guys going to talk about people repeating themselves. It's a commenting website for starters most things do get repeated everyone does it.

Besides I've seen you two do the exact same thing on other articles you bunch of hypocrites, even if he's saying the same things he's only pointing something true out. Lets not forget WinterSoldier that you are one of the die hard Xbox fanboys on this site.

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Japan likes anything new. Once FF15 comes out I bet Noctis will be very popular or Stella if you go with a female FF character.

Besides Japan vs everyone else who didn't like her. They are very small vocal minority

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How did I get done for bad language when I censored the word out...LIKE THE MODS TELL YOU TO DO.

N4G for you...when the mods make up the rules as they go along.

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Poprocks to the f****** rescues, like always...even when someone criticizes Nintendo just a tiny bit

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Not the point though is it, they still did it. I think the guy above is talking more about the blind fans rather then the companies and how fast they respond to them.

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Where is Nolan ?

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DRM is bad, no matter what way you look at it. We're not in this always connected age yet and even if we were not every will still want to be always online.

Honestly, whats not to get ?

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The problem is your entire article just smells of fanboy bullcrap so it's hard to take you seriously, it feels more like a rant. You can't defend DRM, you can accept it's going to happen in the future but it will only happen in the future if we let it. This is where Mr_Nuts hit the nail right on the head, MS are like snakes in the grass, they will lie and lie and lie again to try and make themselves look like saints but deep down they don't care about...

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Wow love how the Xbox fanboys are out in numbers today, disagreeing, putting people down with opinions which don't match their own, bubbling each other up despite the comments being a bunch of crap, putting people down as fanboys because they have opinions of their own.

This is the reason I stopped using this site as much

Must be hard when you guys have to hide the majority of the time since Nintendo and Sony are owning Microsoft recently.

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For the love of god, it's not an exclusive is it.

Clarence, don't bother stating that mate, Xbox fans are f******* morons.

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LOL frostyhat123

Thats rich coming from you

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"regardless of the phantom disagrees by the 'bitter bunch')"

Maybe it's because they think it isn't good, ever thought about that. Of course not because to you Septic everyone who hates something you like are bitter ¬¬

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Oh yes because anyone who has an opinion of a game is a fanboy. I'd understand if it was a Microsoft exclusive but it isn't.

LOL look at the disagree's, yup disagree with the truth guys I know it's hard but what can you do. I love articles like this when all the die hard MS fanboys come out to play, we don't see you guys very often, wondering why. I mean take the guys below

"seems like they are out of nuts a...

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Logic if it was anyone else but you I would be nicer, I truely would but your not anyone else. You are the biggest pest on this site.

Oh your making the "You only have blah blah bubbles" statement. How mature, the only reason I have two bubbles is because unlike you and your bubbles which seem to go up despite people bubbling you down for the bollocks you spew out, I don't arse lick the mods or be best buddies with them anyway. I've seen you been bubbled dow...

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Oh shut up LOIGC/Blastoise, I'm sick of this site sometimes why can't people let other people have their opinions. Creating arguments where theres non. Ffs. Nuts isn't hurting anyone. The only people causing a fuss here is you guys.

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