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But we've seen enough of Sully in Uncharted 3, the whole game was practically about the relationship of those two, so why not have a game focusing on Elena's and Drakes relationship for it that "The Mummy" film feel with Rick and Evie going on their adventures together

Aren't you tired of getting half way through the game and there pops up Elena to aid you in your quest after finding out they've been through a break up. She needs to be ...

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I really want it to be a quest to search for Atlantis but I think we need to take a break from the lost cities and go after some real treasure. Lets not froget in Uncharted 3 we were looking for the Atlantis of the sands. Anyway theres loads of myths out there, maybe this time they will take us to Japan or maybe an urban city like London where we have to climb office blocks to steal something from a penthouse

I really want the game to be set around Nathan and Elena's rela...

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We need Alan Wake 2 but I hope it isn't like American was too action packed for me like they were trying to turn the action dial up to 10 for a bigger audience, it just didn't suit the overall style of the game.

Alan Wake 2 needs to be slower, creepier, more suspense filled and scary.

Does anyone know if American Nightmare is part of the story? I just don't want to play Alan Wake 2 to find out I have to finish AN to understand wha...

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Nice....but it's a bit late now

The games come and pass, this was only a thing which would of made the game seem more like an All Star game

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"The best result to come from Fuse releasing is that it will sell so bad that the developers get bought by Sony just to survive"

Well at least then Sony might get the cheaper but at the end of the day it will be Insomniacs fault...they wanted more freedom with their games and they decide to go with EA, I bet Sony offered them more freedom then any other company out there.

If they get bought I hope they don't continue with the Ratchet games thoug...

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They've said that before though in the past...and look what happened

I thought they said anyway it was going to be about TV features and stuff....or maybe that was next weeks reveal show

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Yeah...finally, it only took them, what...4 years

I'm still on the fence with this one...remember before Kinect was going to launch and even after

"We have a ton of exclusives to show off"

"We have a load of hardcore games for you guys"

"Kinect is for the hardcore"

Lie, after lie, after lie.

So yeah...sorry but I don't think I can take them seriously

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I think you scrapped more then the kind of got rid of everything which looked good in the Overstrike reveal.

I mean you can argue that it was just a CGI trailer with no gameplay but you could tell it was an Insomniac game, it looked fun to look at, bright, colourful, funny, had great looking characters....and they threw all that away because of EA and their "testers". You can argue as much as you want that it wasn't EA but after what they've do...

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True but EA got the worst company award...not Bob Summerwill. He's just someone who works at the worst voted company, it doesn't discredit his opinions.

Now if it was the CEO in charge of all of EA then fair enough.

@Poprocks Below


Always online was totally different, hardly no gamer wants there next gen console to be always online. Plus Adam was calling consumers by where they lived with those "Why wou...

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Bang...Bang Bang

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When the Wii U gets at least 3 years in, turn themselfs around YET STILL get negative articles then it will be a PS3 thing all over again

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"I don't see the Wii U as a failure the way many N4G users seem to"

Gee...can't imagine why

[email protected] Below

That's nice Princess <pinches cheek>

I'm not complaining, I just find it hilarious how expect people to respect your opinions when your the one who call out anyone who offers any criticism towards Nintendo. You can't expect respect for yourself when you can't give it to other people. ...

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Hopefully, I just want Nintendo to stop going on with a big head. It didn't work for Sony entering this gen and underestimating Microsoft but they turned it around in the end and hopefully Nintendo do aswell

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I'd understand if this hadn't been done before and we didn't have things like Sky, catch up, recording live TV, BBC iPlayer, music apps, movie rental apps atc but we do...I can get them from other places.

Sky is for my TV needs, I have over 900 channels to browse through.

iTunes is for my music needs, here I can browse the web for songs I want to listen to or I can use the radio in my Phone.

Xbox 360/PS3 is for my gaming needs...I...

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"that the reveal event for the console will include details about its integrated broadcast TV features"

If I want to watch TV features I'll either watch them on my computer or I'll go downstairs and watch them on Sky which I've recorded or downloaded for their new catch up feature.

I hope the event won't be about Kinect and TV features...

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"Hey buddy? Considering the multitudes of times you've gotten on my case for no reason, you really shouldn't be playing the victim card right now."

No reason....are you joking, I get on your case the odd time because you always reply to mostly everyone on Nintendo articles, bash their opinion when they are offering some criticism in a non trollish way because you love to be Nintendos White Knight...that's why, it gets tiering seeing you defend a company ...

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Why do you have to start something out of nothing

I wasn't calling her or Kara in the demo, I even said if you actually read it

"Mostly because of her character on the show not the actress herself."

I was just putting in a little conversation so if anyone replies they can latch onto the fact that they watch the Following without the full comment being off topic for them. Jeez....just wanted a little conversation about the show. ...

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I hope it's something to do with that Kara Tech demo...

Although after watching the Following I can't stand that b**** Valorie Curry....mostly because of her character on the show not the actress herself. If you've seen it you know how horrible the character is...

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You still get those stubborn ones though....I mean the real die hards.

I just don't get it through, why talk crap about the PS and not get one just to prove your loyalty to one side who doesn't care for you. If you get both you enjoy all these wonderful games

I can't believe some people would call themselfs gamers but not play on Uncharted, God of War, Resistance, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid 4, Journey, Flower etc

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LOL is that comment immature, please explain to me.

Jeez no wonder people get bubbled down for nothing on this site when people think like you

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