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LOL I lost a bubble and my Well Said bubble was taken away from me

WTF...cgoodno ¬¬

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Silly move in my opinion

Is Sony allowing indie devs to publish their own games ?

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In my opinion they should just move into the TV/cable box industry. Pair their box up with their own branded smart TV with Kinect and you'll have the Xbox One without the games.

Guess they could keep the rights to Halo and such and make movies and TV series. Look how much Star Wars stuff we've had over the years, Halo also has a huge universe.

I mean they aren't contributing anything to the industry these days.

Then the market is ...

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I didn't even hear them mention Indie Developers at yesterdays conference...not once

It was like they were non existent

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If it's cheaper I'll be very impressed because the PS4 has more RAM and is more of a gaming machine then the Xbox One

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"Well better spend them fast on some XBLA titles"

Then realise that you can't transfer XBLA titles on the Xbox One

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I really want to see someone from Microsoft at least acknowledge how horrible and negative the reception has been instead of going on like they did with Kinect that everything is fine and dandy.

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Newspapers never have a f****** idea about gaming consoles.

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Septic after Kinect was released they promised us core game annoucnments later on...they never arrived, then at the start of summer people kept going on "Wait for E3", it came and we got nothing....the same happened the year after and even last year.

It's just a simple pattern people are's become such a tiring line, whats going to happen when MS don't deliver at E3...."wait for the VGAs"

Besides if you had 15 ti...

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Joe is pretty good with his rants I'll give him that....I like how he realises this "Wait for E3" BS

It's an added bonus to me that he sounds a little bit like Patton Oswalt, aka Spence from King of Queens :)

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"We still got E3"

I havent heard that one before /s

Come on man, we keep doing this to ourselfs every year we say "Lets wait untill E3", it comes and goes then nothing we are just left with a bitter taste in our mouths.

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I just want a first party studio to make a GTA type game...take advantage of what the console offers and make a MASSIVE open world game with a ton of stuff to do on it. I don't see why a Sony first party studio, a talented one like NaughtyDog, don't try and take on GTA.

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They sacrificed RAM for stuff we didn't really need. I mean I'm not saying everyone has one but most of the stuff XboxOne can do you can do on a Smart TV.

I'm a little scared that developers won't take advantage of the extra 2GB of RAM Sony will have for multiplatform games. I really hope if they can make a game the best they can they will take the jump and forget about Microsoft's stupid policy about not letting games which are better on one console relea...

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You're Sexy

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"This reveal got trolls angry and delusional..."

I know I've read your comments

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Hate on anything Xbox related....are you kidding, did you see a differnt conference from the rest of us.

If there was a Halo movie coming out writen and directed by him then fair enough but he's only producing the series....nothing more. I'm just stating that people are assuming it's going to be amazing because of him and that they think he's directing it when he's not.

You can't blame people who hating Microsoft at the minute with all...

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Logic/Everyone else just ignore Mike, he's the biggest pain on this site. He's always p***** off because I always upset him with my comments since he has different opinions from me which he can't change. I mean it's an obsession now since my notification slot is just full of "MikeMyers has commented on"


"he also said before that the Call of Duty timed exclusive stuff wouldn't be carrying ov...

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I really don't mean it in that way, I think I may of worded it wrong and I apologise but it's hard to type down something so touchy and complex when your thinking about it in your head


You stop Mike, this is 6th time you've commented on me today and nothing but off topic irreverent bullcrap comes out your mouth, least people have good mature arguments like Baka-akaB.

It's becoming an obse...

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