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The best about the reveal was when they were talking about how the fish move out the way when you get close to them.......basicaly an AI system which has been done aready ON THIS GEN TEC.

Seriously they'll keep this engine around untill the end of next gen.

IGN hyping up COD....guess it will be a perfect score from them then, and for what, a new lick of paint

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Here he comes to wreck the day

Course you would be fine with the new Xbox since you know, your like Mika, mostly going against what the majority of us feel so you have something to fight or argue for.

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I was saving my money now for a PS4 and an Xbox One but after how bad the console is I think I will buy the Wii U second now.

Microsofts reveal made Nintendos Wii U reveal look amazing

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Yeah I'm not liking the Sony one because blue is currently being used by Nintendo for the Wii U. Either go with a darker blue or just modern black

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Most of the things they revealed are things that have been done on this gen tec.

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Microsoft is more of software company not a hardware company

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With all the bad things going on with the X1 I really hope Remedy jumps ship in the next year or so.

They could do so much more if they went multiplatform.

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So now people are trolls for realising how greedy Microsoft are and why they don't deserve the gaming communities support when they lie time after time

Come on man....people hate EA, nobody then says after that people hating on EA are trolling because what they say is true about them...

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Can't they just write that off as like a dream in the game

Like the start of Banjo Threeie will be Banjo waking up and telling Kazooie about his nightmare which will make references about Nuts and Bolts. Just make the whole thing a humorous joke and all will be fine and dandy

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They won't've already said it

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Why must everyone think when Microsoft does something wrong that it's just N4G

Look around the web man....the majority of us feel like crap after watching that conference

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Not looking good is it :|

Off Topic

Whats with people getting done for harshly for trolling and off topic comments when they arn't. Seriously thats ridiculous, you can't be a mod/admin, be a Xbox fanboy and get so p***** off that you would hide peoples comments

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I know right

Don't you feel like at the conference they kind of worded everything in such a special way which kind of sugar coated it for us

First no backwards compatibility
No pre owned games
Kinect is mandatory
Now we have this about you have to be online

I just feel each point they talked about a little bit at the event and straight after it...the truth is now coming out.

They have gotten so big...

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Really I get this in my head...much more fitting the position they are in :)

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It was apparently a look at the in game engine not actual gameplay footage.

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Pffft so your saying they did all this to get a negative reaction for memes and stuff so it would hype the console up more and give them free stop it. The conference was crap, there was no secret hidden agenda to it at all or so wild can spin it all you want but the reality of it is, is that MS f***** up big time.

You can keep doing stuff like this or keep going on saying stuff like "Bu bu but wait for E3" which has been done...

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It would of been better if he said

"Oh sorry I was busy watching TV...on my TV"

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Sony didn't really exploit people that much when the Xbox wasn't a threat when the PS2 was out

Least then it would allow them to rake in more money to spend on more studios and fund more games.

How many old franchises were better back then

Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy
Max Payne (story wise)
Resident Evil
Crash Banicoot
Silent Hill

and so on...

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Spielberg is just there for promotional reasons....he's just producing it

He produced Falling Skies and it was hyped for months...then it ended up to be average at best, yet his name was plastered all over adverts like he wrote and directed the damn thing when he was only a producer. Like how with Person of Interest they made it seem like JJ Abrams was making it when he was just a producer.

If he was that bothered about Halo he would of asked to work on a...

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"Victory? PS4 didn't even exsist at It's reveal."

Exactly...and it's gotten more hype then the Xbox One without showing the console

They have something else to wow us with at E3 instead of just new games. This makes the hype even stronger for Sony

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