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I tried that a year after Kinect came out after they said core games were still on the way for it.....I waited more and more

Nothing happened...

When you get screwed over it's hard to be positive

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The touch pad is such a small thing

Nobody has complained about the six axis

People wanted a share button, its going to help people who create videos online

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The DS4 is gimmicky.....RIGHT....if you say so

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It wouldn't of been sold out as quick if they brought the blood Survival Edition to the UK instead of giving us two seperate small editions

I mean a sackboy costume and DS3 controller skins, with a MINI artbook and comic....COME ON

It's the only time I've pre ordered an american edition...the customs charge is going to be huge :'(

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Thought it was 7 for over at first....thank god I won't miss it now

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Out of all the developers that have went down over the the hell is Slant Six still around

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I hope not...that looks like a design for a Robot in Robot Wars

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You can't catch sound :)

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People wanted advertising from them....they got it

Besides if Microsoft had a chance to take a swing at Sony they wouldn't even hesitate

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I hope this is basicaly the new Rocksteady one they are working on for next gen

I also hope it's not called Arkham though, Arkham will have a trilogy of those games when Origins comes out.

They may aswell start a new trilogy...aka Gotham City

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Wish Square Enix would make official sword replicas...or even stuff like the Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts

I would buy a Gunblade though over the Buster blade, which basicaly looks like a massive butcher knife

You know how much money they could make with replicas.

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and blue ponchos....can't forget blue ponchos

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It's like if someone put co-op in a horror game.....oh...wait

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You know they keep making up the excuse that the reason they arn't using him is because it's set in the past with a younger Batman but from what we've all seen the game dosen't look like it's set that much in the past. I would say it's set 5 years ago...6 tops. Doesn't help when his suit and even some of the gadgets he will be using look BETTER then the ones he uses in the present time, always an off putting thing about most prequels.

I mean it'...

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The choice to switch between Batman and Bruce Wayne

The choice to use sea and air vehicles aswell

Scale buildings with better gadgets and overtime scale them faster

Choice to find easter eggs and mess around alot

To visit Bruces mansion and interact with it

and so on...

Not another Arkahm City game....we saw a massive improvement between Asylum and City but I'm not...

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This year would be the perfect year to at least announce HL3

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Knew it would have curved angles instead of pointy ones

So sleek

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For those morons disagreeing


It has curvy ends, there not straight.....are you blind

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Though if it was an article talking about a 360 exclusive I bet you wouldn't have a problem with it

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Course it's curvy...that very quick transition flash at the 14 second mark shows a slanted curvy console

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