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As someone pointed out yesterday that new design does look a lot like the one (I'm guessing) Stella wears at the end of the FF13 Versus trailer, the 6 minute one. It looks so similar...

Anyway they are just trying to sucker people in again one last time so they will buy the game, all these big new features will be nothing more then small minor things which will hardly add anything to the game

They only called it "Lightning Returns" because t...

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Are you serious...really

RE6 was terrible, the reviews speak for themselfs and the fans who have voiced out about it say enough about it aswell

You could see months away that it was going to be bad

I never bought it but I saw every trailer, read every bit of info, saw every screenshot, played the two horrible demo's....I think I did enough to make judgment. You don't need to buy a game to ca...

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Bigger team means nothing yet developers don't get that

Remember Capcom and RE6...600 people working on it and it was terrible

2989d ago 50 agree8 disagreeView comment offense if it's been cancelled then good

As a huge Prey fan this wasn't a Prey sequel, you had a good character which seperated himself from the bald space marine stereotype and yet they decided to get rid of Tommy just like that.

Why the hell would you put "To be Continued" at the end of Prey as he walks through the Portal only for us to play a differn't character this time round. I mean look at him, he dosen't even look in...

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We kind of did, but heres you bringing up the subject again

...just saying

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If Overstrike was never shown people would still be complaining, the main complaint isn't "Oh Overstrike looks better", Overstrike is just proof of the main complaint about how EA are ruining them and their creativity. Fuse looks nothing like a game they would make but Overstrike did.

Just because it has co-op dosen't mean it's automaticaly going to be good

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REALLY...hey Konami if you want to work with them again WHY THE HELL didn't you publish Bayonetta 2 for them.

Seriously am I the only one thinking about this, then EVERYONE would of gotten it.

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I'd love it if you seen little Wii igloos that the people who stole them made

"What did I say Barry...WII Us, NOT WIIs, what the hell are we going to do with these"


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Sorry for being a little on topic but looking at that pic...does anyone else think that the series has become crap.

The new desings - Ash/Jenny/Joy (I mean they changed...just like that)

The horrible new friends traveling with Ash now

The new voice actors (James, Meowth, Ash, Brock when he was still in it

Maybe it's growing up but I can't help thinking it's become more cheesier, it looks like Ash is getting younge...

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"Gee wizz I can't believe Gram Gram has give me money to buy a new game, golly I wonder which one I can buy...OH look at that FUSE, seems a little generic but I supp-, OH MY GOD Gears of War Judgment...God of War Ascension....AWESOME."

"So Billy did you buy that Fuse game you were going on about"

<Playing God of War/Gears of War>

"What the hell is Fuse"

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The last horror game left after the fall of RE and it's turned into crap, I'm gobsmacked still.

I thought to myself after seeing RE6, right DS3 can't go wrong, they can not screw this up, they make this a full on horror game and all the ex RE fans will flock to this and they'll have a bigger audience...but no, EA and VG are idiots, they've done to DS what Capcom did to RE. EA must of known the backlash of it and yet they still did it.

I j...

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Hmmm thats funny because that didn't work with Resident Evil when Capcom ruined that for a wider audience.

I love RE but I never bought RE6

Mate when developer does something like this the outcome is going to be bad. It's happened before, gamers really need to learn from past mistakes...RE5, RE6, Skyrim, FF13, dmc, DS3, Lost Planet 2 I could go on.

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Why are guns so easily obtainable then, why can you keep so many, why did they let her have it when she had a mentaly unstable son she was living with

They should ask you who you are living wherever your taking the gun home to and the family should undergo a psych evaluation to determine if something like this would happen.

Is this a silly idea...sure but least then they might of though with her son

"Hmmmm he seems a little unsta...

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No...people arn't letting their hate get in the way, people are learning from their mistakes

FF13 was bad
FF13-2 was bad
FF13-3 will be bad

"which they probably couldn't do in the mainline numbered titles."

Your making it sound like this is a brand new IP, it's basicaly FF13-3 they just didn't call it that because they wanted to sell more copies to people like you would would be suckered into ...

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How two faced does some of these people faced when they know it looks generic but when they are talking to the developer they pretend like it's amazing and everything is fine and dandy

EA are killing these guys, they killed Bioware, they killed Visceral games, they seem to be killing DICE why do we try and denie it and say something like "Oh well just wait untill it comes out" when like so many titles like dmc/RE6 with Capcom or FF13 with Sqauare Enix it's s...

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The parents of these lunatics, the government and the people that support the laws in question would rather blame something like video games then take the blame themselfs or do anything else about it

Why havent they changed the gun laws for example despite how many times things like this has happened...oh wait...there too busy blaming Call of Duty I forgot /s

Not to sound heartless but at the end of the day if they had changed some ...

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"Some how the time lines fit together and Lighting will end up in Versus 13 you have to ask why they called it that in the first place"

The thing is though they never planned this far ahead so I highly doubt it was their original plan, theres no way they would of known Lightning would leave her world. If she's replaced Stella I will be so ticked off

Besides rumors coming out for Versus over the years suggests they want to seperate it from FF...

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God I hope it will be called FF15, it looks more like a FF game then FF13 despite it being more like Kingdom Hearts and thats saying a lot about how crap and differnt FF13 was.

Imagine FF15 being exclusive to one platform again, nothing holding it back. Least then they'll see that more platforms dosent always mean more sales.

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You have to admit she DOES look a lot like her, I've just watched it again, and on 5.47


It kind of does ressemble the new design, the cream robes on her pants, the redish sword, the gloves, the cape. However the hair is blode so it's probably is Stella but then again this is an old build anything could of happened.

I mean ...

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I honestly feel the same way, why the hell was this not made for consoles, it's not a handheld game.

I wanted a bigger sequel on a console using the Wii or Wii Us advantages, not a handheld game.

They better do a port with added features and stuff.

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